10 Gardening Blogs You Should be Following

10 Gardening Blogs You Should be Following


In our latest blog post, we are looking outside of our own blog towards some of the other fantastic garden-related blogs that we, as Internet users and garden lovers, are lucky enough to have access to.

Gardening is a never-ending learning experience and we are blessed with a wealth of informative articles to help us learn a few new tricks or pick up some tips, whether you’re new to gardening or have a long-standing passion for plants.

We will be taking a look at 10 gardening blogs, with the aim of helping to both inspire you and broaden your gardening know-how. And, if you love gardening like we do, you’ll be sure to learn something.

So, let’s take a look at our first blog.



The Middle-Sized Garden


middle sized garden

The Middle-Sized Garden blog is maintained by author, journalist and blogger, Alexandra Campbell.

Alexandra’s blog receives around 150,000 page views per month and is, as the name suggests, focused on mid-sized gardens.

That is, gardens that require their fair share of work to maintain, but that don’t have endless amounts of space in which to create extravagant features.

There are also plenty of money-saving tips for the thrifty gardener, too.

Alexandra has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience within the garden industry and regularly writes for publications such as Good Housekeeping, Harpers & Queen, The Times Magazine and The Daily Telegraph.


Our favourite blog post: The 25 best self-seeding plants to save you time and money



The Anxious Gardener


the anxious gardener

David Marsden first began blogging back in 2011 and his informative blog posts are never short of entertaining. He also has over 1,300 Facebook likes, showing just how popular the blog is.

His writing style gets you hooked and it’s easy to spend many hours trawling through his excellent posts.

David is lucky enough to currently work in two gardens and they really show off his knowledge and experience. With that, and the stunning photographs you’ll see, this is definitely a blog not to miss.


Our favourite blog post: The Tropical Border – 4th Year



Rosie’s Back Garden 


rosies blog

Rosie’s small back garden is situated in the countryside, where she moved to from London.

Rosie has gained much of her knowledge from direct experience, plus reading books and from her mother, who has extensive knowledge of gardening and flower arranging.

There’s a wealth of blog posts covering a wide variety of topics, from dealing with the winter weather to updates and videos on the local wildlife that is, understandably, attracted to Rosie’s wonderful garden.

For some excellent tips and opinions from a keen gardener that has transitioned from a small inner-city courtyard garden to a larger countryside garden, this blog is certainly worth a look.


Our favourite blog post: Of men, muck and mud



Ellen Mary Gardening


ellen mary gardening

Ellen Mary has a real passion for gardening. Her interest was piqued by her parents and her uncle, from whom she learnt about organic gardening methods, which have a strong influence in her blog posts.

Ellen Mary devotes lots of her time to working in the local community, including her No Gardening Events, which are held to ‘bring a little jazz to gardening in urban areas’.

As well as her community work, Ellen also presents a live online horticulture TV show.

Follow her blog for lots of inspiring ideas and tips.


Our favourite blog post: Fresh Herbs, is there anything better?



The Frustrated Gardener


frustrated gardener

The Frustrated Gardener is a blog created by Dan Cooper, a man with a real passion for plants.

Dan spent much of his childhood outside in his parents’ garden, growing and experimenting with plants.

He states that he was heavily influenced by his grandparents and learned many tricks from his grandfather, who taught him worthy skills such as how to force rhubarb, thin bunches of grapes, pollinate glasshouse peaches and grow asparagus.

Dan’s blog posts have an interesting and informative narrative that makes for entertaining reading.


Our favourite blog post: Dentists and Indulgences: The Return From Chelsea



The Patient Gardener


patient gardener

Helen Johnstone set up her blog to help satisfy her horticultural interests. As a self-proclaimed ‘plant obsessive’, Helen has toured gardens throughout the world, including in San Francisco and Ireland, where she has met some amazing people with the same interests as herself.

Her interest in plants has led her to helping out at a Chelsea Flower Show garden, exhibiting at plant shows and also appearing on local radio as a gardening expert.

Due to work commitments, Helen doesn’t get as much time as she would like to devote to her blog, but we love her posts all the same.

Her ‘End of Month View’ posts are one of the highlights of this excellent blog.


Our favourite blog post: Small Delights



Two Thirsty Gardeners


two thirsty gardeners

As the name suggests, this blog, created by Rich and Nick in 2008, has a strong emphasis on drinking! It focuses on the two friends growing their beloved apples at their allotment, ready for their homemade cider production.

This blog is a real treat for those with an interest in growing fruit and, of course, in alcohol, too!

Their blog posts involve tales of battling with pests and weeds, and there are lots of entertaining posts on their drinking adventures – this is certainly one not to miss!


Our favourite blog post: How to grow juniper and start a gin garden



Grow Like Grandad


grow like grandad

Grow Like Grandad was first established in 2017, by Matt Peskett.

Matt isn’t a grandad himself, yet – the blog is dedicated to his grandad, Jack Cook, who was Head Gardener at the Broadfield Estate, in Crawley, West Sussex.

Matt took great inspiration from his grandad and believes that horticulture must be in his blood.

Like many others, Matt has used gardening to overcome a brief battle with anxiety, and the improvements to his own garden and allotment over recent times have been nothing short of inspirational for us all.

We particularly like his ‘Medieval Grow Your Own’ section, which includes tips and advice on growing a wide variety of vegetables


Our favourite blog post: Ruralia Commoda – translating medieval grow your own tips



Veg Plotting


veg plotting

Veg Plotting has been around for over 10 years, now, and its success is all down to the hard work put in by gardening enthusiast, Michelle.

When she first setup her blog, Michelle’s intention was to write solely about her beloved allotment but she ‘soon found too many other things were crowding in, which I need to talk about’.

And we are glad that she has, as we love reading her regular blog posts for inspiration in our own gardens.

Michelle’s wonderful writing style has led to her writing for publications such as Reader’s Digest, The Guardian and The Independent, as well as putting together features for various local and specialist magazines.


Our favourite blog post: Down to Earth With Monty Don



Growing Family


growing family

Growing Family, created by writer Catherine, includes lots of excellent posts on not just gardening, but interiors, too.

We love this blog as there is a strong emphasis on making the most of family life, both indoors and out.

Catherine has long had a passion for helping things to grow, and that’s not just her plants, but her two young children, too.

This blog follows Catherine’s adventures in the garden and in life in general, and it’s certainly an interesting read for anyone who can relate to her experiences.

We especially like the section that she refers to as the ‘The 10 Minute Gardener’, which is packed full of tips for time-restricted gardeners – and, let’s face it, that’s most of us.


Our favourite blog post: The 10 Minute Gardener: Spring Planning





Blogs are great places for inspiration and, if you love gardening like us, you’ll spend hours trawling through these blogs for information and entertainment.

Anyone with any form of experience of gardening will be able to share in the frustrations and successes that gardening can bring.

Can you recommend any other great gardening blogs that you think deserve a mention? Then why not send us a link in the comments section below? We would love to hear your suggestions.



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