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3 Ways to Help Keep Your Artificial Grass Cool During the Summer

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3 Ways to Help Keep Your Artificial Grass Cool During the Summer

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During the hottest summer days, the temperature of your artificial grass will inevitably increase.

For the vast majority of the summer you’ll be unlikely to notice much of an increase in temperature.

However, during heatwaves, when temperatures can soar up to the mid-thirties, you’ll begin to notice that the synthetic fibres will become warmer to the touch – much like other items in your garden such as paving, decking and garden furniture.

But, fortunately, there are several ways in which you can help to control the temperature of your artificial grass during the hottest summer days.

Today, we’re going to be looking at three ways in which you can help to keep your lawn nice and cool during those summer heatwaves.



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Choose Artificial Grass with Feelgood® Technology

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One of the best ways to keep your lawn cool during the summer months is to choose an artificial grass with Feelgood® technology.

Feelgood® does exactly what it implies – it helps to keep your lawn feeling good during the summer months.

This is because Feelgood® technology helps to keep your artificial turf up to 12 degrees cooler than standard artificial grass.

This revolutionary technology works by reflecting and dissipating the heat into the atmosphere, leaving the grass feeling as good as it looks.

If you have any concerns about your artificial lawn overheating in the summer then we’d highly recommend that you choose a product that incorporates Feelgood® technology, such as our Aberdeen or Inverness synthetic turf.



Use DeoFill® Artificial Grass Infill

deofill zeolite artificial grass pet infill

DeoFill® is a type of infill material that has been designed specifically to prevent nasty, lingering odours caused by dog urine.

DeoFill® is formed from a natural volcanic mineral known as zeolite.

It prevents nasty odours by absorbing the ammonia found within urine, like a sponge. The ammonia is then released through ion cation exchange during rainfall, which flushes through the bacteria and recharges the negatively charged particles of zeolite, ready to absorb more ammonia.

But it’s not just good at preventing nasty smells in artificial turf, it’s also great at helping to keep your lawn cool.

deofill zeolite artificial grass dog infill

It does that through something called evapotranspiration. The honeycomb structure of zeolite absorbs moisture, which is then slowly released through evaporation, cooling the turf in warmer weather.

So, try using DeoFill® for a cooler lawn.



Use Your Garden Hose or Watering Can

garden hose

Another very effective method that will give you immediate results is to use your garden hose or a watering can.

The application of a light sprinkling of water onto your artificial turf will very quickly reduce the temperature.

Of course, you should be wary of excessive water consumption and we’d certainly recommend that you use it sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

But if you have an upcoming garden party this would be a great option to ensure your lawn stays cool and comfortable.




fake grass in summer

During heatwaves you may find that – like many things in your garden, such as paving, decking and garden furniture –the temperature of your artificial lawn begins to increase.

Fortunately, you do have options. Our best recommendation would be to choose an artificial turf with Feelgood® technology as your lawn will take care of itself during those hot summer heatwaves. This includes our Aberdeen and Inverness artificial grass, and you can request your free sample here.

But, of course, if you already have an artificial lawn without this technology you understandably may not want to take it up and start again.

Therefore, we’d recommend cooling your turf sparingly with water, or alternatively you can install DeoFill® to help control the temperature of your artificial lawn.

If you have any questions, then don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below.


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