5 Ways to Transform Your Garden Shed

5 Ways to Transform Your Garden Shed


Garden sheds are a staple in gardens up and down the UK.

They are perfect for storing the likes of tools, the lawnmower, gardening supplies and perhaps even the family bikes.

Some people use their garden sheds for much more. Having a decent-sized shed in your garden can be like adding an additional room to your home.

Many people convert their sheds into a home office, a games room, a music room or even a replica pub.

It’s important to keep your shed in good condition, not only because it can otherwise start to fall apart, meaning the items you store in it aren’t protected and secure, but also because a rundown shed can adversely affect the way your garden looks.

If your shed is starting to age, or is in need of a facelift, you don’t necessarily have to buy a whole new shed.

Which is fortunate because, as we all know, buying a new shed is often an expensive endeavour.

There are several ways in which you can transform the look of your shed without spending vast sums of money.

In our latest article, we’re looking at 5 ways in which you can do just that. Hopefully, the ideas here will inspire you to take action and give your own shed a new lease of life.



Give it a Lick of Paint


paint your garden shed

Rather than replacing your garden shed, one of the easiest ways of giving it a completely new look is to give it a lick of paint.

Opting for a shade that’s a bit different from your existing colour will completely refresh the look of your shed, and give your entire garden a whole new look, too.

Many people find that painting their garden sheds can actually be quite a therapeutic experience and it’s a great activity to get the kids involved with, as well.

Painting your garden shed needn’t be expensive and there is a huge range of colours available, so you can paint your shed virtually any shade you like.

In recent times, brighter colours such as blues and pinks, and even stripes, have become very popular choices.

Don’t be afraid to go for something a bit different as bright colours can really lift the mood of your garden.

For inspiration, why not pay a trip to the beach and see how beach hut owners have styled their huts?



Utilise Artificial Grass


Artificial grass is a great way to transform your garden shed.

One of the most popular ways to use it, is to cover the roof. By doing so, you’ll drastically change the appearance of your shed.

For some of us, the problem with having a garden shed is that it can sometimes look a little imposing. Installing fake turf on the roof will soften the appearance of your shed and help it to blend in more with its surroundings.

Giving your shed a green roof will give your garden a more natural appearance, and will be more attractive than roofing felt.

You could also use artificial grass to cover the floor area of your shed, to give it a quirky surface that will feel great underfoot.

Why not go the whole hog and cover the entire shed in fake turf?! It will certain help it to blend in to its surroundings and it’s sure to be the talk of the neighbourhood.

The great thing about installing synthetic turf on your shed is that it’s very easy to do. You can buy artificial grass in 2m or 4m widths, and in lengths ranging anywhere from 1m all the way up to 25m.

It’s easy to cut to shape with a sharp Stanley knife, so that it hugs the contours of your shed, and it can be tacked to your roof using galvanized nails or glued in place with artificial grass adhesive.



Transform Your Shed into an Outdoor Room


garden room add value to garden

Image Courtesy of rubicongardenrooms.co.uk

By running power to the shed and perhaps insulating the walls, you can easily turn your shed into an additional room.

And the possibilities as to what you can do with that additional room are endless.

If you work from home, you may benefit from converting your shed into a garden office. Many people find that they can switch off better after a day’s work if their office is separate from their house.

Perhaps you could convert it into a home gym using the money that you would save on your gym membership?

Yoga has grown in popularity in recent years and garden sheds are ideal for converting into yoga rooms.

If you, or even your children, fancy yourselves as budding musicians, you could create your own sound-proofed music room. That’s sure to keep the rest of the family happy and it’ll probably be a hit with your neighbours, too.

With the British pub continuously on the decline, why not convert your shed into your very own bar?

The possibilities are endless, and whatever your hobbies or interests are, it’s likely that you could convert your shed into an additional room for your property.



Create a Living Wall


garden living wall shed

Living walls are currently very much on-trend within the gardening world.

A great way to create your own green wall is to use the side of your shed.

Living or green walls are very easy to achieve. You can simply fix lightweight plant containers to the external walls of your shed and fill them with dense, fast growing plants to cover the sides entirely.

This will help your shed to blend into its environment.

Some people like to have the convenience of a garden shed to store tools, the lawn mower and the family bikes, but don’t necessarily like the appearance of the structure in their garden. If that sounds like you, then why not use a living wall to completely conceal your garden shed?

With any green wall, it’s extremely important to make sure the plants receive enough water in order to thrive.

Unlike plants in the ground, your entire living wall is unlikely to receive enough water through natural rainfall alone – particularly those plants on the lower levels of your wall. But, fear not, you can set up a simple, automatic irrigation system so that you don’t even have to remember to keep watering the plants.

So, since it’s so straightforward, why not add more greenery to your garden by creating a living wall?



Make Repairs as Necessary


garden shed repairs

Its very important to look after your shed to ensure that its lifespan is as long as possible.

This may mean that you need to carry out the occasional repair or two.

Fixing leaky roofs and replacing rotten timber can be carried out easily with relatively few DIY skills.

If you keep an eye on your shed and arrange to carry out the necessary repairs or renovations as soon as signs of wear and tear begin to appear, the problems will be easier to fix. Not only that, but you’ll avoid having your shed slide into disrepair, which could lead to you having to fork out for a whole new one.

As we’ve already mentioned, your garden shed has a big impact on the aesthetics of your garden, so you should pay as much attention to it as you do to your plants or your lawn.

This means keeping on top of repairs to ensure your shed looks as good as it did the day you bought it.





garden summer house shed

When it comes to giving your shed a new lease of life, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t be too quick to buy a whole new shed when there are so many ways in which you can completely transform its appearance for very little money and a bit of effort.

We hope our 5 ways to transform your garden shed have inspired you to think up new ways to give your shed a facelift, whether that’s carrying out some simple repairs or converting it into an outdoor room.

Do you have any ideas on how to transform a garden shed? If so, then we’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment below and share your ideas with the world!



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