5 Reasons to Buy a Fake Grass Rake

5 Reasons to Buy a Fake Grass Rake


Many people wrongly believe that artificial grass doesn’t require any maintenance at all.

Although the level of maintenance is far less than for real grass, there are still a few essential tasks that you should carry out to ensure your lawn stays looking at its best.

It’s very important to remove organic matter such as leaves from your lawn to prevent any potential weed growth.

It’s also important to brush your turf in the opposite direction to the pile to not only remove dirt and debris, but also help lift and reinvigorate the fibres.

Fortunately, our specialist artificial grass rakes are designed to perform both of these key maintenance tasks quickly and easily.

But it’s not just cleaning and weed growth prevention that artificial grass rakes are good at. Today, we look at five reasons why you should buy a fake grass rake.



It’s Great for Sweeping Leaves

artificial turf maintenance rake

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s important that you remove organic matter such as leaves from your artificial turf. That’s because organic matter can encourage weed growth.

It’s very important that, when removing leaves, you do NOT use an ordinary garden rake. These types of rakes tend to have metal prongs. These metal prongs can cause permanent damage to your artificial turf.

To avoid any damage, you must use a rake that has plastic fibres.

Specialist artificial grass rakes have exactly that and the bristles are usually made from polyamide (the same material that is used in our Instant Recovery Technology, incidentally).

With a fake grass rake you’ll be able to remove leaves and other organic matter quickly and easily.



It’s Great for Removing Moss & Weeds

In the same way the rake can be used to remove leaves, it’s also good for removing moss and weeds.

Weed and moss growth are both quite rare events for artificial grass, but it can happen.

The most effective way to keep any weeds at bay is to use a water-based weedkiller. Most off-the-shelf products that you can find in your nearest DIY store will suffice. We always recommend that you test products on an inconspicuous part of your lawn or, ideally, on any spare offcuts you might have, just to be on the safe side, in case your chosen weedkiller causes any permanent damage.

As long as you use a weed membrane underneath your synthetic turf you won’t get any weeds growing through your lawn, but you might get that occasional weed that grows from an airborne seed that blows onto your grass.

These can be quickly and easily removed using your fake grass rake which will penetrate deep into the pile and lift the weed out from the base of the root. The stiff plastic bristles are also ideal for cutting through and removing moss.

So, if your lawn suffers from moss growth or the occasional weed, investing in an artificial grass maintenance brush or broom would be a wise investment.



It’s Great for Lifting & Reinvigorating the Fibres

fake grass rake

If your artificial lawn receives heavy, frequent use, then over time you may start to notice that the synthetic fibres lie flat in a horizontal position.

Poor-quality products are more prone to this, as opposed to high-quality artificial turf such as Aberdeen, Inverness or Arena, which all incorporate nylon fibres for the ultimate hard-wearing lawn.

Fortunately, however, a good brush is often all that is needed to help lift the fibres and encourage them back to a vertical position. The plastic bristles of a maintenance brush are perfect for this.

Sweeping through the fibres with your rake will gently lift synthetic fibres and help to reinvigorate them.

Vertical fibres really are key to realistic looking astroturf. Flat fibres will give your grass an unrealistic appearance.

Therefore, buying an artificial grass rake is a great way of keeping your turf looking at its very best.



It’s Great for Installing Infill Materials

Artificial grass rakes are great tools for installing infill material.

An infill is an important part of the artificial grass installation process and there are several good reasons why it should be done.

Firstly, it helps to add ballast, which can prevent ripples and creases appearing in your fake turf, which can happen as the backing material very slightly expands and contracts in different temperatures. It also helps to support the fibres so that they remain vertical. Infill material can even help to aid drainage, keep your grass cooler during the summer months, and protect the backing material, too.

Some types of infill, such as DeoFill®, have been designed to absorb nasty odours from pet urine.

deofill zeolite artificial grass pet infill

Installing any type of infill involves brushing the fake grass to work the infill to the bottom of the pile.

There’s no doubt about it, the quickest and easiest way to do this is using a mechanical power brush. However, these often cost several hundred pounds so aren’t really viable for most homeowners.

Buying a fake grass rake, on the other hand, costs under £20. So, for a fractional of the cost you can get a tool that you’ll find very useful in installing your infill material, such as kiln-dried sand or DeoFill®.



It’s a Great Installation Tool

artificial grass maintenance rake

We’ve covered the best artificial grass installation tools in great depth before.

However, artificial grass maintenance rakes can also be great little installation tools. When you buy artificial grass, it will be delivered to your home wrapped tightly around a cardboard core for ease of handling.

The downside to this is that it squashes the fibres of your turf flat, which you’ll notice when you first unroll your grass.

Fear not, though; given time, as long as you have purchased a good quality artificial grass, the fibres will naturally begin to lift.

But, as we’ve already discovered, our plastic rakes are great for lifting and invigorating your turf. So, if you are looking for a shortcut to help fluff up the synthetic fibres and complete your installation, we’d highly recommend that you get your hands on an artificial grass maintenance brush.




Buying an artificial grass rake certainly doesn’t cost the earth. For under £20 you can have the perfect tool for maintaining your artificial lawn. The small investment will be well worth it as proper maintenance and care can drastically increase the lifespan of your artificial turf, meaning you do not have to replace artificial grass as frequently.

These brushes will make light work of any artificial grass maintenance regime.

You can purchase your fake grass rake online or, if you would prefer, you can call us on 01245 931200 to place your order.

Do you have any questions about our maintenance rakes? Or any questions about anything else artificial grass related? Then why not leave us a comment below? We love to hear your questions and comments.


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