7 Reasons Artificial Grass is Perfect for Families

7 Reasons Artificial Grass is Perfect for Families


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Gardens are often important places for families, particularly during the summer months.

Getting the kids out into the garden is a great way to get them away from their tablets and phones and out into the fresh air.

Being outside helps children stay fit and healthy. Bearing in mind the ever-increasing childhood obesity statistics reported in the news, it’s extremely important to keep your kids active.

Whether it’s kicking a football around, riding their bikes or just playing catch, getting the kids out into the garden will do wonders for burning off the excess energy children have.

It’s also great for parents, as being outside in the garden, having fun, is a fantastic way to spend your precious family time.

But all this activity can have a negative impact on a garden lawn.

Excessive use can turn even the best growing lawns into a worn out, patchy mess.

And what if it has been raining? That dry patchy mess can quickly turn into a mudbath that can be unusable for days on end, forcing the family back inside.

With artificial grass, however, these problems can become a thing of the past.

The benefits of faking it are numerous and it’s little wonder that many families throughout the UK are opting to have artificial grass installed in their gardens.

In our latest article we’ll be looking at some of the benefits having an artificial lawn can bring to family life.



1. Artificial Grass is Allergen Free

An often-forgotten benefit of artificial grass is that it is completely allergen free.

This is welcome news for many families with allergy sufferers.

According to Allergy UK, the number of allergy suffers is on the increase and a staggering 44% of adults living in the UK now suffer from at least one form of allergy.

Allergic rhinitis, or, as it’s more commonly known, hay fever, can be triggered by grass pollen released by the grass in a lawn.

Allergy UK reports that between 10-30% of adults and as many as 40% of children throughout the UK suffer from hay fever.

Hay fever leaves many sufferers throughout the UK dreading the spring and early summer.

Streaming eyes, running noses and relentless sneezing are all side effects, and a common cause of hay fever is grass pollen.

It can put a real downer on a time of the year when families should be outside enjoying the good weather.

A major benefit of having artificial grass installed in your garden is that it can help to reduce the symptoms of hay fever.

Swapping your real lawn for a fake one can completely remove the grass from your garden, making it a little easier for hay fever sufferers to spend time outside in the garden during the warmer months.



2. No Mud or Mess


One of the major benefits of AstroTurf is the fact that playing on the garden lawn will no longer mean mud and mess.

The days of muddy footprints being tracked back into the house by the kids and/or family pets will be a thing of the past.

With a real garden lawn, as soon as the heavens open – and let’s face it, in the UK that’s quite often – it’s back inside the house until it dries out.

But fake grass, if installed correctly, is completely permeable.

Artificial Grass Drainage Hole

The latex backing used to manufacture fake grass incorporates perforations that allow water to drain through the plastic grass without puddling.

The best artificial grasses can handle 52 litres of water, per square metre, per minute, which is enough to cope with even the heaviest of downpours.

This is not only a major advantage during the summer months, but during the winter ones, too.

For most homeowners with real grass, venturing out onto the lawn during the winter months is a no-go.

But your garden shouldn’t have to be out of bounds at any time of year.

Artificial grass makes it possible for the games to continue despite the weather, as families can play quite happily without the fear of getting covered in mud.



3. Provides a Safe Environment for the Family


Apart from being mud and allergen free, artificial grass also makes the garden a safer environment for families due to its non-slip nature and soft underfoot feel.

And if your garden has climbing frames or slides, or anything else that involves the potential for children to fall from height, you can protect them from injuries by installing an artificial grass foam underlay underneath your fake lawn.

NeoGrass Fake Grass Foam Underlay Shockpad 2

A foam underlay will make your lawn super soft and springy, making it feel like you are walking on air.

It’s also important when choosing artificial grass for your garden to choose one that has been certified as being free from harmful substances.

The strict manufacturing regulations in place within the EU generally prevent any products produced by European manufacturers from containing harmful substances that could find their way onto the marketplace and from there, into people’s homes.

But it’s always highly recommended that before you purchase artificial grass you check with the manufacturer for independent certification that your chosen turf will be free from potentially dangerous substances.



4. Low Maintenance


We all live increasingly busy lifestyles and unfortunately the amount of time we get to spend with our families seems to be ever decreasing.

Long working hours, social events and household chores all take up vast amounts of our daily lives.

But, of course, it’s very important that we all find as much time as we can possibly spare to spend with our families.

Artificial grass can help families achieve this as it drastically reduces the amount of time you’ll need to spend maintaining your garden.

You’ll no longer need to waste your weekends trudging up and down the garden pushing the lawn mower or strimming back the edges as, of course, artificial grass never needs mowing.

It will look just good as the day it was laid 15 years down the line, with very little effort on your part, giving you more spare time to spend with your family rather than doing chores.

Although artificial grass is low maintenance, unfortunately it isn’t 100% maintenance-free. But the good news is that the little maintenance that artificial grass needs takes a fraction of the time real grass demands.

To learn what maintenance is involved with fake grass please see our previous guide, ‘The Ultimate Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide’.



5. No Harmful Chemicals


Keeping a real lawn in check can be an uphill task.

Unfortunately, regular watering and mowing might not be enough to keep real grass healthy.

You might need to turn to chemical help in the form of fertilisers, weedkillers and pesticides.

But apart from being damaging to the environment, these chemicals can also be damaging to your family’s health.

A lawn drenched in these chemicals creates a far from ideal environment for family garden activities, and it isn’t good for pets, either.

However, with artificial grass toxic chemicals such as these will be a thing of the past.

Artificial grass can be installed anywhere in your garden, including around trees and shrubs, an environment that is next to impossible for real grass to survive in.

So why not ditch the chemicals and consider installing an artificial lawn? It looks better, and it’s better for you.



6. It’s Green All Year Round


Come rain or shine, flood or drought, winter or summer, artificial grass keeps its lush green looks all year round.

We have spoken a lot about the practicalities of artificial grass so far in this article, but it’s also worth remembering the positive effects fake grass will have on the aesthetics of your garden.

The lush green nature of artificial grass means it is capable of transforming any garden, large or small, bright or shady.

In recent years the quality of artificial grass has gone through the roof and you may be surprised just how realistic fake grass now looks.

It will remain looking the same regardless of the weather conditions or its surrounding environment, and it will brighten up even the most dull and sheltered gardens.

To ensure year-round lush green grass, why not consider installing artificial grass for your family lawn?



7. It’s Perfect for Garden Games


The immaculate condition of artificial grass makes it the perfect playing surface for a whole host of garden games and activities.

Budding footballers vying to be the next Harry Kane will love playing on artificial grass as they’ll feel like they are playing on the hallowed turf at Wembley.

Kids just love the feel of artificial grass and they will want to stay outside for hours on end playing games – and they can, without the artificial grass showing any signs of wear.

Artificial grass can be a fantastic investment for families as it will allow them to spend more time outside together, and with today’s increasingly busy and stressful lifestyles it’s worth its weight in gold.





The numerous benefits of artificial grass mean that it’s little surprise that so many families are having artificial grass installed at their homes.

The old notion that artificial grass looked anything but realistic is now in the distant past, with recent advances in technology making it difficult to tell the difference between real and fake grass.

To see how realistic our range of artificial grass is, feel free to request your free samples here.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of artificial grass, why not consider contacting a NeoGrass Approved Installer? They’ll be able to discuss your project, show you samples of our range of artificial grass products and handle the entire installation process from start to finish.

To find your nearest approved installer, simply enter your postcode on this page and you’ll be able to contact an installer direct for a free, no-obligation quotation.

If you have any questions for us, as always, please leave them below.



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