Artificial Grass Suppliers

Say Goodbye to Mud & Mess… and Hello to A Lush Green Lawn!

Who doesn’t want a lush green lawn all year round? But factor in kids, pets, poor soil drainage, shady gardens and the great British weather and sometimes our lawns are left tired, worn out and patchy.

Artificial grass from NeoGrass, with its innovative technologies and manufacturing methods, gives you the lawn you’ve always wanted – 365 days a year. No mowing. No weeding. No watering. No mud. No mess. Just a beautiful, natural-looking lawn that’s child and pet friendly, hard wearing and versatile, and can even add value to your home.

What’s more, synthetic grass requires very little maintenance: just an occasional brush to remove leaves and debris!

At NeoGrass, we have years of experience supplying artificial grass to domestic and commercial consumers. We constantly strive to offer the very best artificial grass at highly competitive prices and provide clients across the UK with an unrivalled service.

Why Choose a NeoGrass Artificial Lawn?

There’s more research and technology in our artificial grass than any of our competitors products. Our quest for perfection has lead us to developing cutting-edge technology that makes our grass the most realistic, resilient and long-lasting fake grass on the market.

We are proud to offer warranties of up to 10 years on all of our artificial grass – it shows just how confident we are in our products.

Artificial Grass with Cutting Edge Technology

Instant Recovery® Technology

Our unique blend of nylon (polyamide) and polyethylene fibres makes our grass up to 40% more resilient than standard artificial grass. This helps to ensures the fibres remain vertical and spring back to their original position from foot traffic and garden furniture.

Feelgood® Technology

Feelgood® technology helps the synthetic fibres to repel the sun’s rays – keeping it up to 12 degrees cooler than standard artificial grass, ensuring your lawn feels as good as it looks!

Natural Look® Technology

The naturally shiny surface of synthetic fibres can cause glare and reflections – giving standard artificial grass an unnatural appearance.

Our innovative Natural Look® technology disperses light to reduce glare, protect against colour fading and ensure your lawn looks natural from every angle.

Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty

We are 100% convinced that our artificial grass cannot be matched on quality or durability – which is why we offer warranties of up to 10 years – guaranteed to give you peace of mind.