8 Ways Installing an Artificial Lawn Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

When we think about mental health, we often think about the very worst times. We imagine what it feels like to be in the deepest depths of depression, in the midst of a panic attack, or the fog of a breakdown. However, making efforts to manage and improve your mental health isn’t just applicable when you already feel down and out.

You may have noticed that when you start to feel low, you start to let things in your life slip. Things you once easily managed suddenly seem like an almost insurmountable task. You know it’s not hard – after all, you did all these tasks last week without thinking – but that doesn’t change the way you feel about it today.

The key to improving your mental health and maintaining your mental health isn’t about forcing yourself to do the things you don’t want to do; it’s about showing yourself compassion and making life easier for you. So often, our outer world starts to reflect our inner world, and vice versa. When our mental health takes a dip, our homes tend to become cluttered. Worse, studies have found that clutter and mess negatively affect our mental health, so it can turn into a vicious cycle.

We’ve seen time and time again how much easier life gets for people when they install an artificial lawn in their garden. Today, we’ll explore how it helps and help you decide whether having an artificial lawn installed is the right next step for you.


How can an artificial lawn help improve your mental health?


Removes the Stress of the To-Do List

best artificial grass

We often imagine gardening as a peaceful activity and long to have time to do it, picturing ourselves out in the garden on warm, sunny days with our hands in the dirt or peacefully walking behind or riding our lawn mower. However, as you’ve likely discovered, that picture of gardening often only comes to fruition once or twice a year.

Here in the UK, we’re subject to wet and windy days, and from October through March, it’s often cold enough to deter us from doing much outside in which we’re largely staying still.

If you don’t want to head out into bad weather or would rather do other things on good weather days, you’ll soon find that your garden looks out of control and you’re getting sidelong looks from your neighbors. Installing an artificial lawn eliminates “tidy the garden” and “mow the lawn” from your to-do list.


Spend Time Doing What You Love

With an artificial lawn, you will have significantly more free time. You’ll be free to spend time doing what you love, which will help keep your spirits high. A better balance of work, chores, and home life is a great way to promote better mental health.


An Artificial Lawn Always Looks Bright

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It’s not just the lack of maintenance will bring about a sense of calm: the color green is often associated with rejuvenation, peace, and security. When we look out the window at our garden, we want to feel calm, tranquil, and happy; not stressed and frustrated! The classic bright, summer green of faux grass will help you feel relaxed whenever you look out the window or step outside.


No Physical Stress

No physical stress

If you suffer from any joint or ongoing health issues, installing artificial grass is a great way to ensure you never feel like things are getting away from you when you don’t have the capacity to maintain your garden.


Use Your Garden Whenever the Weather’s Good

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When you have a real lawn, there will be times when you want to get outside in the garden, but don’t, because the lawn is wet and muddy. An artificial lawn is accessible year-round because you won’t end up with slippy, muddy puddles.


Less Mess in the House

Less Mess in the House

If you often walk across your lawn or have pets that do, you’ll inevitably end up with muddy paw prints or footprints in your home. When you make the switch to artificial grass, you’ll have much less mess and mud in the house throughout the winter.


You’ll Be More Inclined to Spend Time with Your Pets

Spend time with your pets

The lack of mud makes you much more likely to spend some extra time with your four-legged friends each day, either outside playing with toys, or inside having a cuddle. And who doesn’t feel a little calmer after spending time with a pet? There’s a reason animals are used for emotional support and therapy assistance, so make the most of your furry family members.


More Room for Activities

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An artificial lawn means you don’t have to plan extensively before doing an activity in the garden. Kids coming over? Set out their toys or start filling the swimming pool – the lawn won’t even lose color if you leave them out for weeks at a time. Pet sitting? There’s plenty of room for dogs and cats to zoom around the garden together playing. Suddenly get the desire to sit out in the sun reading a good book? Grab your blanket or garden chair and get out there – the lawn is always ready for you.


Is an artificial lawn right for me?

Is it right for me?

Now you know why a synthetic lawn can benefit your mental health, you’re likely wondering if installing an artificial lawn is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions, and you’ll likely have a clear answer:

  1. Does looking at my current lawn bring me joy? Artificial lawns aren’t prone to withering or burning in the sun, and they won’t become bogged down if it rains heavily. They require almost no work and guarantee that you’ll have more time to relax instead of raking, weeding, and watering your garden.
  2. Do I struggle with puddles and mud? With mud-free artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about puddles and dampness, which often causes rotting and unpleasant odors. This will make your garden much more attractive when you have friends and family over!
  3. Do I have any concerns about maintaining my garden in the future? Real grass may be cheaper to install in the beginning, however, artificial grass should last you upwards of 20 years. This long lifespan means a longer-term saving, but you also won’t need to worry about paying for garden tools, pesticides, or a lawnmower. When looking at the price of your garden, it’s always worth taking these secondary savings into account.
  4. Do I feel stressed when the garden gets out of hand? If you find yourself starting to get stressed when you don’t have time to maintain your garden? Do you worry about what your neighbors think or feel discomfort whenever you look out the window? We often think these feelings are negligible because, realistically, if the garden becomes overgrown it doesn’t matter. However, it can take a toll on our mental health.
  5. Do I want to use my lawn year-round? If you have pets or a path leading through your lawn, you likely find it becomes a muddy patch after a period of wet weather. In the summer, if you have a shady spot on your lawn, it will likely grow more slowly than the rest of the lawn. It may stay wet and even freeze during the winter months, so an artificial lawn can be a good way to get around all these issues.
  6. Are there things I would rather be doing than lawn maintenance? If you’ve ever seen the “Best British Lawn” award, you’ll know there are some people out there who adore looking after their perfect lawn. They fertilize it, aerate it, and head out to mow it three times a week in the summer. They’re not going to replace their lawn because it’s a pleasure for them, but for the majority of us, that’s not the case!
  7. Do I use my garden heavily for entertaining or for dog play time? Artificial grass can withstand heavy foot traffic, which is helpful if you tend to have the family around every weekend or more than a couple of pairs of paws around to play.
  8. Do I regularly feel down? Sometimes, mental health dips hit us out of the blue, just like catching a cold. However, if you know you regularly experience difficult periods, perhaps due to a physical health issue or seasonal changes, making your life significantly easier in an area like garden maintenance can ease stress during these periods and give you grace.


How can I have an artificial lawn installed in my garden?

Whether you live a busy lifestyle and are short on time or simply don’t have the patience to maintain your garden, an artificial lawn is an excellent choice. A healthy balance of family life, work, and general productivity is vital for maintaining good mental health, so why not give yourself some more free time by choosing a faux lawn?

If you’re looking for the perfect artificial lawn that looks and feels real, NeoGrass is the solution. With dedicated research and development and constant improvement and innovation, we’re delighted to offer you the most realistic and advanced artificial grass that can be installed by you or one of our trusted installers. Click here to learn more about our range.

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