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NeoGrass supplies advanced artificial grass with industry-leading technology that looks more realistic, lasts longer and performs better.

Enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking lawn that makes your life easier and your weekends more relaxing.

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Perfect Artificial Grass Didn’t Exist - So We Invented It

When we started making artificial grass, we looked to see what most artificial lawn owners complained about - then set out to correct these problems.

The problems were: Not realistic enough. Fibres quickly flatten with use. Gets too hot in the sun. Doesn’t last long enough. Unsure if it contained harmful substances.

We overcame each issue one by one. We developed new technology that resolved the problems many artificial lawn owners experienced.

As artificial grass experts, our collection of high-quality artificial turf has led the way ever since. It excels where poor-quality grass fails.

Thousands of homeowners across the UK have now chosen NeoGrass to transform their outdoor space. And you too can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking lawn that makes your life easier and your weekends more relaxing.

Our industry-leading technology makes our collection of artificial grass more realistic, longer lasting and more resilient to daily life.

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40% More Resilient Artificial Grass

Instant Recovery® means your lawn will look more realistic, last longer and perform better.

Our unique blend of nylon and polyethylene ensures the fibres remain vertical and spring back to an upright position from foot traffic and garden furniture.

Artificial Grass That Keeps Its Cool

Feelgood® technology keeps your lawn 12 degrees cooler than standard artificial grass - so it stays fresh and cool all year round. Just like real grass.

A Natural-Looking Artificial Lawn

Our innovative Natural Look® technology reduces glare, protects against colour fading and ensures your lawn looks natural from every angle.

Air Purifying Technology

Atmos® is air-purifying nanotechnology that removes pollutants and improves air quality - whilst breaking down viruses, bacteria, moss, algae and bad odours.

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Why Choose Artificial Grass?

If your lawn suffers from a lack of sunlight, heavy use, overhanging trees, pests or poor drainage – you’ll know that maintaining a lawn is no easy task. Add to this a lively dog and energetic children and you face an uphill struggle.

But worry no more – NeoGrass is here to provide you with the perfect alternative.

There are many fantastic reasons to install a lush green artificial lawn.

Low Maintenance

Beautiful green grass without the fuss.

Useable All-Year Round

Enjoy a mud-free lawn 365 days of the year.

Dog & Pet Friendly

Stain resistant and no more muddy paw prints.

100% Safe for Children

Safe, clean and mud-free environment for children.

Free from Toxins

NeoGrass is 100% free from harmful substances.

Fast Draining

Improves your garden's drainage.

Save Water

Save money and help the environment.

No Pesticides or Fertilisers

No need for damaging chemicals.

Long Lasting

Artificial grass can last up to 20 years.

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