5 Reasons to Choose Instant Recovery® Technology

5 Reasons to Choose Instant Recovery® Technology


Instant Recovery® Technology is one of the most advanced innovations used in artificial grass manufacturing.

It incorporates a mix of nylon and polyethylene fibres to create a high strength, highly resilient fake grass that’s perfect for use in high traffic areas, whether domestic or commercial.

However, as impressive as this fake grass is, it shouldn’t be the automatic choice for every application. Due to the more expensive raw materials needed, the additional cost of synthetic turf incorporating Instant Recovery® Technology means that for low traffic areas, you won’t fully benefit from its hard-wearing nature.

But for heavily trafficked areas and lawns that the whole family and their pets will be using regularly, choosing it is a complete no-brainer, as it will last much longer and perform far better than other types of artificial grass manufactured without this innovative technology.

Today we are going to be looking at some of the benefits of this advanced technology and explain why you should consider choosing artificial grass with Instant Recovery® Technology.



1. Choose Instant Recovery® Technology for a More Realistic Artificial Lawn


The main benefits of choosing Instant Recovery® Technology spring from its strong and resilient properties.

The fibres of fake grass can be manufactured from either polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon (polyamide).

Nylon is the strongest and most resilient of all three plastics.

In fact, nylon is 33% stronger than polyethylene and 26% stronger than polypropylene. This additional strength means that your artificial lawn will be able not only to cope with everyday usage from people and pets – no matter how heavy that may be – but also to withstand the additional punishment the typical lawn takes at family gatherings and garden parties.

Nylon is also 22% more resilient than polypropylene and 40% more resilient than polyethylene.

When it comes to artificial grass, resilience is a key attribute.

This is because in order for an artificial lawn to look as realistic as possible, the plastic fibres must remain in an upright position. If they become flattened – perhaps because of garden furniture remaining in the same place for a long time or repeated boisterous play by kids or pets – and are unable to regain their original position, it’s game over – the grass has had it.

Due to the inclusion of resilient, springy nylon fibres, Instant Recovery® Technology enables the synthetic fibres to ‘instantly recover’ from foot traffic and pressure from garden furniture and return to an upright state.

So for the most realistic artificial lawn possible, choose Instant Recovery® Technology.

To see it in action, play the video below.



2. Instant Recovery® Technology Prevents Artificial Fibres from Becoming Pliable


Another characteristic of nylon is that it has a higher melting point than both polyethylene and polypropylene.

This increased resilience to heat helps the synthetic fibres to hold their shape, even when the sun’s rays are at their most intense.

The nature of certain plastics means that when heated, they become soft and pliable.

This pliability causes the fibres to lose their shape, and once this happens they lie flat, which makes artificial grass look unrealistic.

For an artificial grass that doesn’t become soft and pliable and lose its good looks during the summer months, choosing Instant Recovery® Technology is must.



3. Instant Recovery® Technology Provides Excellent Value for Money


NeoGrass Artificial Grass

Choosing an artificial grass with Instant Recovery® Technology will give you excellent value for money.

While the initial cost might be a little higher, due to the proliferation of nylon fibres, fake grass that incorporates Instant Recovery® Technology will outlast and outperform other products manufactured without this technology.

This is due to the fact that the nylon fibres are 33% stronger than polyethylene and 26% stronger than polypropylene, the two other forms of plastic used in artificial grass manufacturing.

This additional strength ensures a longer lasting artificial lawn, making it an excellent long-term investment.

With the correct maintenance, there is no reason why your artificial grass with Instant Recovery® Technology will not last upwards of twenty years.



4. Instant Recovery® Technology is Perfect for Pets


Dog resistant turf

Artificial grass is extremely popular amongst dog and pet owners.

This is usually down to two key factors.

The first of these is aesthetics. The heavy use dogs inflict on real lawns results in patchy turf that will ruin the look of any garden.

A big source of frustration that many dog owners have, especially if your dog is female, is urine-scorched grass.

This happens because your dog’s urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen, which burns your grass in the same way over-fertilising does.

The second key factor as to why artificial grass is so popular amongst dog owners is the fact that there is no mess or mud associated with fake grass.

Artificial grass is laid on to a suitable sub-base, rather than soil, and therefore your dog will no longer get caked in mud that then gets tracked back into the house. With artificial grass, you’ll no longer need to worry about letting your dog outside during the winter months.

If you have pets the chances are you have tried a variety of methods to maintain an attractive looking real lawn, but the fact is, dogs and real grass just don’t mix.

If you are considering having artificial grass installed for your dog or pet, choosing fake grass with Instant Recovery® Technology makes perfect sense.

Its hard-wearing nature means it will be able to withstand and recover from even the kind of heavy use that the biggest dogs will inflict on your lawn.

Its high strength will make it impossible for dogs to dig through it and it will continue to look lush for many years to come.



5. Instant Recovery® Technology is Ideal for Children


There’s no doubt about it, children absolutely love playing on artificial grass.

Come rain or shine, the great thing about it is that it can still be used – even throughout the wetter months.

We tend to get heavy rainfall here in the UK, especially during autumn and winter. That causes the vast majority of real lawns to become boggy and saturated, meaning they are no-go areas during this time of the year.

A huge benefit of fake grass is that water drains away freely and there is no mud and mess. As soon as the rain stops, the kids can wrap up warmly and be out kicking a football around on the turf.

If you have young children, choosing a fake grass with Instant Recovery® Technology is a no-brainer due to the additional strength of this innovative technology.

Its hard-wearing nature ensures that it will have the strength and resilience to withstand heavy use from even the most energetic of children.





By choosing Instant Recovery® Technology, you can be sure you are getting a hard-wearing artificial lawn that can withstand the demands of family life.

This makes it ideal for back gardens and high traffic areas such as schools and playgrounds, commercial and public areas, and events and exhibitions.

It’s also a great investment as it will outlast and outperform other types of artificial grass made from polyethylene or polypropylene.

For more information on our products that incorporate Instant Recovery® Technology, please see the product pages for Aberdeen, Inverness and Arena.

You can also request your free samples here.

If you have any questions regarding our Instant Recovery® Technology, then please leave them in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can call us on 01245 931200.





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