16 Reasons to Get an Artificial Lawn in 2022

Take a look outside at your lawn – what does it look like? There’s a good chance it’s a little overgrown, patchy, with areas that are mossy or denser than other areas. In other words, it’s a disappointment. And, whether you’ve just moved into your new home or have been battling with it for years, there’s a good chance that it’s just never going to change.

Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to invest in an artificial lawn – here’s why:


16 Reasons 2022 is the Year to Invest in an Artificial Lawn

  1. Forget all the work, just enjoy it

Forget Sundays spent mowing the lawn, spraying weeds, fertilizing, aerating, or paying for someone else to do it – an artificial lawn is all play and no work. An artificial lawn requires no mowing and if you’ve prepared the area well, no weeding, either. To learn about what little maintenance you do need to do for an artificial lawn, click here.

No Work Needed

  1. Save water

While real grass may do more for the atmosphere than an artificial lawn, they’re not exactly eco-friendly when it comes to water usage. While the hot states in the US have the biggest problem here (with strict limitations around lawn watering in California – unsurprising, since it accounts for 60% of all residential water use) we’re not immune to watering our lawns here. If your water is on a meter, you’ll find your water costs drop significantly when you swap your lawn for an artificial lawn. Figures put the water saved on maintaining a lawn of equal quality as an artificial lawn at over 250 litres of water per square metre a year.

No watering needed

  1. Your home looks better

There’s simply no denying that an artificial lawn boosts your curb appeal, and if you invest in quality artificial grass, no one will be able to tell if it’s a real lawn or not. If you’re planning to sell your home at any point in the next few years, you’ll have a much easier time selling it and you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn before every viewing.

home looks better

  1. Your pets are much less likely to eat it

We all adore our cats and dogs, but they have an annoying habit of chewing on the grass and then coming back into the house to throw it up. While this is sometimes because they are genuinely not feeling well, if you have a cat or dog that makes a habit of doing this, you’ll know that they’re more than happy to go for a walk or eat their dinner immediately after!

The other good news is that if they do eat it (which isn’t likely), it’s not toxic, so you won’t need to worry about it making them ill. (Though you should note that if you buy cheap artificial grass, this may not be the case, so stick to NeoGrass or research the manufacturer before you install it to check the toxicity.)


  1. Fewer bugs

An artificial lawn won’t repel bugs, but it won’t seem all that appealing to them, either. If you hate sitting out on the lawn in the warm months because of all the ants and beetles that somehow find their way onto you, an artificial lawn should cut that down significantly.

  1. Eases hay fever

If you or someone in your household has hay fever, you’ll know just how unpleasant it can be throughout the summer months. With itchy eyes, a burning nose, and even sore lips and sneezing all on the table, it’s enough to drive people inside on a sunny day. If you typically find yourself covering your nose and mouth when you walk or drive by someone cutting their grass, even after taking antihistamines, an artificial lawn will be a breath of fresh air – literally.

  1. No muddy footprints

Have you already found yourself getting the floor wipes out daily to clean up after your pets when they come and go from the garden, or even after you come in the house after walking up to your front door? It comes with the territory if you have a lawn that sees high traffic – whether they be human feet or animal paws. When you swap to artificial grass you don’t have to worry about mud being traipsed through the house.

Muddy Child

  1. It’s ideal for kids

All grass is soft, but there’s no denying that artificial grass has a better density and softness than most lawns out there, especially if you live in a stony area. If your kids or grand kids spend a lot of time outside, they’ll love running and playing on your artificial lawn, and falls will be slightly less painful.

Kids Relaxing

  1. You can leave furniture on it and not get faded areas

We’ve all moved something on grass and seen the stringy, white-yellow grass underneath that has faded from the lack of sun. While the grass will eventually turn green again, it usually takes a few weeks, and it looks pretty ugly until it does. Artificial grass won’t go white if you leave your furniture out on it over the summer months, and if you have NeoGrass, you’ll also have the benefit of spring-back technology, so it will even spring back into place and not stay flattened for a long period of time.

furniture will interact with your garden

  1. It is more Eco-friendly than you think

Moving beyond the reduced water needs, when you switch to an artificial lawn you also no longer have to use toxic sprays on weeds or use fertilizers that perhaps aren’t as Eco-friendly as they could be.

Because you’re not mowing, you’re also cutting down on electricity consumption, or more likely, petrol or diesel consumption. Since fossil fuels are—ironically—quickly going the way of the dinosaur since they’re running out and they’re polluting the atmosphere, an artificial lawn is an even more Eco-friendly proposition.

While artificial grass doesn’t last as long as real lawns, you can generally expect it to look good for around 10 years – we use nylon instead of polypropylene, so it lasts longer than other forms of artificial grass and so we’re happy to offer a 10-year warranty on all our products. Make sure you choose a nylon artificial lawn so you won’t have to throw away your lawn after just a few years of enjoyment.

Artificial Grass

  1. They offer instant gratification at its finest

There’s really nothing else you can do in the garden that offers instant gratification like installing an artificial lawn – plants need time to grow in, patios usually take days or weeks to install, but an artificial lawn can often be installed in a day or two. If you want to give your garden a makeover and you’ve only got a few days to do it, artificial grass will be your best friend.
Before After

  1. You can install it yourself (but you don’t have to)

You don’t have to be an expert to install artificial grass, so if you want to install it yourself, you can. If you like a good DIY project, you don’t need to worry that you’re biting off more than you can chew if you choose to do it yourself. That said, we partner with approved installers who can do small lawns in just a few hours if you prefer to let someone else do the hard work for you (and why not?). (Learn more about how to install artificial grass here.)


  1. You can use it anywhere

Have a balcony that’s just boring concrete or a dark-shaded area of your garden where nothing grows? You can install artificial grass and enjoy the outside space you have, whether you’re outside using it or simply looking out at it as you move around your home.

Matching Set

  1. It’s easy to clean

Pet waste is never easy to get out of a lawn and tends to kill it over time because our pets go in the same place. You can wash down your lawn, but you’ll likely find you make muddy puddles and displace soil when you do. An artificial lawn can be easily and quickly sprayed down to keep your lawn clean and odour-free.

  1. It feels just as good as the real thing

There’s nothing like lying in the grass on a warm summer’s day – well, other than lying in NeoGrass on a warm summer’s day. Our FeelGood technology ensures it not only feels as good as grass (if not better) it also doesn’t get too hot when the sun is beating down, like so many other makes of artificial grass.

good as the real thing

  1. You can choose what your lawn looks like

If you go shopping for turf, you’re really not going to get much choice as to what it looks like – grass is grass, after all, it’s up to you to maintain it in the way you like. However, we offer a range of different grass options to help you get the exact look you want – whether that be a close-cut carpet-like artificial grass or something much longer with a more natural finish. See our range here.

Stepping Stones

Convinced? When you read through these 16 reasons, it’s difficult to think of reasons why 2022 wouldn’t be the year to get an artificial lawn installed. If you’re ready to invest in an artificial lawn and are now thinking about which artificial lawn to invest in, we’ve got more information for you. You can find out why NeoGrass is the best choice here, learn more about how you can install NeoGrass yourself here, or browse our range now.

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