7 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Your Front Garden

7 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Your Front Garden


artificial grass

Artificial grass is incredibly versatile and there are many different uses and applications to which fake turf is ideally suited.

With such a long list of benefits, it’s little wonder that it has become so popular.

These days, the level of realism is so high that it has become very difficult to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake.

This has meant that installing artificial grass has become a viable option for many different types of application.

The focus of this latest article is on the many benefits artificial grass can bring to a front garden.

Many homeowners give little thought to their front garden and instead turn most of their attention to the back garden.

That’s understandable, as that is clearly where you’ll be spending most of your time when you get a chance to get outside.

Although it’s an area that’s often neglected, maintaining an attractive front garden can do wonders to the aesthetics of any property. However, many people struggle to find the time to maintain their back garden, let alone look after the front garden, too. And that’s where artificial turf can make a huge difference.

The benefits are many and varied, so let’s begin our look at 7 benefits of installing artificial grass in a front garden.



1. Artificial Grass Creates a Low-Maintenance Front Garden


In today’s busy society, many of us are struggling to find the time to maintain our gardens. Take your ever-increasing work schedule and busy lifestyle, then throw in a couple of children and the family dog, and you might be finding it impossible to prevent your garden from turning into an overgrown jungle.

Because of this, it is understandable that so many homeowners across the UK are now deciding to convert their front gardens into lush green artificial lawns.

Whilst it’s not quite true that fake grass requires ‘zero maintenance’, it does, in fact, require very little maintenance to ensure it remains looking at its best.

The amount of maintenance required really depends on the amount of use your front garden artificial lawn will receive.

Typically, most front garden artificial lawns will receive very little in the way of foot traffic.

This means that the artificial grass may only require a brushing a couple of times per year.

For more detailed artificial grass maintenance advice, please read our ‘Ultimate Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide’.

Furthermore, there will no longer be the need to use any harmful toxins, such as fertilisers and pesticides. These substances can potentially be damaging to the local environment and even to your pets and family members.

So not only is artificial grass low-maintenance, it’s great for the environment, too!



2. Artificial Grass Will Give Your Front Garden Kerb Appeal


artificial grass is perfect for front gardens

Whenever someone visits your home, it goes without saying that the first thing they see is the front garden.

First impressions are everything and an attractive front garden is sure to make an excellent lasting impression on your visitors.

Artificial grass is capable of transforming any space, be it a small front garden lawn or a sprawling commercial development, with very little effort.

Visitors are sure to find lush green artificial grass far more inviting than an overgrown front garden or a dull, patchy lawn.



3. An Attractive Front Garden Will Add Value to Your Property

We have already discussed the fact that transforming your front garden into an attractive space can give your property some serious kerb appeal.

But the additional benefit of this is that it can also add significant value to your home.

According to research conducted by Estate Agents Strutt & Parker, (https://www.struttandparker.com/knowledge-and-research/the-residential/first-impressions-are-key-to-selling-your-home) 76% of property purchasers agree that first impressions are everything when it comes to viewing a house.

Furthermore, 84% of potential buyers agree that the most important thing about buying a property is that you get a good feeling when you walk through the door.

And that all starts with creating the best first impression possible. Hit potential buyers with an attractive view from the kerb and that initial positive reaction can then carry through to the rest of your house.

So, if you are considering selling your property at some point in the near future, why not consider installing artificial grass in your front garden now?

It is sure to make a lasting impression and appeal to many potential buyers, the installation cost is often recouped in terms of value added to your property, and it will be a strong selling point.

Potential buyers will also view your property as being low-maintenance, which in today’s society is a massive bonus. The one thing it seems we are all short of is time.



4. Artificial Grass is Perfect for Front Garden Areas Where Real Grass Won’t Grow


In order for real grass to grow, conditions need to be just right.

Real lawns need just the right amount of water and just the right amount of sunshine, too.

If your front garden is sheltered from the sun for large parts of the day, your grass may not be getting the sunlight it needs to stay lush and green.

It may even have died off completely.

The same goes for water. Trees and other thirsty plants and shrubs surrounding your front garden lawn may be sucking all of the moisture out of the soil, leaving your grass dry and patchy.

Lack of sunlight and moisture can leave your front garden lawn looking unsightly and spoil the look of your home.

For areas such as these, artificial grass is the perfect alternative.

And, of course, it doesn’t need any sunlight or regular watering, meaning it will look lush and green all year round.

If you are struggling to grow and maintain real grass, why not consider having artificial grass installed?



5. Artificial Grass is a Cost-Effective Way to Transform Your Front Garden

When it comes to improving the appearance of your front garden, you have many options available to you.

You could consider converting your front garden into additional driveway space to reduce the maintenance, using block paving, slabs, tarmac or even gravel.

But these options can be expensive.

When compared to artificial grass, these types of surfacing tend to involve more work and therefore a greater labour cost, as well as the cost of materials being higher.

When compared side-by-side, you’ll find that using artificial grass to transform your front garden is a far more cost-effective solution.

Fake grass installation offers fantastic value for money.

If you are considering having artificial turf installed and you would like a quotation from a professional installer, why not contact your nearest NeoGrass Approved installer, and find out just how cost-effective an artificial lawn can be.



6. A Front Garden Artificial Lawn Will Improve Drainage


Another great benefit of artificial grass is that it is completely free-draining.

The backing of fake grass is perforated at regular intervals to allow water to drain freely through the turf.

In fact, up to 50 litres of water per minute, per square metre, can drain through fake grass.

waterlogged front garden lawn

The advantage of this is that you will no longer have a saturated front garden lawn, which is especially a problem if the soil in your garden has a high clay content or is heavily compacted.

By removing the existing soil and installing a permeable sub-base, your drainage issues will become a thing of the past.



7. Artificial Grass in a Front Garden Will Help to Reduce Allergies


lawn mowing releases pollen

For many hay fever sufferers, the months of April to July can be a difficult time of the year.

With the air thick with pollen, the resulting continuous sneezing and itchy eyes can make you feel like the misery will never end.

And the last thing any hay fever sufferer wants is to have to mow the lawn. It can be real torture.

By mowing the lawn, you’ll be releasing the pollen in the grass and spreading it here, there and everywhere.

But with artificial grass you can ditch the lawnmower and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ll no longer need to endure the living hell that is mowing your lawn.





As we have learnt, there are many benefits of installing artificial grass in your front garden and it’s little wonder that so many homeowners and landlords are choosing to convert their front gardens into artificial lawns.

If this article has inspired you to consider having fake turf installed in your front garden, then you may just find our previous article, ‘How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass for Front Garden’, a useful read.

To view our range of products that are suitable for front gardens, please click here.

You can request your free sample pack by completing the form on our ‘request free samples’ page and we’ll send them out to you, to arrive on the next working day.

You can also request a free installation quote from your nearest NeoGrass Approved Installer, here.

If you have any further questions – whether to do with artificial grass for a front garden or any other application, for that matter – just call our friendly team on 01245 931200 or leave us a message. We’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next one!



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