5 Reasons to Choose Feelgood® Technology

5 Reasons to Choose Feelgood® Technology



Feelgood® is an innovative technology that helps to regulate the temperature of artificial grass.

Picture the scene. The sun is shining, you’re standing at your back door holding a long drink of something cool and fizzy, ice cubes cracking in the glass, and all you can do is look at your beautiful, lush green lawn. It looks so inviting, but harsh experience has taught you that it heats up in the summer and it’s just too uncomfortable to use. You sigh, and trudge back indoors.

What a waste!

In the early days of synthetic grass manufacturing, one of the drawbacks of using plastic fibres was that they became hot to touch if they were exposed to extensive heat.

Of course, this was a real problem for owners of artificial lawns who wanted to use their grass during the sunny summer months.

And it wasn’t just the heat –  the rising temperature of the plastic fibres also caused another issue.

As the temperature of the fibres increased, it resulted in them becoming more pliable.

This pliability affected how the plastic fibres performed. It meant that the fibres of the grass would lie flat, rather than standing in an upright position. It also prevented the fibres from recovering from foot traffic and garden furniture – if they were squashed flat when they were hot, they stayed flat.

This, of course, affected the realism of the grass, as one of the key characteristics of a natural-looking artificial lawn is upright fibres.

Feelgood® Technology will keep the fibres of your artificial lawn up to 20% cooler than other synthetic products that don’t have this technology.

It does this by reflecting and dissipating the heat from the sun’s rays.

Choosing this technology has many advantages and, in this article, we’re looking at 5 reasons to choose artificial grass with Feelgood® Technology.



1. Choose Feelgood® For Pets


Dog resistant turf

Feelgood® Technology is great for pets.

Pets don’t just like running around and playing on artificial grass, they like lounging on it, too. If your pet likes lying outside in the sunshine during the summer months, then choosing an artificial lawn with Feelgood® Technology makes perfect sense.

It will help to keep pets cool and avoid burning paw pads. Remember – it it’s too hot for you to touch or to walk on, it’s too hot for them, too. Artificial grass with Feelgood® Technology makes for an ideal surface for them to relax and enjoy the warm sun.



2. Choose Feelgood® For Entertaining


Of course, the summer months are an excellent time of the year for entertaining family and friends in your garden.

There’s nothing that says summer quite like a BBQ and choosing an artificial turf with Feelgood® Technology is essential if your lawn will receive lots of use from regular entertaining.

In most gardens it’s rare to have a patio that is big enough to hold all of your family and friends and it’s quite likely that many of them will spill out on to the lawn. It’s a chance for people to kick their shoes off and relax on the soft grass.

But they won’t want to do this if the grass is too hot to touch.

For a high-performing artificial lawn that is perfect for garden parties and entertaining, choose Feelgood® Technology.



3. Choose Feelgood® For Picnics


feelgood artificial grass

Another popular activity through the summer months is having a family picnic on the garden lawn.

It’s a great way to get your family together and spend some quality time outside in the fresh air.

A key part of any picnic obviously involves spending plenty of time relaxing and sitting down on your lawn.

But the last thing you’ll want is a lawn that you’re unable to sit on due to it being too hot.

Choosing Feelgood® makes perfect sense for families as it will mean that your lawn is soft and comfortable, and you’ll be able to make the most of those long summer days.



4. Choose Feelgood® For Kids


Kids absolutely love playing on artificial grass.

Its immaculate surface is perfect for a wide range of games and sports. During the long summer holidays, encouraging your kids to get outside into the fresh air and let off steam will not only benefit their health and well-being, but will give parents a welcome break, too.

But that’s only if your artificial lawn isn’t too hot to play on. They can’t run around barefoot or risk tripping and falling on a hot surface.

The coolness of Feelgood® Technology will ensure that the playing conditions remain perfect, even during the hottest of heatwaves. And, as an added bonus, if a little one should take a tumble, the fake grass will ensure a softer landing than the real thing – especially if the sun has baked the earth hard.



5. Choose Feelgood® For Public Areas


artificial grass for hotels

With the ever-increasing popularity of artificial grass, it’s not just garden lawns that are utilising the many benefits of faking it.

Many pubs, theme parks, hotels, restaurants, cafes and local businesses are turning to artificial grass to create low-maintenance green spaces for customers to enjoy.

The summer is the time when beer gardens and outdoor areas are full of members of the public catching some rays and enjoying the warmer temperatures. Families with little ones often stop by for a cool drink or an al fresco meal in the summer.

Choosing Feelgood® will ensure that these outdoor areas remain at a comfortable temperature and help your customers get the most out of your lush green artificial grass.





artificial grass by neograss

There are many situations where Feelgood® Technology really comes into its own.

Clearly the summer is the time of the year when you most want to be outside in your garden, enjoying the warmer weather.

But if your artificial lawn is too hot to touch during this time of the year, then you won’t want to use it.

Choosing an artificial lawn with Feelgood® Technology means that even during the hottest summer days your artificial lawn will remain up to 12 degrees cooler than other synthetic grasses.

Both Aberdeen and Inverness artificial grass have our innovative Feelgood® Technology.

You can request your free sample of both products here.

If you would like to discuss having an artificial lawn with a professional installer, please visit our ‘Find Your Installer’ page.

They will be able to guide you through the process and provide you with a professional installation service.

If you have further questions or comments relating to Feelgood® Technology, then please leave them below.




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