13 Reasons to Use Artificial Grass for a Padel Court

Hooked on padel? You’re not alone – padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, especially here in the UK. First invented in Mexico in 1969, it spread to Spain in the 1970s where it first attracted the attention of British ex-pats. Today, there are more than 6,000 regular padel players in the UK, and LTA Padel aims to increase the number of public courts from 165 to 400 by the end of 2023.

Whether you’re considering adding a padel court to your amenities at home or to your business facilities, the surface is one of the most important factors to consider. Our specialist artificial grass for padel courts is designed specifically for creating the best playing experience for this fast-action sport. Here’s why opting for artificial grass for your padel court is an excellent investment:


13 Reasons to Consider Artificial Grass for Your Padel Court

1)   It’s Used By the Pros

The courts used to host the World Padel Tour (the most respected event on the professional padel circuit) in Spain are artificial grass courts. Artificial turf is the premier choice for the majority of artificial sports surfaces because it provides the best combination of function, performance, ease of care, comfort, and aesthetics. Artificial turf ensures athletes experience a high level of grip underfoot, without it being so grippy that it’s likely to cause injury or hinder the fast movements necessary for playing padel at the top level (or for fun).

It’s Used By the Pros


2)   Looks Natural

Artificial turf has come a long way, and even sports artificial grass looks like natural, well-manicured grass. We use special fibres that look realistic due to a range of green tones and the way they reflect light. Unlike real grass, it won’t get patchy, turn brown in the winter, or need mowing, so you really do get the best of both worlds.

That said, if you want to mimic the look of the padel courts at the World Padel Tour, which are bright blue, that’s possible too!

Looks Natural


3)   It’s Designed for Your Performance

Artificial grass for sports arenas is specifically designed to assist your performance – allowing you to perform at your best and not have to think about your footing. Artificial turf offers a high level of shock absorption, and won’t change underfoot, even with heavy use. This reduces the risk of injury, which is of critical importance, no matter what level you play at.

Designed for Your Performance


4)   It Doesn’t Interfere with the Ball

Your chosen surface needs to offer a natural ball-surface interaction, and artificial turf does just that, offering a regular bounce in any area of the court. That means your opponent can’t blame the uneven ground for not playing quite as well as they hoped to!

4) It Doesn’t Interfere with the Ball


5)   It’s Incredibly Durable

Artificial grass offers incredible durability, which means it will continue to offer its incredible performance qualities and appearance for many years. In a high-intensity setting, such as a sports club, artificial turf will last for 4-5 years before showing significant signs of wear, and much longer in a private setting.

It’s Incredibly Durable


6)   It’s an All-Weather Surface

While casual players may not find themselves going out to train in a bit of rain, the more serious amongst us will, and isn’t it nice just to have the choice to do so? Artificial grass will allow you to do just that – it’s free-draining so you can head out after a heavy shower, and playing on it won’t leave you with muddy patches in your grass to fix. Equally, hot, dry weather won’t leave you with a court that feels like concrete.

It’s an All-Weather Surface


7)   You Get Incredible Value for Money

Padel courts are small – 10x20m or 6x20m, which offers two benefits:

  1. You can fit one almost anywhere
  2. You need fewer materials to make one

That means that you’ll be able to get the best quality artificial turf the pros use, without breaking the bank. While the walls of a padel court are more complex than a tennis court, a padel court is usually cheaper to construct.

You Get Incredible Value for Money


8) More Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass is a more environmentally friendly option than other artificial surfaces out there and, often, more environmentally friendly than grass, too. Keeping a short, mow, performance-ready lawn requires a lot of work – it needs watering during dry weeks, fertilizing, spraying for weeds, and pesticides, all of which can be detrimental to the environment.

More Environmentally Friendly


9) It’s Low Maintenance

Artificial turf padel courts require very little in the way of maintenance to keep them in top condition. If they have been installed properly, all your artificial turf court will need is occasional brushing and the removal of any fallen leaves, twigs, or petals, especially during autumn and winter. If your court is likely to be dormant during the coldest months of the year, make sure you head out regularly to remove leaves so they don’t turn into sludge and become more difficult to remove.

Artificial grass padel courts can be played on all day long without any maintenance – which is ideal for padel clubs.

It’s Low Maintenance


10) Less Likely to Get Injured

As we touched on earlier, artificial turf for padel courts provides some give and shock absorption to protect your joints as you move around. The soft feel of the artificial turf also means that should you trip or fall while diving for the ball, you won’t end up with grazes or a friction burn from skidding on the grass, as is so common with other artificial surfaces.

Less Likely to Get Injured


11) Installation for Artificial Grass Padel Courts is Easy

While we would always recommend you get a professional to install your artificial turf when dealing with a sports area (to ensure everything is level and ready to be played on), installation is fast and easy.

Installation is Easy


12) UV Resistant

Artificial turf is UV resistant and won’t lose its colour, even if it’s in direct sunlight. That means it will have the same bright colour it had at installation after being enjoyed over many hot summers.

UV Resistant


13) Indoor or Outdoor Installation

We’ve leaned toward outdoor installation in this article, largely because so many people are having padel courts installed in their home gardens, but don’t forget that you can use artificial grass for indoor padel courts, too. Using it indoors won’t require any additional maintenance – in fact, it will likely need less!

Indoor or Outdoor Installation


How is an artificial grass padel court constructed?

For the most part, a padel court is constructed like a smaller version of a tennis court. While a tennis court has dimensions of 23.77m by 10.97m for doubles, a padel court is 20m by 10m. Singles courts are similarly smaller, with a singles tennis court at 23.77 by 8.23m, and a singles padel court at 20m by 6m.

The court is then surrounded by 4m high fences, which are usually glass windows and steel fencing, but other surfaces can be used where necessary. Most padel courts have two doors, but this isn’t necessary. Artificial grass is the most popular surface for padel courts (and tennis courts) with infill sand, which will need adding from time to time.

Artificial grass is simple to install, it comes in long rolls which are then cut to size and connected with a special adhesive. All game lines are white, with a width of 5cm. The lines start 3m from the back. Indoor courts should have a ceiling height of at least 6m. Many people have floodlights, but be aware that there are some limitations to this, so check with your council as to what you’re allowed.

Most people choose to use 12mm tempered glass for the walls, as it allows for proper bounce, good weather resistance, and provides a good viewing experience from outside. For the net, zinc or plastic is best as they’ll be long-lasting and facilitate resistance.


How much does it cost to get an artificial padel court installed?

Most padel court manufacturers’ pricing starts at around £15,000 extending to £50,000. It’s best to set an expectation of somewhere around £30,000 for the total build. The actual cost will depend on the cost of preparing the foundation and whether you want the entire court to be surrounded by tempered glass, or just at the ends, with wire fencing in the middle around the doors.


Get Grass Samples

We supply a wide range of artificial grass options, including 3G artificial grass that is ideal for use on a padel court. Whether you’re just looking for the surface for your court or also want to surround your padel court with low-maintenance and attractive artificial grass, our range will supply what you need. Click here to order your NeoGrass artificial grass samples.

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