7 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Will Make Your Life Easier

 7 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Will Make Your Life Easier

NeoGrass Artificial Grass

The demand for artificial grass has grown at a phenomenal rate over the past 10 to 15 years.

Before then it was considered to have a reputation for looking very fake and the words ‘artificial grass’ would immediately make you think of the nasty looking stuff that greengrocers use to cover their fruit stalls.

However, the research and technology used in today’s artificial grass has come a long way and it’s now becoming very difficult to tell the difference between a real lawn and a fake lawn.

The advent of innovative technologies such as Instant Recovery, Feelgood and Natural Look have done much to ensure that today’s artificial grasses are as realistic as possible, whilst also standing up to the heavy use inflicted on them by families and pets.

Because of these advances artificial grass is appealing to many people, all of whom have their own differing reasons for choosing artificial grass.

For some, their busy lives mean that they simply don’t have the time to maintain their garden.

For others, the continuous heavy use by children and pets means that having a real lawn that looks great all year round is but a distant dream.

Another reason may be that their lawn is shaded and surrounded by trees, a situation that makes it very difficult for grass to grow whilst also providing an ideal habitat for weeds and moss.

The reasons for having artificial grass are many and varied, and in this latest article we are going to be looking at some of the ways artificial grass can make your life easier.



1. You Don’t Need to Mow It


One of the downsides of having a real lawn is that it requires continuous maintenance.

With our increasingly busy lives, for some of us there is just not enough time in the day to keep up with these time-consuming tasks.

Work, family life and other household chores occupy enough of our time.

When faced with the option of spending what little spare time you have at your disposal mowing the lawn or relaxing in the garden with your feet up, enjoying a glass of wine, many people understandably choose the second option.

Artificial grass, although not completely maintenance free, is pretty much as low maintenance as you will get.

No more days, evenings or weekends praying the lawn mower will start, or traipsing up and down the lawn and tipping out all the cuttings.

Imagine the time you’ll save and the peace and quiet you’ll enjoy.

With artificial grass, the days of tirelessly trudging up and down your garden can be a thing of the past.



2. No More Lawn Treatments


If you have struggled to maintain a lawn that is green all year round, rest assured you are certainly not alone.

In some gardens this can be an impossible task, especially if your lawn is shaded or surrounded by trees.

In order for real grass to grow it needs sunlight and water, and in some gardens this just isn’t possible.

Equally, poor draining ground can make it extremely difficult for grass to grow and also encourages the growth of unwanted moss.

Many others have also been frustrated by the never-ending parade of weeds that can grow in real lawns, not to mention the continuous dry or bald patches that keep appearing.

NeoGrass Installer Before/After

In an effort to grow a lush green lawn, you may have tried a variety of lawn treatments.

Fertilisers and pesticides are not only expensive, but also potentially damaging to the environment and to the health of your family and pets.

There is no guarantee that they will work, either.

With artificial grass, you’ll no longer have the need to use expensive fertilisers and pesticides, saving you time and money.



3. No More Muddy Paws


A major advantage of artificial grass, especially for pet owners, is that it’s completely free from mud and mess.

This is welcome relief for many dog owners up and down the country.

During periods of heavy rainfall, real lawns can quickly turn into mud baths.

One of the major downsides of having real grass is that when your dog goes out into the garden they will pick up mud from the lawn, which is then carried back into the house.

The only way to prevent this from happening is by continuously wiping their paws before they come back inside.

As any dog owner will know, this can become very frustrating, very quickly.

As can mopping floors and wiping down furniture.

Mud free artificial grass for dogs

Many people wonder whether artificial grass is pet and dog friendly, and the answer is a resounding yes.

A very high percentage of homeowners with artificial grass are pet owners.

This is because they become tired of dealing with muddy paws, dirt tracked indoors, and the damage dogs can cause to real lawns.

Frequent use by dogs and pets will cause your real lawn to look very unsightly and urine can also cause ugly looking scorch marks.

With a fake lawn dogs can run around your garden even during winter without the risk of getting covered in mud.

Over the course of a year, this will save you many hours of wiping muddy paws and mopping up paw prints.

Urine and solids will not cause any harm to artificial grass so they can ‘use’ your lawn in the same way they always have done.

If your artificial grass has been installed correctly, urine will drain through and solids can be picked up using the same methods you currently use.

For further information regarding artificial grass and dogs please check out our in-depth article; Artificial Grass for Dogs – Everything You Need to Know.



4. Kids Can Play On Artificial Grass All Year Round


Like the last benefit, artificial grass is also great for kids as they can play on it all year round, too.

