10 Ways to Decorate & Make The Most of Your Garden This Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is on its way, and that means it’s time to start planning what you’ll serve throughout the day, how you’ll fit all the chairs around the table, and where you’ll entertain everyone throughout the day. Of course, you can’t forget about decorating, and blanketing your home in the Christmas spirit is one of the most joyful ways to revel in all those good feelings and share them with visitors and neighbours.

When we think about prepping for Christmas, we often only put three things on our list: making Christmas dinner, buying presents, and decorating the tree. However, when you start thinking about your decorating in your front and back garden first, you can make this Christmas the most memorable yet. Here are some tips and ideas to help you make the most of your garden this Christmas:

Christmas Garden Decor


10 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Garden This Christmas

1.     Give your garden a good tidy Garden Cleaning

By Christmas, a lot of plants have died away and all the leaves have fallen, which can leave the garden looking dull and unfriendly. To ensure your gardens look their best for Christmas, go around the garden a week or two before Christmas to tidy dead leaves and sweep muddy paths. If you want to infuse your garden with some extra greenery, think about adding a few evergreen bushes or investing in a few seasonal artificial plants to give your front and back gardens some life.


2.     Go all out with your lighting Garden Christmas Lights

Of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas without an abundance of lights! Whether you like bright colours and traditional Christmas shapes or delicate gold lights around your doorway, this year is the year to go all-out. Consider hanging lights along your fence, threaded between the branches of bushes and trees, and on your porch.

You don’t have to get up on a ladder to attach lights to the exterior of your home if it’s too much – just decorate everything within reach and you’ll be impressed when darkness falls. Don’t forget your back garden, either. Not only will it warm your soul when you look out of the window, but it will help extend your home on Christmas Day and help lure the kids outside to get rid of some of their oh-so-abundant energy, and the same goes for your dogs.


3.     Hang baubles from trees and bushes Outdoor Christmas Baubles

Unless you have incredible self-restraint, you likely choose a different theme for your Christmas tree each year and head out to buy new decorations for it. You come back, get the decorations down from the loft, and realise you have so many decorations. Enough to decorate 5 or 6 trees. Typically, we pack them all away for another year, but wait – if the weather is fine (as it is most Christmases these days), take those extra baubles outside and hang them from bare trees. Your family arriving on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve will love the Winter Wonderland feel.


4.     Install an artificial lawn to replace your muddy, patchy lawn Artificial Grass

Christmas here in the UK is rarely a white affair – it’s usually mild, grey, and muddy. If the front of your house looks like the Somme on the day after Boxing Day, or your back garden looks as though someone’s driven around it in circles, consider getting an artificial lawn installed in the next few weeks. Installation is fast, usually only taking a day or two depending on the size of your space, and then your garden will look green and bright no matter how many people you have walking to and from your front door, or kids and dogs run in circles in the back garden.

While most brands of artificial grass will help cut down on the mud, installing an artificial lawn is a great investment, provided you invest in quality. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the most durable and realistic artificial grass available. Our fibres are up to 40% more resilient than competitors and we use an ultra-tough backing to ensure the grass does not detach, even under strain.

NeoGrass has Instant Recovery® technology which ensures your lawn bounces back, even after your kids or grandchildren have driven, cycled, or ran around with their new toys outside for hours before Christmas dinner.

We’ve also extensively tested our materials to ensure they aren’t toxic for kids or pets – NeoGrass is certified 100% free of heavy metals and harmful substances, and fire-resistant to boot.

With a 10-year warranty, you’ll get at least a decade of mud-free Christmases and relaxed summers before you even need to think about replacing it. Christmas is always right around the corner, so order your samples now to see our quality for yourself, head to our store to explore the range, or find out more about the benefits of artificial grass and whether it’s right for you on our blog.


5.     Decorate your steps Steps Christmas Decor

If you have steps, you have prime real estate for Christmas decorations. Try placing vases with holly and fairy lights on each end, add your animatronic dancing Santa to lure in (our out) your smallest family members, or buy petite Christmas trees, decorate them, and place them on one or both sides of the steps to and from your home.


6.     Decorate fencing with garlands Fence Garland

Tinsel is often something you either love or hate, but garlands are another matter. Garlands are the long strings of Christmas foliage, often with faux berries and other decorations, and are a great alternative to tinsel for decorating outside. Add garlands to your fencing and gates. If you like tinsel, use that if you prefer.


7.     Add bows to trees and structures Christmas Bows

Add gold, silver, red, or green bows made out of ribbon to your door, driveway gateway, trees, and anywhere else that calls for it. You can buy these ready-tied, often with wire inside so you can shape them to your liking, but if you plan to use a lot of them, buying a roll of Christmas ribbon and tying them yourself may be more cost-effective.


8.     Decorate your benches Christmas Decor Bench

If you have furniture on your patio or in your garden, don’t forget to decorate them, too. A string of lights, some tinsel, and/or a garland will help invite people to head outside and gives you and your family a place to sit while dogs or kids play in the garden. It’s also the perfect spot for a photo opportunity!


9.     Christmas hanging baskets

If you normally have hanging baskets in the summer, then you may have the brackets up and available for some Christmas creativity. Get your hanging baskets out of the shed or garage and fill them with baubles, sprigs of yew, and holly, and trail some fairy lights out of the baskets so they hang down like icicles. This gives such a magical feel to your garden during the day or after dark, and not enough people are doing it!


10.  Add a fire pit Outdoor FirePit

Make use of your outside sitting area by adding a fire pit to your patio. String some lights over the top, and you’ll have a magical place to sit out under the stars to get some fresh air after all the excitement of the day. Buy some marshmellows for the kids and some chestnuts for the adults and roast them over an open fire.


It’s easy to think of Christmas as a purely indoor event, but if you include your front and back garden in your planning and decorating, you’ll be able to stay enveloped in the seasonal cheer, even when the weather is mild outside. Decorating and using your garden for Christmas is a great way to restore some of the Christmas magic we feel so deeply as children, but often lose as adults. If you’re going to be welcoming in a hoard of children or a pack of dogs this Christmas (or both!) now is the perfect time to think about installing an artificial lawn. Click here to order your free NeoGrass samples.

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