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8 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Your Pub or Restaurant


8 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Your Pub or Restaurant


Pubs and restaurants have always been very popular places for families and friends to gather for social events.

In recent years, more and more pubs and restaurants are discovering the many advantages that artificial grass can bring to their premises.

The improvements made to fake turf over the years mean it’s now so realistic that it’s very difficult to tell the difference between real and fake grass.

Gone are the days when artificial lawns were unattractive.

We have also seen the introduction of game-changing technologies, such as Instant Recovery®, Feelgood® and Natural Look®, which all enhance the performance of artificial grass. This has made it suitable for a wide range of applications, including high footfall, heavy usage areas.

Our latest blog post focuses on 8 reasons why artificial grass is perfect for your pub or restaurant.

So, let’s crack on with our list.



1. It Will Transform Your Pub or Restaurant


In business, first impressions are everything.

If people don’t like what they see when they arrive at your pub or restaurant, they will jump back in the car and go somewhere else.

Or, worse still, post about it on social media.

Artificial grass has the ability to transform dull, lifeless outdoor spaces into beautiful lush green grassy areas.

That muddy area outside the front of your pub or restaurant can quickly and economically be transformed into a stunning lawn. It’ll give your premises instant kerb appeal.

Alternatively, you could transform that scruffy courtyard with the broken paving stones into a relaxing eating area, or that unattractive, unused outdoor space into a welcoming beer garden. On a warm, sunny day, that could mean as well as the inside of your premises being packed, you have happy customers outside, too.


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2. It Will Attract More Customers


Having artificial grass installed in a pub beer garden or restaurant will help attract more visitors to your premises.

That’s because artificial grass is capable of transforming any outdoor space into a lush green lawn area perfect for your customers to enjoy.

Artificial grass makes a great impression on your customers and shows that you care about creating a pleasant, well-maintained environment for them to relax in.

An artificial lawn will help set you apart from your competitors and create a USP for your business.



3. Perfect for Summer Events


When you have artificial grass installed, you’ll be able to put on outdoor events, such as beer festivals, BBQs and live music.

artificial grass for pubs beer

There is no better place to hold these events than on an artificial lawn.

Your customers will love the feel of artificial grass underfoot and the resilient nature of fake turf will mean that it will withstand heavy foot traffic with ease.

During warm summer days, rather than being stuck indoors, your clients will much prefer being outside in a garden environment and enjoying a relaxing drink or a meal in the sunshine.

There will be no damage done to your fake grass and it is much easier to clean that a real lawn is – you can even use a vacuum to clean it!

The more events you can hold at your pub or restaurant, the more profit you’ll make for your business.



4. It Can Be Used All Year Round

Another major advantage of artificial turf is that it can be used all year round.

For most pubs and restaurants, outside garden areas are only used during the summer months, when the ground is dry.

That’s because a real lawn can quickly turn into a mudbath.

Any mud that your customers get on their shoes is then walked into your premises.

Muddy footprints don’t make the best impression for any pub or restaurant, but constantly cleaning up the mess also comes at a cost, and will mean one less person available to serve your customers.



5. Lower Maintenance Costs


Keeping overheads as low as possible is extremely important for any pub or restaurant.

The lower your overheads, the greater your profits will be.

By having fake grass installed you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds per year on expensive grounds maintenance costs.

Keeping a real lawn well-maintained is no mean feat, and real grass lawns need regular mowing, feeding and weeding. All of this comes at a price.

Even if you don’t hire an external company to maintain your grounds, this maintenance work still comes at significant cost to your business. And if you do the work yourself, it takes up time that could be better spent in serving your customers.

Of course, it’s extremely important to keep your premises maintained to the highest standard possible, to make a positive, lasting impression upon your guests. However, you can get the best of both worlds by having artificial grass installed, as it will always look stunning, and yet cost you very little in the way of maintenance.



6. It’s Dog-Resistant


Dog resistant turf

According to Pet Food Manufacturers Association, 25% of the population are dog owners.

That’s a huge percentage of your customers.

What’s more, dog owners like taking their pets with them when they go out.

