8 Reasons to Choose a NeoGrass Approved Installer

8 Reasons to Choose a NeoGrass Approved Installer


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For a long-lasting fake lawn, it’s vital to ensure it’s installed correctly.

As a consumer, finding a competent local contractor to carry out home improvement works at your property can be a difficult task.

We’ve all heard horror stories involving rogue traders – the huge bill for a job that wasn’t even done, the shoddy building work, the badly fitting kitchen.

Unfortunately, the artificial grass industry is not immune to this problem, which is why the network of NeoGrass Approved Installers was first developed.

We noticed that many ‘installers’ were carrying out many aspects of artificial grass installation incorrectly, leading to customers being dissatisfied with how their artificial lawn looked and performed. Rather than a pristine lawn to be proud of that lasted for twenty years or more, they ended up with an uneven mess that was coming adrift at the edges within a year.

By carefully selecting the country’s best artificial grass installers, offering them training, and regularly monitoring and vetting their work, we have developed an ever-growing network of NeoGrass Approved Installers.

Search for the ones nearest to you and you’ll be able to contact local installers directly. They’ll pop round to conduct a free site visit and provide you with a written quotation for the job you want done.

There are many reason to choose a NeoGrass Approved Installer; let’s take a look at just 8 of them.



1. A NeoGrass Approved Installer Has Their Work Regularly Monitored & Vetted


quality control

To become a NeoGrass Approved Installer, each installer must have their work checked by our staff to ensure it meets the high standards required to join our scheme.

We also speak with some of their previous customers to check not only their workmanship, but their customer service, too.

Full training is offered to potential installers and many of them take us up on the offer, meaning that you can be sure that the installation will be carried out following the correct procedures and to the highest standards.

It’s not just anyone who can become a NeoGrass Approved Installer – and once they’re accepted, they can’t just rest on their laurels or let their standards drop. Luckily the people we select don’t want to. They take a pride in their work and always aim to do the best job possible.



2. A NeoGrass Approved Installer Will Advise You on The Best Products to Suit Your Needs


Tauro by NeoGrass Picture 1 Tempo by NeoGrass Picture 1 NeoGrass-Inverness-Main-Product-Picture NeoGrass Delta Main Picture






Not every artificial grass is suitable for every application.

Some, such as Tempo, are designed predominantly for balconies, roof gardens and terraces, while others, such as Tauro, are intended for use mainly as an ornamental grass.

There are different pile heights, colours and fibre materials to take into consideration, too.

All our Approved Installers are well versed in the entire NeoGrass range of products, meaning they can recommend the best fake turf to suit your needs.




3. A NeoGrass Approved Installer Will Advise You on The Best Technology to Suit Your Needs


At NeoGrass, we spend more time researching and developing our products than any of our competitors do.

We are constantly striving to create the ultimate fake lawn, one that not only looks as realistic as possible, but also performs to the highest standards and lasts long into the future.

This culture of continuous improvement has led us to develop three key breakthrough technologies within our industry.

Instant Recovery® Technology was developed to ensure the fibres of an artificial lawn return to an upright position following pressure from foot traffic and garden furniture. This is essential in creating a realistic artificial lawn, as it needs to mimic real blades of grass that remain in a vertical position, or spring back after being flattened.

Feelgood® Technology controls the temperature of artificial grass during warm summer days. It helps to keep the turf up to 12 degrees cooler than standard fake grass, meaning that it won’t become uncomfortable to walk on barefoot or too hot to touch.

Natural Look® Technology reduces glare caused by the reflection of sunlight to ensure that your artificial grass looks as realistic and as natural as possible, from every angle.

A NeoGrass Approved Installer will be able to assess your needs and advise you as to which technologies your lawn could benefit from, and why.



4. A NeoGrass Approved Installer Will Advise You on the Best Installation Method to Suit Your Application


Different applications demand different installation procedures.

For example, installing artificial grass for a roof garden involves different ground preparation than installing artificial grass to replace an existing garden lawn.

steel edging for artificial grass

There’s also different types of edging available, different methods for securing the perimeter of your lawn and different types of sub-base material that could be used.

Based on their experience, a NeoGrass Approved Installer will be able to explain the best installation method to use for your particular application. This will help guarantee a long-lasting, high-performing installation.



5. A NeoGrass Approved Installer Will Ensure Your Artificial Lawn Will Last Longer & Perform Better


A long-lasting fake lawn depends on two things: choosing the right, good quality, turf for the job, and having it installed correctly.

A NeoGrass Approved Installer will both help you choose the best artificial grass for your particular needs, and also carry out the installation to a high standard. (NeoGrass products are all manufactured to very high standards, so first-class quality is built in.)

These are important considerations. Choosing the wrong grass might mean that, even if it is installed correctly, it doesn’t last as long as it should.

And even if your choice of turf is perfect, a poor installation will have an impact on how well the grass will perform.

NeoGrass Approved Installers all have the relevant skills and experience to advise you as to which artificial grass is best, then to install it to a high standard, following the best practices.

For a long-lasting artificial lawn, we highly recommend choosing a NeoGrass Approved Installer.



6. A NeoGrass Approved Installer Will Provide You With a Written Quotation


When obtaining prices for an artificial lawn installation, it’s very important that you receive your quotes in writing.

Written quotes form a binding contract, whilst verbal quotes are meaningless and often lead to disagreements when it comes to the final bill.

All our approved installers will provide you with a free written quotation, detailing exactly what is included within the price, so you’ll know exactly how much the job is going to cost you and what you are getting for your money – no nasty hidden surprises.



7. A NeoGrass Approved Installer Will Provide You With Free Samples


Our installers have supplies of samples that they can provide you with to help you decide which product you would like to use to create your new fake lawn.

Viewing samples is one of the best ways of comparing different artificial grasses and getting an understanding of the different technologies, as you can touch and feel the products.

It’s also recommended that you view your free samples exactly where they will be laid, i.e. by placing them on your existing lawn. By doing so, you’ll be able to compare them against your existing grass and also get a feel for how your lawn is likely to look after the transformation.

Remember, an indoor environment will have different lighting conditions than outside, so it’s always best to judge each grass outside in your garden – don’t just hold them up to the window or lay them on the floor.



8. A NeoGrass Approved Installer Will Save You Time & Stress


relaxing artificial grass

NeoGrass Approved Installers can handle everything, from start to finish.

They can work out the quantities of materials needed, arrange waste disposal, order aggregates and arrange for your artificial grass to be delivered directly to your home.

Finding local suppliers can be a difficult task for a DIYer, but local installers will already have good links in place and will be able to obtain better prices as a result of regular custom.

For a first-timer, installing your own artificial grass can be a time-consuming process. It may mean that you have to sacrifice a couple of weekends to get the job done.

The busy lifestyles we all lead in today’s society may mean that you can only spare a couple of hours at a time to carry out your installation. This may mean that your project could be a work in progress for weeks on end – meaning your garden is unsightly and out-of-bounds for kids and pets.

Choosing a professional NeoGrass Approved Installer will save you time and stress, leaving you to kick back, relax and be amazed at the transformation that can be achieved within a short space of time.





Choosing a NeoGrass Approved Installer will give you peace of mind that you are in the hands of an expert installer.

Why not find your nearest installer today to get your free quotation?

If you would like samples of our range of products, you can order them here.

Should you have any questions or comments on our Approved Installer scheme, then please leave them below.

Thanks for reading.




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