This is certainly a welcome relief for many parents, as during mild winter days there is nothing to stop the kids from going out in the garden and having a kick around or playing games on your artificial lawn.

Parents can relax safe in the knowledge that they won’t be coming back in the house covered in mud, allowing you some much needed quiet time!

But the benefits of artificial grass for children do not stop there.

Artificial grass will also provide a much safer environment for your children to play in.

Artificial grass benefits

There are several reasons why.

Firstly, as we have already discovered earlier in this article, the use of fertilisers and pesticides will no longer be required in your garden.

This is certainly good news as the use of these chemicals can potentially be harmful to your children.

Artificial grass is also much softer than the real thing. Grasses such as the Aberdeen or The Arena have a dense lower thatch that cushions the impact of falling.

If you have climbing frames or a trampoline in your garden you may also want to consider installing an artificial grass shockpad.

This foam underlay will protect your children from falls and complies with the government endorsed Head Impact Criteria guidelines.

A foam underlay will give you the peace of mind that should your child suffer a fall, the potential risk of serious head injuries is minimised.

As artificial grass is so great for kids, many homeowners, as well as schools and playgrounds, are choosing to have synthetic grass installed.



5. It’s Ready for Entertaining


Whenever you have guests over to your house, you’ll always want to make sure that your home is looking at its best.

This also goes for the garden.

For many, one of the joys of summer is firing up the BBQ and cooking up a feast for friends and relatives.

Sometimes, however, finding the time to mow the lawn and trim the edges before the event is too much to ask.

You’ll find yourself too busy preparing food and buying supplies to find the time to prepare your lawn.

But with artificial grass you’ll no longer need to worry about your garden letting you down as synthetic turf looks like a prize-winning lawn all year round; it is sure to be the envy of your guests.

What’s more, the additional foot traffic that your lawn is sure to receive will not damage the surface, unlike with a real lawn.

It will also make your garden much more accessible, particularly if you only have a small patio, as guests will be able to use your fake lawn without risking getting muddy or having their heels sink into the ground.

With synthetic grass, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is whether you’ve got enough food and drink for your guests.



6. Perfect If You Spend Long Periods Away From Home


Those lucky few folk that get to spend long or frequent periods of time on extended holidays, travelling and cruising, will find that having an artificial lawn is a major advantage.

Of course, for those (maybe unlucky) few folk that spend long periods away from home working, fake grass is also perfect.

After a long period of time away from home, the last thing you want to see when you get back is an overgrown, run down garden.

artificial grass benefits

Artificial grass will save you from the hours of work that is needed to bring a real lawn back to a reasonable condition.

It’s one less thing to worry about whilst you are away from home.

An unkempt lawn can also bring unwanted attention to your home from thieves.

This is because an overgrown lawn can advertise your absence.

With artificial grass, you’ll be able to enjoy your time away from home safe in the knowledge that your lawn will be in the same condition you left it in.



7. It’s Great for Allergy Sufferers


Artifcial Grass Prevent Hayfever

Grass allergy or hay fever is one of the most common pollen allergies.

And for those who suffer from it, spring and early summer can be a constant nightmare of sneezing and itchy, watery eyes.

However artificial grass may just bring welcome relief for those who suffer from hay fever.

As it’s hypoallergenic, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden in spring and early summer just like everyone else.

Most hay fever suffers will be aware that in order to reduce the reproduction of grass pollen in your garden, it’s essential to keep your real grass cut short.

But with artificial grass, you’ll no longer need to worry about this.

Neither will you need to worry about finding someone else to mow it for you, in order to avoid the risk of having an allergy attack.





As you’ll now have learned, there are many benefits of artificial grass and many ways in which it can make your life easier.

In an ideal world, we would all have enough spare time and resources available to us to maintain a real lawn.

But, with our increasingly busy lives, for many people a lush green real lawn is never going to be a reality and that’s where artificial grass performs at its best.

Factor in kids and pets and you’ll find that maintaining a real lawn can be become an impossible dream.

However, due to its hard-wearing nature and low maintenance requirements, you may find that artificial grass is the answer to your problems.

Always ensure that you choose a high quality artificial grass and that your fake lawn is installed using the correct installation techniques.

If you get this right, you can expect your synthetic grass to last you up to 20 years.

This makes it an extremely good investment in your property that will free up more spare time for you to spend on the things you really want to be doing, rather than working in your garden.

To view our range of artificial grasses for gardens and lawns, please click this link.

For further advice on choosing the right artificial grass, you may want to check out our previous article – 7 Important Considerations When Choosing the Best Artificial Grass.

If you have any questions regarding artificial grass, please leave us a comment below and we’ll be happy to help you.



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