6 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass in Public Areas

6 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass in Public Areas


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Fake turf is popular not just in private gardens, but in public spaces, too. More and more local businesses, hotel chains, amusement parks, pubs, restaurants, spas and government authorities are choosing artificial grass to transform their public areas.

One of the main problems with real grass and public areas is that the large amounts of foot traffic make it virtually impossible to maintain lush green grass. That’s where artificial grass really comes into its own.

Its hard-wearing nature means that it will look like a prize-winning lawn all year round, regardless of foot traffic or the weather.

Maintaining an attractive business premises or public area is vital to ensuring that a positive lasting impression is made on your clients, guests and visitors, to ensure that they return time and time again.

There are many excellent reasons why businesses and local authorities are choosing to fake it.

In our latest article, we’re exploring these benefits in greater detail.



1. It’s Cheaper to Maintain


Artificial grass requires far less maintenance than the real thing.

As any owner of a public venue knows, maintenance costs can really start to add up.

Whereas it requires a full maintenance team to regularly mow and treat your real grass areas, the vast majority of public artificial grass spaces will need very little maintenance.

The less maintenance needed, the less cost to your business or public authority.



2. It’s Less Disruptive to Your Public Area


As fake turf has much fewer maintenance demands, it means less disruption to your public venue or business.

There’ll be no noisy, disruptive mowing and smelly pollution from equipment at regular intervals throughout the year.

People holding meetings or training sessions, or students in schools and colleges, will be able to open the windows in warm weather without fear of voices being drowned out by the racket outside.

And your venue will be able to remain open 24 hours a day, as the maintenance tasks needed for synthetic grass are much quicker and less disruptive to carry out than those needed to maintain the real thing.

This will create a better environment for visitors to your public space as they can continue to have full access to the venue and not have their experience disrupted by maintenance teams.



3. It Can Be Used All Year Round


One of the biggest benefits of artificial turf is that there is no mud or mess.

That’s because it’s laid on carefully prepared, free draining ground. Any water that hits your grass will immediately drain through to the ground below.

Most synthetic grasses can drain around 50 litres of rainfall per square metre, per minute, through their perforated backing.

This is great news as it means that your fake turf can be used whatever the weather, whatever the season.

Most real lawns become no-go areas during the winter as they can quickly become a boggy mess. This may mean that you receive a drop in visitor numbers to your public venue, or that people aren’t utilising your property as well as they could be.

A clean, mud-free lawn will also mean that your patrons and visitors will no longer get muddy feet and so bring dirt into your premises, in turn creating fewer indoor maintenance tasks and saving you money. And they’ll be happier, because they won’t ruin their shoes!

Muddy ground can be slippery, which means there is a risk of injury from falls. Artificial grass removes this risk, making your venue safer, as well as cleaner.

You’ll find that your visitors will have a more enjoyable experience from your outdoor space and will love visiting your public area throughout the entire year.




4. It Will Transform Any Public Space


Artificial grass is capable of thriving in any environment. That’s because it doesn’t need sunlight and water – unlike the real thing.

This means that artificial turf can be used in areas where real grass just won’t grow. Dark, damp, sheltered areas may look like an eyesore at your venue and can give customers and visitors a bad impression of your public space.

The quality of artificial grass is so good now that it is difficult to tell the different between real and fake.

And it needn’t cost the earth, either. If you are just looking to install artificial grass for decorative or ornamental purposes and it’s unlikely to receive much foot traffic, you won’t need to buy the most expensive fake grass – and the installation will cheaper, too.



5. It Can Withstand Large Amounts of Foot Traffic


Artificial grass is perfect for public areas that receive regular, heavy footfall.

Places such as pub courtyards and beer gardens, or amusement park picnic areas, are likely to receive lots of regular use.

Real grass lawns are quickly turned into dry patchy dust bowls during the summer months, as the grass cannot withstand the high level of foot traffic.

This is where artificial grass comes into its own, as the best quality artificial grass will be unaffected by heavy use.

Particularly if you choose a turf with Instant Recovery® Technology.

Fake grass manufactured using this technology has a lower thatch made from highly resilient nylon.

Nylon is the strongest and most robust type of fibre used in artificial grass manufacturing.

It will be able to withstand foot traffic at even the busiest of public venues, without any signs of wear.



6. It Creates a Safer Environment


Artificial grass also creates a safer environment for your guests and visitors to enjoy.

That’s because it is naturally soft and nonabrasive. The impact from trips and falls is minimised by the softer surface of artificial grass.

Of course, for additional safety, you could even consider installing a foam shockpad underlay.

artificial grass foam underlay

This comes in various thicknesses and will give any artificial lawn a soft springy feel underfoot. It will also help to prevent head injuries if there is a risk of children falling from items of play equipment.

Artificial grass is also allergen free. This is great news for the millions of allergy sufferers throughout the UK as they will be able to use your outdoor space without aggravating their allergies.





Arena by NeoGrass

With this many advantages, it’s little wonder that artificial grass is being used more and more by owners of public spaces.

The list of benefits is just too long to ignore.

If you are considering getting artificial grass installed at your public venue, then you have come to the right place.

We have a wide range of fake turf products that are perfect for use in public and commercial areas.

We can also recommend one of our local NeoGrass Approved Installers, who can help you choose the correct grass for your business or public area, and also take care of installation.

Why not contact your nearest installer today?

You can also request your free samples here.

For further information on choosing the best artificial grass for your commercial or public venue, then please click here.

Think there is something we have missed from our list? Do you have any questions about fake grass for commercial and public use? Then we want to hear from you. Just leave us a comment below!



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