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10 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass in Your New Build Home

Artificial Grass Installation

Purchasing a new build home comes with a lot of perks; you can influence the interior design of your home, you get a home that’s problem free, has a warranty, and you’re the first family to make it feel like a home. While you often get to choose your kitchen cabinet color, floors, and bathroom suites, many who buy a new-build home find that their back garden leaves a lot to be desired.

Far from being as beautifully finished as your home (unless you buy the ex-show home), you often move in to find you have a small patio followed by flattened earth or some hastily laid turf. Once you’ve arranged your furniture and found a place for all your things, your attention turns outside. So, what to do with it? You need something low-maintenance, but you don’t want to pave everything over and have no greenery outside, either.

The answer? Artificial grass. Here are 10 reasons to choose artificial grass for your new build home:


10 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass in the Garden of Your New Build Home

1.    It’s low maintenance without being boring

Let’s face it, few of us have green thumbs and even if we enjoy gardening, that enjoyment is rarely focused on maintaining a lawn. Add to that a lack of time and the often questionable UK weather, and it’s suddenly not a surprise that so many of us find our gardens more trouble than they’re worth.

While paving everything over is an option, it’s not a particularly attractive one and can make your home more difficult to sell since taking up a paved garden is effort-intensive and often costly.

Artificial grass is just as low maintenance as paving but has all the visual appeal and tactile benefits as real grass. You don’t need to worry about mowing it or keeping the edges tidy, it feels soft and natural, and it seamlessly blends in with real plants if you decide to have flower beds.

2.     It’s durable

With artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about your kids accidentally (we hope!) taking a chunk out of it while playing or treading in bare patches around their toys, or pets digging holes.

NeoGrass has been designed with modern families in mind – we want to be able to use our outside space, we don’t just want it to look nice through the kitchen window! Not only will our grass withstand the most vigorous play sessions, it also has our Instant RecoveryⓇ technology that means it will spring back into an upright position after being flattened by garden furniture and toys.

You also don’t need to worry about your pets using your artificial grass when they go to the bathroom – it can be easily cleaned with a little water for anything the rain doesn’t deal with, and it cannot be discolored like real grass, even if your pet goes in the same place.

Our grass has a 10-year warranty and can last longer, so once laid it’s going to be a long time before you have to think about replacing it.




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3.    It will match the pristine look of your home

New builds are attractive because they’re just that – new! There’s nothing like having everything look shiny and new, and that’s certainly rare when it comes to homes. Unless you are lucky enough to buy a home that’s been renovated to near perfection, a home that’s been lived in will have some aspects that aren’t quite as good as they could be. Your new build home looks perfect, so get the garden to match with the pristine look of artificial turf.

matches home look

4.    Save money on your bills

You’ve just bought a new home and moved in, and your bank account is probably feeling the strain. After such a big expenditure, most of us want to tighten our purse strings for a while and build up the buffer we’ve lost while paying for moving and purchasing costs.

An artificial grass lawn can help you do this by saving you money on watering your lawn and electricity or fuel costs of your mower. Don’t forget that a real lawn will require lawn care products if you want to get it to look anywhere near as good as an artificial lawn.

Installing an artificial lawn is also a one-time cost that will require little-to-no maintenance for an entire decade – that’s some serious value! While paving is another option that will be long-lasting, you will need to power wash a patio regularly to keep it dirt and algae free and if you want to avoid getting puddles and even flooding in some cases, you’ll need to spend quite a bit of money upfront to prepare your garden with drainage.

Artificial grass only requires a level surface to be laid and while paying a professional to do it for you is the easiest option, you can lay it yourself.

Save money

5.    Avoid gardening struggles

Here in the UK developers can’t simply buy a field and develop it – it has to be a brownfield site or another area of town that makes sense to develop. This is good news for protecting the beauty of the country, but not so much for the plants you may want to put in your garden. Typically, the sites used for new builds were covered in weeds before being developed, so they aren’t naturally rich in nutrients.

To turn your new-build garden into a true garden, or even simply grow a productive lawn, you may need to use a significant amount of quality compost or fertilizer. Choosing an artificial lawn to cover the majority of your garden will ensure you don’t have problems supplying your plants with the right nutrients and reduce the cost of compost for the areas you decide to plant (if any).

Avoid gardening struggles

6.    It can increase the value of your home

One of the only downsides of buying a new-build home is that, in general, it’s difficult to increase the value of your home since everything is move-in ready as is. One area you can improve is the garden. Most buyers nowadays are looking for an easy-to-maintain garden but also something that’s attractive. Artificial grass ticks all the boxes, and so your garden will become a major selling point if you do decide to move in the future.

It can increase the value of your home

7.    No mud

The last thing you want in your new build is to have the kids and/or pets running mud into the house every time they head outside. Fortunately, quality artificial grass will keep them well separated from the soil beneath.

No Mud

8.    You can choose your preferred style of grass

When it comes to real turf, you’ve only got one choice on what your grass looks like. If you sow your lawn yourself you have a little more choice, but this is a painfully slow process and hungry birds may ruin your efforts in an afternoon.

When you choose artificial grass, you can choose the style of lawn you want so it best suits your tastes and style of home. You can view our full range of styles here, or order your free samples here.

Preferred style of grass

9.    It’s non-toxic

NeoGrass is made from non-toxic materials, meaning it won’t harm any animals who chew on it and it won’t leak toxic materials into the soil if left indefinitely. It’s also a more environmentally friendly option because it doesn’t require pesticides and fertilizers to keep it looking its best, which can cause significant damage to human, animal, and environmental health over the long term or if your pets and children are allowed to play in the garden too soon after the lawn is treated.

It’s non-toxic

10. It looks real

The interesting thing about artificial grass nowadays is that it doesn’t look fake. Sure, you have a perfect lawn, but most people don’t look at it and think “that’s artificial grass” unless they’ve also had it installed! It is worth noting, however, that how realistic your artificial grass looks will depend on the quality of the grass.

For example, NeoGrass contains Natural LookⓇ technology which ensures that the grass looks natural from any angle, without that shiny, plastic look cheap artificial grass has. Our grass has a slightly roughened surface to disperse the light so the shine is just as natural as real grass.

If you pick up rolls of artificial grass from a general home goods store, you’ll find it short, a little on the spiky side, and clearly plastic. Make sure you invest in quality if you want it to last a long time and look good.

It looks real

As you can see, if you’re thinking about installing artificial grass for your new build home, you’ll definitely be making a smart choice. If you’re ready to browse our range, click here, or order samples here. Once you’ve chosen your desired grass from our range, all that’s left to do is arrange installation (or do it yourself!) and choose the perfect garden furniture.


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