Our 10 Favourite DIY Blogs That You Need to Start Following Today

Our 10 Favourite DIY Blogs That You Need to Start Following Today


If done correctly, doing it yourself is a great way to transform your home and garden, and you’ll save a significant amount of cash in the process.

A great way to learn about DIY is by reading online blogs.

The Internet is packed full of useful information that can help you carry out anything from basic tasks, such as hanging a shelf or bleeding a radiator, to more complicated jobs, such as plastering or brickwork.

You may be surprised what you can achieve by following the advice of experienced DIYers. To help you find the best information to assist with your own DIY projects, we have put together a list of some of the best DIY blogs you can find. These expert bloggers really know their stuff and we can guarantee that you’ll learn something from each of these informative blogs.

Here is our rundown of our 10 favourite DIY blogs that you should start following today. Enjoy.



Ultimate Handyman

ultimate handyman

Ultimate Handyman is a one-stop-shop for all things DIY.

Started in 2004, this information-packed blog has covered literally everything DIY-related that you can think of. It also has an exceptional forum area where you can ask the regulars any burning DIY questions you may have.

We’re such big fans of the Ultimate Handyman that we even included them in our list of favourite DIY YouTube channels.

If you are looking to brush up on your DIY skills, then the Ultimate Handyman is the perfect place to start.

Our favourite blog post: Decking Basics




i spy diy

I Spy DIY is owned by Jenni, a DIY, interiors and fashion enthusiast.

Jenni has undertaken several home renovation projects, where she has transformed tired-looking properties into stunning homes using her DIY and design skills.

This blog is fantastic for inspiration and tips on how to transform our own homes by being creative and using our DIY skills.

Our favourite blog post: I Spy DIY Before & After Renovation Home Tour





Designsixtynine is an award-winning blog, run by Malcom Begg.

Malcom is an Art and Design Lecturer at a college in Aberdeen, Scotland.

He purchased a beautiful terraced house which he has been gradually renovating over the years and he has used the blog to document each step of the process.

We especially like the ‘Things to Make and Do’ section of the website, which is full of cracking tips to help us improve our homes on a limited budget.

He has a real eye for creating stunning interiors and we highly recommend following his blog to learn more about his style and approach to projects.

Our favourite blog post: My DIY (did it myself) 5-arm ceiling light



DIY Doctor

diy doctor

DIY Doctor is a bit more than just a blog. It’s a huge resource on all things DIY and it’s one of our favourite sites for honing your DIY skills.

The comprehensive tutorials section includes step-by-step guides on how to carry out virtually any home DIY task you can think of.

There is also a busy forum, where you can ask professional tradesman questions, a competition section, with regular giveaways, and a tool store, where you can purchase the tools needed for the job.

Our favourite blog post: Laying a Patio – DIY Guide to Laying a Patio and Patio Slabs, Digging Foundations, Laying a Patio Base and Getting the Correct Slope for Drainage



In my own style

in my own style

This blog, run by Diane Henkler, was started back in 2009 and is packed full of DIY home decorating projects, ideas, tips and tricks to help you transform your home.

Diane lives in South Carolina, in the US, and purchased a property with her husband on the banks of Lake Murray.

The blog details her progress on updating this 1970s home, as well as lots of other useful advice for the DIY enthusiast.

Diane has lots of knowledge on decorating, and she has even written her own book, in which she shares her budget-friendly ideas.

Our favourite blog post: Making Over My Garage Door in 2 Days



DIY Projects With Pete

diy pete

When Pete first started his blog, he set out with the intention of inspiring as many DIYers as possible. He doesn’t claim to be the best carpenter or welder, but he is willing to try things and his blog details many fantastic projects that he has undertaken over the years.

His favourite materials to work with are wood, steel and concrete and, as you can imagine, there’s a huge amount of information on how to work with these types of material.

Pete also has his very own YouTube channel, with lots of great videos showing you how to build various items for the home.

Our favourite blog post: How to Make a Concrete Pub Table



Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body


The next blog to make it on our top 10 list is Designertrapped.com.

This informative blog is run by Tasha, who loves her home and believes that everyone else should love theirs, too. She believes that our homes should be designed and decorated in a way that makes us feel welcome and happy.

Fortunately, this blog shows you exactly how to do that.

Tasha is a self-proclaimed DIY addict and has lots of experience of transforming run-down properties into beautiful homes, as she has currently renovated four of her own properties.

If you are looking to completely transform your own property yourself, then this is the perfect blog for you.

Our favourite blog post: 5 Interior Design Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You are Making



Simply The Nest

simply the nest

Simply the Nest follows the DIY adventures of Alice and Andre, who live in a Victorian semi-detached house in South Manchester.

Alice has an excellent writing style and it really shows through in her highly entertaining and light-hearted blog posts.

If you are currently renovating your own Victorian property, then you’ll absolutely love this blog.

But we think that there is definitely something for everyone here, which is why it has made our top 10 list of DIY blogs. Check it out today.

Our favourite blog post: My Top Ten Tips for DIY Novices




diy tips

As the name suggests, this blog is full of information to help you with your DIY projects.

It covers everything in both the home and garden, and also has a section devoted to helping the environment, which we think is great.

What we especially like about this blog, though, and what helps it to stand out from the rest, is that there is also lots of information on working safely, which, of course, is extremely important when it comes to carrying out your DIY projects.

Check out the DIY-Tips blog today, you won’t regret it.

Our favourite blog post: How to Build a Pizza Oven



Pretty Handy Girl

pretty handy girl

Last, but certainly not least, on our top 10 list is Pretty Handy Girl.

Owned by Brittany, this interesting blog follows the DIY projects she regularly carries out on her own property.

Brittany set out on her blogging journey to help dispel the myth that ‘women aren’t handy’. And we think she couldn’t be more right, as this fantastic blog shows. The skills possessed by Brittany are top notch and I reckon we can all learn something from her, whether we’re a DIY novice or an experienced contractor.

We love her informative and entertaining writing style, and clearly others do, too, as she has written pieces for magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, The Family Handyman, Kitchen & Bath Makeovers and Do It Yourself, amongst others.

Our favourite blog post: 46 Awesome DIY Projects for Outdoor Spaces





We hope that you found this list of our 10 favourite DIY blogs to be useful in your journey to creating a better home.

We truly believe that many tasks around the home can be carried out without having to pay professional tradesman, as long as you have someone knowledgeable to guide you through the process.

Don’t forget, though, health and safety is extremely important, as accidents can and do happen. You should always wear appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment, and follow any necessary safety precautions, while carrying out any form of DIY.

Do you know of any blogs that you think we should have included on our list? What are your favourite DIY blogs? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



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