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10 Garden Transformations Using Artificial Grass

NeoGrass Aberdeen Fake Turf

10 Garden Transformations Using Artificial Grass


Pictures paint a thousand words and in today’s blog post we are going to be taking a closer look at some before and after artificial grass transformations.

Many of you may be disappointed, or possibly even slightly embarrassed, by the condition of your real lawn, but rest assured, you’re not the only person who owns a garden lawn they are less than proud of, as you’ll see from the pictures below.

We’ve chosen 10 back garden artificial grass installations to show you how synthetic turf can transform any garden, large or small.

There are many varied reasons to install artificial grass, as you’ll learn from the stories below.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at our first transformation.



Artificial Grass Transformation 1


Artificial Grass Transformation 1

Our first transformation really highlights the damage dogs and pets can cause to real lawns.

You can clearly see from the before picture here that real grass and dogs don’t always mix.

Dog urine can scorch real turf, resulting in an unsightly looking lawn full of bald patches.

Artificial grass is completely resistant to urine and solid waste, which makes it little wonder that more and more pet owners are choosing to install artificial lawns.

This client became frustrated with the condition of their lawn and tired of fighting a losing battle to maintain it, so installing artificial grass just made perfect sense.

One important installation factor for this project was to ensure that a permeable sub-base was installed.

This is vitally important when it comes to installing artificial grass for dogs as, of course, you’ll want the urine to drain directly through the fake grass without leaving any nasty odours.

Aberdeen was the chosen turf for this installation.


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Artificial Grass Transformation 2


Artificial Grass Transformation 2

In this project, our client became frustrated with their unusable garden lawn.

You’ll notice from the before picture that the existing lawn was very dry and patchy.

This is because maintaining lush green grass can require regular watering, particularly during the summer months. But with the busy lifestyles many of us live these days, finding the time to carry out this chore can be difficult.

This meant that the real grass became neglected, resulting in its dry, patchy appearance.

Due to the lack of time and inclination to put in the work maintaining a real lawn requires, the client made the choice to have artificial grass installed to create an ultra-low-maintenance lawn that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Aberdeen was chosen for this installation, for its lush green appearance.



Artificial Grass Transformation 3


Artificial Grass Transformation 3

Now, I am sure, like us, the first thing that strikes you about this transformation is the beautiful elephant water feature in this stunning garden.

It’s certainly a real eye-catcher and the main attraction in this relaxing garden.

The homeowner decided to take the plunge and have fake grass installed as maintaining these awkward patches of lawn became a chore they didn’t want to have to deal with anymore.

Due to the sheltered conditions and lack of sunlight, they had a difficult time growing real grass.

By choosing artificial turf they have created an ultra-low-maintenance garden with the artificial grass perfectly complementing and enhancing that fantastic water feature.

Inverness was chosen for this garden, as our customer wanted a hard-wearing lawn for their grandchildren to play on, whilst maintaining a perfectly manicured, freshly cut appearance.



Artificial Grass Transformation 4


Artificial Grass Transformation 4

In this transformation, Aberdeen was chosen to soften the look of this garden and make it more usable for the family and their dog to enjoy.

After years of struggling to grow and maintain real grass, these homeowners believed their only option was to do away with the lawn and build a gravel garden.

But they quickly realised that, aesthetically, it didn’t really do their garden too many favours, not to mention making it a very unusable space.

They discovered the many benefits of artificial grass after visiting a friend who had recently had an artificial lawn installed, and it was a compete no-brainer for them to do the same thing themselves.

After contacting their nearest installer, Aberdeen was chosen to create two separate artificial lawn areas, along with a new sandstone pathway.



Artificial Grass Transformation 5


Artificial Grass Transformation 5

As part of a large landscaping project completed by SE Landscapes, that involved a large driveway and patio area, this large artificial lawn was built to create a virtually maintenance-free, dog-friendly lawn.

Arena was chosen here to perfectly complement the property’s surroundings and provide a dense looking lawn perfect for the whole family.

The total lawn area measured approximately 190m2 giving the homeowner plenty of room for garden parties.



Artificial Grass Transformation 6


Artificial Grass Transformation 6

Size isn’t everything, though, and this small patch of lawn has benefited greatly from being transformed by artificial grass.

One of the main strengths of AstroTurf is that it’s perfect for those small, awkward areas of lawn that are more hassle than they are worth to maintain. That was exactly the reason this customer decided to have their grass transformed into a fake lawn.

Our premium artificial grass, Aberdeen, is packed full of the latest artificial grass technology which left this customer in no doubt as to which fake turf to use in their garden.

Our customer can now sit back and enjoy their weed-free garden lawn.



Artificial Grass Transformation 7


Artificial Grass Transformation 7

Weeds, weeds and more weeds! That was what led this homeowner to believe that they were left with no choice but to have artificial grass installed.

Since having it done, the customer couldn’t be happier with the end result.

What was once an unpleasant place to spend time has been transformed, and this garden is now a lush green oasis with relaxing seating areas and clearly defined borders.

This is vital for this young family and their pets as they love spending as much time as possible out in the garden.

What’s more, now that there is no more mud and mess, the family have found themselves spending more time out in the garden during the winter months, as well as in the summer.



Artificial Grass Transformation 8


Artificial Grass Transformation 8

Here, the existing garden was another victim of an energetic family pet.

With a small patch of grass such as this, the continuous trampling on the lawn from the homeowners’ furry friend didn’t do the old lawn many favours, as you can see from the before picture.

Mud and mess being trampled into the house was another key factor in switching to artificial grass.

An important deciding factor in choosing the best artificial grass for this project was Instant Recovery technology.

Instant Recovery technology enables artificial fibres to spring back to an upright position from foot traffic and garden furniture.

As this small lawn is subjected to regular heavy use, choosing an artificial grass with this unique technology was a must for this customer.

Therefore, choosing Aberdeen made perfect sense.



Artificial Grass Transformation 9


Artificial Grass Transformation 9

The heavy clay content of the soil in this garden meant that for much of the year, this lawn was an unusable bog.

By installing an artificial lawn with a permeable sub-base, this garden has been transformed into a lush green space that can be used all year round.

Although not entirely necessary, stepping stones add an interesting feature to any artificial lawn and the stepping stones used in this installation help to break up the lawn area and create a pathway to the garden shed.

Our most popular artificial grass, Aberdeen, was chosen to complete this installation due to its hard-wearing nature and dense look.



Artificial Grass Transformation 10


Artificial Grass Transformation 10

For this football mad family, having artificial grass installed at their home has proved to be one of the best home-improvement decisions they have ever made.

The heavy use inflicted on the old lawn by family kickarounds took its toll on the turf and gave it a patchy appearance.

For this installation sleepers have been used to retain the sub-base and laying course, and also provide an anchoring point to secure the perimeter of the fake grass.

The sleepers have also created low-maintenance raised beds that won’t get damaged by footballs.

The 25mm Inverness was chosen for this lawn, as the short pile length and durable nature makes it perfect for family football matches.

A sun-catching patio was built in the corner of the garden to create a perfect seating area for those warm sunny days.





We hope you have enjoyed browsing our list of 10 artificial grass transformations and if it has inspired you to transform your own garden lawn, why not request your free NeoGrass samples or find your local fake grass installer here.

If you have any artificial grass before and after pictures that you would like to share with us then please get in contact as we would love to see them.

Also, if you can relate to any of the frustrations described above, leave us a comment below as we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!


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