6 Reasons Why Dog Owners Should Consider Having an Artificial Lawn

6 Reasons Why Dog Owners Should Consider Having an Artificial Lawn


fake grass for dogs

A large percentage of the UK population are dog owners. In fact, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA), in 2018, 26% of households in the UK – that’s 6,604,000 homes – have dogs. And that equates to a grand total of 9 million pet pooches in the country, as a whole!

Of course, the UK has a long tradition of dog-ownership.

And quite rightly so, as there are many great reasons for having a furry friend.

Several studies have shown that by owning a dog, you’ll be healthier, feel less stressed, be less likely to have allergies, feel safer and, of course, benefit from forming a lasting friendship, too.

But, unfortunately, there is a downside. One that frustrates a large percentage of dog owners.

And that is the problem of keeping the garden looking neat and tidy, when you have an exuberant four-footed beast thundering around it on a daily basis! Many of us find it difficult to create a dog friendly garden, but it can be done.

One of the best ways to make your garden more dog-friendly is to install an artificial lawn. With the ever-increasing quality of artificial grass, many pet owners are seeing fake grass as the perfect solution to a paw-trodden lawn.

In our latest blog post we’re exploring some of the many benefits of artificial grass for dogs and also the benefits it can bring to your garden.

Let’s take a closer look at those now.



1. Muddy Footprints Will Become a Thing of the Past


Mud free artificial grass for dogs

Muddy footprints have long been a source of frustration for many pet owners.

It can be a real chore wiping your dog’s paws every time they have ventured out into the garden, but it has to be done – muddy prints can ruin your home.

One of the main advantages of having artificial grass is that your dog will no longer become covered in mud.

When installing an artificial lawn, the existing mud is excavated and a sub-base consisting of aggregate is installed. The turf is then laid on top of the sub-base. This completely removes the chance of your dog becoming covered in mud, meaning that they can run around outside all year round, come rain or shine, without bringing mud back into your home.



2. Dogs Cannot Dig Through Artificial Grass


Many dogs love digging. It’s what some dogs do best.

Which leads to one of the most commonly asked questions we get here at NeoGrass:

‘Can dogs dig through fake grass?’

It is, of course, an understandable concern. Let’s face it, having fake grass installed isn’t the cheapest thing in the world and the last thing you want is for your pristine, newly laid lawn to be destroyed by a keen digger.

But rest assured that, provided it is installed correctly, this is not possible. All of our products have a thick, dense pile that is stitched on to a double layered backing.

Our backings are formed of a primary fabric layer plus a secondary layer, comprising extra tough and durable dig-proof latex rubber.

As an extra line of defence, we also recommend that a sand infill is applied to all of our artificial turf products. That’s for a variety of reasons, but the main advantage for pet owners is that it prevents pets from being able to reach the backing layer.

Another important part of ensuring that your dog cannot harm your fake grass is to ensure that it is properly secured at the edges.

There are many different types of edging system that may be used when installing artificial grass, but for dog owners we recommend using a timber or plastic lumber edging. With this, the edges of your lawn can be firmly secured using galvanised nails, which ensures that your turf cannot be lifted at the edges.



3. Artificial Grass Looks Great All Year Round


brick paving used to edge artificial turf

Another great advantage of artificial grass is that it can be used and admired all year round.

Often, during the winter months, real grass lawns become no-go areas as they can turn boggy and wet during this time of the year.

This can quickly turn your lawn into a churned-up mess. However, artificial grass will look fantastic, whatever the weather.

That’s because rainfall will quickly drain through artificial grass without creating standing water on the surface of your lawn.

This is perfect for pet owners who fear their lawns becoming mudbaths.



4. Artificial Grass is Free from Harmful Substances


As long as you choose a turf that has been independently tested and certified against harmful substances, you can rest assured that your artificial lawn will not cause any harm to you or your pets.

There will no longer be any need to use the potentially harmful chemicals that are needed to maintain a real lawn.

Fertilisers, weedkillers and pesticides can all be potentially harmful to your pets, and the environment, too. By choosing to have artificial grass you can throw out those toxic substances once and for all, leaving a safe environment for your dogs to enjoy.



5. Artificial Grass is a Fantastic Sensory Experience for Your Dog


Is Artificial Grass Good For Dogs

There is no doubt about it, dogs love artificial grass.

There is something about the texture of the fibres that feels good under their paws and against their fur.

The lush, dense pile of our products ensures that they are soft and comfortable to lie on and your dog will like nothing more than relaxing on your artificial lawn in the sunshine.

It will be far better than lying on the patchy grass your dog is used to.

And it’s not just the dogs that will love it, but their owners, too, who won’t be able to help themselves getting outside and playing with their pooches.



6. Artificial Grass Is Easy to Clean


This benefit is probably more for the owners than the dogs themselves.

Of course, there’s no doubt that your dog will be using your fake lawn as their private bathroom.

But, rest assured, this will not harm your fake grass in any way at all.

Artificial grass is incredibly easy to clean.

Liquids will drain through the perforated backing of artificial grass and can be rinsed through with a garden hose. Solids can be dealt with in the usual way.

Urine or excrement cannot and will not cause your fake turf to fade or discolour, and they won’t affect the performance of your grass, either.

This is another huge benefit for dog owners and it really makes the decision as to whether to install artificial grass a complete no-brainer.





Dog Resistant Turf

It may come as little surprise that a large percentage of our customers are dog owners.

The list of benefits for this group of customers is too big to ignore.

Owning a dog is a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience for many homeowners across the UK and it is, of course, entirely understandable that many wouldn’t give up their dogs for the world.

But, just because you’re a proud dog owner doesn’t mean that your garden should have to suffer.

And that’s where artificial grass provides the ultimate alternative solution to the real thing.

The quality and realism of today’s artificial grass means that having the fake stuff is no longer the faux pas it once was.

If you are curious to find out more about artificial grass for dogs, why not check out our range of products suitable for dogs? Once you’ve done that, you can request your free samples so you can discover just how amazing our fake turf is.

You’ll also find our ‘How to Choose the Best Fake Grass for Your Dogs & Pets’ and ‘Artificial Grass for Dogs – Everything You Need to Know’ guides useful in helping you choose your ideal turf.

If you have any questions about artificial grass for dogs or think we have missed anything from our list of benefits, let us know by leaving a comment below.




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