If you are able to offer facilities for pets, it will put you head and shoulders above the competition and also attract the 25% of the local population that are dog owners.

You may even get additional trade from dog walkers who just happen to be passing by your premises.

One of the major selling points of artificial grass is that it is perfect for pets.

They can’t dig through it and excrement will not stain or discolour artificial grass.

There will be no more muddy paw prints around your premises, either, as, come rain or shine, dogs will be able to run up and down your pub or restaurant’s artificial lawn without getting caked in mud.

Catering to pets and their owners is sure to increase the number of visitors you get to your premises, as it shows that you care about, and are willing to provide for the needs of all of your valued customers, whether they have two legs or four.



7. It’s Free-Draining


Having a lawn that can handle liquids being spilt on it is extremely important for pubs and restaurants.

Artificial grass has a perforated backing that allows liquids to drain straight through the grass.

Not only does this prevent any standing water on your grass areas, but it also means that the majority of liquids will drain through your fake turf.

Stains, even red wine stains, can be easily removed from artificial turf.



8. It Will Create A Safer Environment


Artificial grass is much softer than real grass. If properly installed, it’s also free from lumps and bumps.

This means that there is a reduced risk of injury from trips or falls, and also, therefore, a reduced risk of being sued.

NeoGrass Artificial Grass Foam Underlay Shockpad 1

You can even install a foam underlay underneath your fake lawn to give it extra bounce. It will also help to prevent head injuries from any items of play equipment that you may have at your pub or restaurant.

Fake grass is also great for allergy suffers. With such a large percentage of the UK population suffering from allergies, such as hay fever, having artificial grass at your pub or restaurant will be a welcome relief for many of your customers.

Always choose a good quality artificial grass manufactured within the EU. The strict manufacturing standards mean that it is less likely that there will be any harmful toxins within the artificial grass.

For complete peace of mind, choose a turf that has been independently certified as being free from harmful substances.

To create a safer environment for your guests, installing artificial grass makes for a great choice.





neograss fake turf supplier

If you have been thinking about having artificial grass installed for your pub or restaurant, maybe now is the time to start seriously considering it. The many advantages of artificial grass would make it a fantastic investment, and you’ll be sure to see an increase in your profits, too.

Why not start planning to transform your pub or restaurant today? A great first step would be to contact your nearest NeoGrass Approved Installer for your free site visit and quotation, and you can also request your free samples, here.

If you need help deciding on the best artificial grass for your pub or restaurant, take a few minutes to read our handy guide. It’s packed full of useful tips and advice on choosing the best fake turf for this type of application.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding artificial grass for pubs and restaurants, leave us a comment below!


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4 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Your Pub or Restaurant”

  1. Can this product be used inside a restaurant? If so, how can it be cleaned and what would the average life span be with daily traffic?

    1. Hi there Jo,
      Any of our grasses would be suitable for inside a restaurant, but as there will be a lot of foot traffic then you need something that is exceptionally hard wearing and a shorter pile.
      We would recommend our “Inverness” as it has a pile height of 25mm and contains Nylon fibres.
      Cleaning just needs to be done with a mild household detergent for any general stains and a stiff broom is all that’s required to keep the pile looking nice.
      It’s difficult to say how long the life span would be, given the kind of use it will be getting.

  2. How easy would it be to get a small square that could be rolled out each day and brought in at closing. It would be onto a hard surface – would this prevent drainage?

    1. Hi Rich,

      Thanks very much for your question.

      It would be very easy to roll up at the end of each day. Our grass is supplied on a cardboard core and would recommend keeping this to roll it up and store it away safely.

      Artificial grass is free draining – it has perforated holes to allow water to drain through. As long as your existing surface drains sufficiently i.e. the water runs off towards a drain then any rainfall that hits the grass will continue to do so. If drainage is an issue, you may be able to drill drainage holes into the existing surface – which can be backfilled with pea shingle to allow water to drain through. Whether or not this can be done, depends on several factors really.

      Hope that helps and if you need further clarification, please just ask!

      Kind Regards,


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