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7 Reasons Artificial Grass is Perfect for Events & Exhibitions

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7 Reasons Artificial Grass is Perfect for Events & Exhibitions


Artificial Grass For Events & Exhibitions

The many benefits of artificial grass mean that it’s little surprise that it has grown in popularity at such a phenomenal rate.

One area where it has seen huge growth in recent years is in usage at events and exhibitions.

There are many reasons why businesses and event organisers are choosing artificial grass for their events and exhibitions.

There was once a bit of stigma attached to fake grass and many people had a low opinion of it. This was because, several years ago, the quality of artificial turf was very poor and it looked anything but realistic.

Most people’s first impressions of artificial grass were formed when they saw it lining greengrocer’s shelving. There’d be an assortment of (generally) fruit, often in pyramid shapes, with plastic tufts peeping out between and around the display. The harsh lighting shone on the display didn’t help, either; the glare made the fake turf look even more fake.

However, artificial grass has made huge strides forward since those days.

The development of new technologies and manufacturing techniques means that in today’s world, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between fake and real grass.

The main contribution to the increase in quality of artificial grass has been made by the development of technologies such as Instant Recovery, Feelgood and Natural Look.

New technology has taken artificial grass to new heights and not only is fake grass popular in gardens, but it also has a wide range of other applications (in addition to greengrocer’s display shelves!).

Due the versatility of artificial grass it can be used all year round, both inside and out, and the natural appearance of artificial grass makes it perfect for use at events and exhibitions.

Some of the types of events and exhibitions that artificial turf is used at include music festivals, trade shows, concerts, sports matches, weddings and product launches.

In our latest article we are going to take a closer look at some of the reasons events organisers are choosing to use artificial grass at their events and exhibitions.


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1. Artificial Grass Turns Heads

NeoGrass Inverness Fake Grass

The main aim of attending events and exhibitions is to get as many visitors to your stand as possible in order to create leads and sales throughout the course of the event.

Trade shows and exhibitions can be expensive for businesses to attend and therefore it’s important to attract as many visitors to your stand as possible.

Installing artificial grass to the surface of your display area is sure to create a stir and pique visitors’ interest, which will encourage them to visit your stand.

In every aspect of business standing out from the crowd is vitally important, and that’s even more important at events and exhibitions where typically many of your competitors will also be attending.

To attract additional attention, why not consider covering other areas of your stand, apart from the floor, in artificial grass? Artificial grass can be installed on to chairs to create a quirky seating area or you could even cover your other items of furniture, including the stand itself or your company mascot.

It’s even possible to have your logo manufactured into artificial grass.

Artificial grass is perfect for turning heads and increasing foot traffic to your exhibition stand.



2. Artificial Grass Creates a Talking Point


One of the keys to success of any event or exhibition is to make the experience as memorable as possible.

There are many ways in which organisers can make events memorable; sometimes it’s some of the smaller touches that are remembered and artificial grass can certainly be one of those.

People love artificial grass and it certainly creates a good talking point as your guests will be amazed at how realistic it looks and how great it feels underfoot.

As we touched on above, artificial grass can be used to cover many different items such as chairs, tables, bars, walls … anything that you can think of can be covered in artificial grass and its use is only limited by your imagination.

The more wacky it is, the more memorable it will be and the more people will be talking about your event or exhibition.

This is great news from a business point of view, and who knows, the pictures of your event may even get shared via social media and end up going viral.



3. It’s Welcoming


Another reason artificial grass is great for events and exhibitions is that it is welcoming.

Artificial grass has a very natural look and this can be used to your advantage to cover surfaces which have a more cold, ugly look to them, such as concrete.

Colour can have a significant subconscious effect on your visitors.

The colour green, for example, represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. It’s considered to be a relaxing colour that is pleasing to the eye. It’s often used to represent anything to do with health.

The positive subconscious effects that lush green artificial grass can have on your guests and visitors can both enhance their enjoyment and increase their willingness to spend money.

And, at the end of the day, those are the main aims for many events and exhibitions.



4. Artificial Grass is Quick and Easy to Install


Another major advantage of choosing artificial grass for your events and exhibitions is that it can be very quickly and easily installed.

This is very important as many event organisers are working against the clock to get their display space ready on time.

In some instances – especially if you are looking to cover polished concrete, which is typically found in exhibition centres – artificial grass can be installed in a very short space of time; it may be as simple as just rolling out your fake turf and securing the perimeter.

For more complicated installations, or installations that will need to withstand heavy use for several days, such as at a music festival, it is highly recommended that you enlist the help of a professional installer who will ensure that the artificial grass is able to cope with the level of usage required.

To find your nearest NeoGrass Approved Installer, click here.



5. Artificial Grass is Non-Slip

artificial grass is non slip

Unlike some forms of temporary surfacing, artificial grass provides a non-slip surface for your visitors.

Creating a safe, usable environment for your guests or visitors is extremely important to ensure their safety.

For outdoor events that could be affected by weather, such as sudden heavy downpours or steady rain, installing artificial grass is a great idea as fake grass is completely permeable and, unlike real grass, will not turn into a mud bath.

This will make your display space at an event or exhibition a much safer environment and one that guests will flock to should there be a downpour.

Should any spills occur on the fake grass it is straightforward to clean as any liquids can be washed through the grass with a hose or watering can and solids can be swept up as normal.


6. Artificial Grass Will Show No Signs of Wear

Tempo by NeoGrass Picture 5

Good quality artificial grass is extremely hard-wearing and capable of withstanding continuous heavy foot traffic.

This gives fake grass a major advantage over real grass as it means that your event or exhibition will remain looking fresh and tidy for the duration of the occasion, unlike the damage that foot traffic can do to real grass areas.

Of course, the key here is to choose a grass that is up to the task.

For heavy use areas, we highly recommend using Inverness by NeoGrass, with its hard-wearing nylon fibres, or the ultra-dense Tempo by NeoGrass, which has a whopping 20,000 stitches of artificial grass per square metre.

Due to its hard-wearing nature fake grass is very versatile and durable, making it perfect for use at events and exhibitions.



7. Artificial Grass is Cost-Effective


Our last reason for choosing artificial grass for your event or exhibition is that it’s a cost-effective form of surfacing.

Artificial grass is supplied in rolls of 4m and 2m. This makes it easy to install as it’s as simple as rolling out the fake grass into position. And it also makes it easy to roll it back up again to be used for future events.

This means that, more often than not, choosing a good quality artificial grass for your event or exhibition will be a fantastic investment as the one-time cost of buying the grass will be spread across multiple events as it can easily be reused.

This makes artificial grass very cost-effective.

If your event will be a one off, then consider contacting a company that offers an artificial grass hiring service as this will be far cheaper than purchasing the fake grass outright.





There are many benefits to using artificial grass for your event or exhibition and hopefully this article has given you some ideas to make your event as memorable and as successful as possible.

Artificial grass really can help you create a welcoming environment that is sure to get your guests talking.

If you would like some samples of the NeoGrass range of artificial grass products, fill out a sample request form here and we’ll send some out to you free of charge.

If you are looking for an installer to carry out the installation of artificial grass for your event or exhibition, you can contact your nearest NeoGrass Approved Installer, who’ll be happy to help with your event.

If you have any questions regarding using fake grass please leave them below.


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