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9 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Better Than Real Grass for Tennis Courts

artificial grass for tennis courts

9 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Better Than Real Grass for Tennis Courts


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, played by millions of people around the world. Now while the lush green courts of Wimbledon are considered the pinnacle of the game here in the UK, if not globally, it takes their groundskeepers an entire year of preparation for just two weeks playing!

This level of care and preparation might work for the biggest tournament in tennis, but for clubs and venues across the rest of the country, it is not a feasible solution. That is why both professional and amateur players alike are able to choose from a vast array of materials to play on outside, such as grass, clay, artificial grass, and concrete.

While grass is a popular surface texture, living in the UK, we all know what the winter weather makes this impossible to play all year round. That is why the use of artificial grass is on the rise, giving players the look of the traditional court and the benefits of grass, as well as a venue that can be used 12 months a year.

This rise in artificial grass courts is not just appearing in commercial tennis venues, either. An increasing number of private courts are also now utilising these surfaces for the convenience and cost-effective nature.



Why choose artificial grass for tennis courts?

synthetic artificial turf tennis court

As artificial grass has improved and become more sophisticated, it has been more widely adopted across the globe. There are many benefits to utilising artificial grass, with some of the most significant including:


1.     Low maintenance

Arguably, the biggest advantage of using artificial grass is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Unlike real grass, which requires constant maintenance such as mowing, watering and fertilising to ensure that it grows in the best possible way, artificial grass simply needs a brush to remove any debris.

This removes the painstaking efforts that groundskeepers have to face, freeing them up to focus on other tasks without having to worry about the state of the court. Thanks to this low maintenance, it also ensures that artificial grass tennis courts are able to be used whenever they are required all year round.


2.     Highly durable

Another very popular benefit of artificial grass for tennis courts is that it is incredibly durable and can last for a number of years, with the average lifespan being over ten years. Unlike real grass courts, artificial grass is able to withstand the elements far more effectively, too. From heavy rain and snow to constant exposure to UV rays, the court will not only be unaffected, but it will always be in the very best condition possible – ensuring there are no postponed or cancelled matches!


3.     Cost-Effective

This low maintenance also means that artificial grass courts make for a far more cost-effective solution for both commercial and residential tennis venues. Removing the need to have regular maintenance carried out is a significant cost-saving exercise, while for commercial courts, the ability to operate throughout the year no matter the weather ensures they are able to maximise their profitability.

Although there is the initial cost during the installation period, the longevity ensures that this becomes far more cost-efficient than other forms of tennis court material.


4.     Safer for players

One area that many people do not consider when thinking about why artificial grass is better than real grass for tennis courts is that it can actually be safer for players. When installing an artificial court, constructors will build an effective drainage solution that is able to quickly remove any standing water and absorb moisture, ensuring the court does not become slippery, reducing the risk of falling.

Alongside that, unlike clay and concrete, the blades of the artificial grass are soft to the touch. This means that if players do fall over, they will be able to enjoy a softer landing. Equally, the movement of clay and hard courts can be tough on joints and change over the course of the game, whereas artificial grass tennis courts are uniform throughout and can reduce the stress on key areas such as ankles, knees and hips.


5.     Consistent surface

That uniform construction is a significant advantage that is hard to match with other materials. When you use artificial grass in your tennis court, there height and thickness of the blades are millimetre perfect across the entire venue. No matter how regularly they are used or how extreme the weather, players will be able to know exactly what is underfoot for every second of the game.


6.     Regular ball behaviour

The behaviour of the ball and how it bounces is essential to playing tennis. When the texture of the court is uniform throughout, players will be able to know exactly how the ball will behave. This allows for a better game for both, as they are able to effectively plan their strategies and game around the behaviour, helping to not only make matches more exciting, but giving players the chance to improve their game.


7.     Vivid lines

Many tennis venues are opting for artificial grass thanks to it providing more permanent and vivid court lines. On natural grass, painted white lines quickly fade over time when exposed to sunlight and the weather, while regular use can see them smear and wear off.

Utilising artificial grass in a tennis court ensures that these lines will remain vivid and clear no matter what they are exposed to.


8.     Withstand constant use

Tennis is an incredibly physical sport, and players can cause significant wear and tear to courts through the course of a game. From skidding to a halt, pivoting on their heel and running miles ensures the court undergoes intense pressure. This leaves turf looking significantly worse for wear, as the grass wears away and the soil becomes impacted.

Utilising artificial grass will ensure that there is no wear and tear throughout a match. This means that players will not cause the grass to wear or the court to become uneven.


9.     Easy installation

Many people mistakenly believe that installing artificial grass on a tennis court is a lengthy and time-consuming task, but this is not the case. Professional installers can quickly build a high-quality court, with the artificial grass coming in rolls much like real turf does.


Are you looking for the best artificial grass?

artificial grass for tennis courts

Are you looking for the very best artificial grass for your tennis court? Here at NeoGrass, our passion is to provide the very best performing artificial grass for a wide range of sports surfaces. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, our grass has been specifically developed through years of research and innovation.

Our NeoGrass artificial grass is able to stand out from the crowd, ensuring you are able to enjoy the very best solutions for your tennis courts. We guarantee a premium solution, ensuring players are able to play their best game and you do not need to face lengthy and costly maintenance programmes!



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