6 Reasons Landlords Should Install Artificial Grass at Their Properties

6 Reasons Landlords Should Install Artificial Grass at Their Properties


Buying property is one of the best long-term investments you can make.

It may come as little surprise that more and more of us are buying additional properties to rent out to tenants to provide an additional income stream.

According to homelet.co.uk, there are currently two million landlords, the vast majority of whom are private individuals.

These two million individuals own almost 20% of the 26 million plus households in the UK.

However, when it comes to maintaining those properties to a good standard, many landlords find it can be an expensive and frustrating experience.

Finding tenants that will care for your property as if it was their own can be difficult.

If your property doesn’t receive the maintenance it needs, the value may start to decline and you could be faced with a large repair bill if and when your existing tenants decide to move on.

One of the best ways to keep your property in the best condition is to make it as low maintenance as possible and reduce the ways in which it can become damaged.

And that is exactly what artificial grass can provide for your rental property, which is why more and more landlords are choosing to have it installed at their rental properties.

In our latest blog post, we’re going to look at the numerous benefits that having artificial grass can bring for the two million landlords in existence across the UK.



1. It Increases Your Property’s Value


increase property value

Having artificial grass installed at your rental properties will increase the value of your portfolio.

That’s because attractive, yet low-maintenance, gardens are a draw for busy tenants and, when you come to part with the property, a huge selling point for many homebuyers.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a well-maintained garden can add up to 20% to your property’s value.

But why is this? Well, like with most things, first impressions are everything, and that’s particularly true when it comes to choosing a home.

The front garden is the first thing any potential tenant or buyer will see when they visit your property. A good first impression can carry through to the rest of the property and help bathe it all in a positive light.

We all like to spend as much time as possible out in our gardens during the summer months, too, and having a beautifully landscaped garden makes this all the more enjoyable an experience.

Summer parties, BBQs or just some quiet solo relaxation time appeals to us all.

And, with our increasingly busy lifestyles, the less work that’s needed to maintain our homes and gardens, the better.

So, to increase the value of your property portfolio, why not install artificial grass?



2. Fake Grass Is Low Maintenance


One of the biggest benefits for landlords is that artificial grass requires very little maintenance.

In order to keep real grass in good condition, it requires regular mowing and it will often need regularly weeding and feeding, too.

Busy or simply lazy tenants may never actually mow the lawn at your rental property, which can quickly turn any garden into an overgrown mess, completely spoiling the look of the garden and possible rendering it unusable – not to mention, an eyesore that neighbours complain about!

Artificial grass, on the other hand, never needs mowing and will look lush and green all year round, whilst requiring minimal amounts of maintenance on the part of your tenant.

And, if you currently pay to have the lawns at your properties maintained, then by installing artificial grass you’ll be saving hundreds of pounds per year.



3. Fake Grass Will Attract More Tenants


artificial grass is good for property investment

As we have already touched on, low maintenance and attractively landscaped gardens have a huge appeal for many homebuyers and renters.

As a result, not only will you be able to charge higher monthly rental fees to your tenants, but you’ll also find it far easier and quicker to find the perfect tenant for your property.

Attractive and well-maintained properties are in high demand and you’ll find that should a tenant decide to end their rental agreement, you’ll quickly find someone new to occupy your property, so you keep ‘void’ time – and potential lost revenue – to a minimum.



4. Fake Grass Will Keep Your Property Clean and Tidy



Artificial grass provides a much cleaner, much more user-friendly surface than real grass.

The problem with real lawns, particularly with the UK climate, is that they are only really suitable for use during the spring and summer months.

That’s because during autumn and winter, many lawns become boggy and saturated due to the regular rainfall we receive – it renders real grass lawns unusable.

With artificial grass, however, there is no mud or mess. It almost acts like a hard surface, such as a patio, and your tenants will get use from it all year round without getting caked in mud.

As long as your lawn has been installed correctly, then due to the perforated backing of artificial grass, it is completely free-draining. Any water that lands on your fake lawn will quickly drain through the surface and drastically improve any past drainage issues.

This will also reduce the chance of mud being trodden into the house and onto furniture and carpets, which will help to decrease the need to replace such items as often.



5. Fake Grass Is Perfect For Tenants With Pets


Some 44% of UK households own one or more pets.

That means if you own two rental properties, the chances are that at least one of your tenants will own a pet.

This can cause problems for both tenants and landlords, as pets can potentially cause harm to your property.

Unfortunately, real grass and dogs just don’t mix very well. The constant traipsing up and down the garden lawn by dogs can help churn up even the best kept garden lawn and turn it into an eyesore.

Lawns can quickly become patchy and bare, or even scorched by urine stains.

Dog proof artificial grass

This may mean that once your tenant moves on, you’re faced with a large bill to repair the damage.

But, as a landlord, you shouldn’t reduce your pool of potential tenants by 44% by refusing to allow anyone who owns a pet to live in your property. This could mean it takes longer to find a suitable tenant and you might also need to lower your rental fees to attract them.

By creating a garden that is ideal for pets you will increase the number of potential tenants and pet owners will be willing to pay higher fees in order to accommodate their pets.

Artificial grass is ideal for landlords whose tenants own pets. Artificial grass cannot be dug up or damaged by pets and they will be able to happily play on it in the same way they would real grass.

Urine and excrement will not harm or discolour artificial grass in any way and there will no longer be any muddy paw prints on carpets and furniture, either.



6. Fake Grass Is a Long-Term Investment



There are two vital factors in a long-lasting artificial lawn.

The first is to ensure that you choose good quality artificial turf. There is a wide choice of fake grass available in the UK, but choosing good quality artificial grass can be difficult.

It’s critical that you look at more than just aesthetics when it comes to choosing the best artificial grass.

You’ll need to look closely at the materials the grass is made from, where it has been manufactured, what technology the grass has, how long the warranty period is and whether or not it is fire rated and tested for harmful substances.

You’ll also need to ensure that your grass is installed correctly.

This is vital, as you can choose the best artificial grass, but if the installation hasn’t been carried out correctly, then your artificial lawn will not look as good or perform to its full potential.

However, good quality fake grass, correctly installed, can last upwards of twenty years.

This offers landlords a fantastic return on their investment. The money spent on artificial grass is often quickly recouped in savings made on maintenance fees and increased rental fees, as well as adding significant long-term value to your property.





Choosing to have artificial grass installed at your rental properties really is a no-brainer for the two million landlords currently operating in the UK.

The biggest reasons for owning rental property are one, to provide an income and two, to represent a profitable long-term investment for the property owner.

Artificial grass will further boost this investment by adding additional value to your property.

Creating a low-maintenance, robust garden will mean that your property will require very little maintenance, which will appeal to a wide range of renters and buyers, whilst standing the test of time and providing lush green grass, year round, that will give any garden a prize winning lawn.

If you are considering having artificial grass installed at your property, why not get in contact with your nearest NeoGrass Approved Installer? Our network of artificial grass installation professionals covers the length and breadth of the UK and we can provide you with a free installation quotation for your new artificial lawn.

You can also view the NeoGrass range of products, which are perfect for gardens and lawns.

Why not see for yourself just how realistic our products are by requesting your free samples?

If you have any questions regarding artificial grass then feel free to leave them in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to help.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next blog post.



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