9 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass for Your Swimming Pool Surround

9 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass for Your Swimming Pool Surround


Swimming pool ownership in the UK is on the rise.

Currently, there are an estimated 240,000 residential pools, with swimming pool ownership being one of the top aspirational features of gardens across our country.

That means that many of us are faced with a choice as to how to surface the areas surrounding our pools.

In recent years, the more traditional type of surfacing for a swimming pool surround– paving – has been gradually shunted out in favour of artificial grass.

Recent advances in artificial grass technology have meant that the realism of fake turf is now on a level footing with the real thing. It has become so realistic that it is now difficult to tell the difference between real and fake.

This has meant that artificial grass has become an extremely popular form of surfacing for many different types of application, including for use around our garden swimming pools.

With artificial grass offering homeowners such wide-ranging benefits, it’s little wonder that the popularity of AstroTurf is on the increase.

The focus of today’s article is on some of the many benefits artificial grass can bring to your swimming pool surround, so, let’s begin with our first advantage.



1. It’s Non-Slip


artificial grass for swimming pool

One of the biggest advantages of using artificial grass for a swimming pool surround is the fact that fake grass provides a non-slip surface.

Of course, being around a swimming pool means that there is a high likelihood you’ll be walking around barefoot, and if your swimming pool surround is slippery then there’s a high chance of injury, especially with wet feet.

In addition, if someone should trip and fall, fake grass will provide a much softer landing. Grazed knees are pretty much guaranteed if you fall on paving!

Choosing to install fake grass around your swimming pool will ensure that you and your family can enjoy it without fear of injury.



2. It’s Cost-Effective


NeoGrass Astroturf

When compared with other types of surfacing for a swimming pool surround, such as paving, artificial grass is a far more cost-effective solution.

That’s down to the fact that the materials, per square metre, are cheaper when installing artificial grass than they are for putting down paving.

And if you are looking to hire a professional to install your swimming pool surround, you’ll find that the labour cost is significantly lower, too, as artificial grass can be installed far more quickly than paving.



3. It’s Low-Maintenance


Arena by NeoGrass

One of the reasons many homeowners are choosing artificial grass, not just for their swimming pool surrounds, but for their lawns, too, is the fact that it requires very little maintenance.

It’s true that fake turf does require some maintenance, but whilst it is certainly not ‘maintenance-free’, the amount of attention your artificial turf will require is minimal.

When you compare the maintenance required for paving with that needed for artificial turf, there’s a clear winner.

Paving requires regular jet washing to ensure that it remains in pristine condition and doesn’t turn green or become discoloured.

To prolong the lifespan of paving, it is recommended that it is sealed frequently, too.

Not only can this be a time-consuming endeavour, but it’s potentially expensive, with sealants costing up to £10 per square metre for a double coat.

In the case of artificial grass, the main maintenance task required is to brush the fibres with a stiff broom, against the nap of the turf, to reinvigorate them and remove any debris. You can also use your garden blower to remove leaves, twigs and other debris.

But, all in all, the maintenance is minimal.



4. It’s Free-Draining


Another vital aspect of any swimming pool surround is its capability to handle water.

Artificial grass has a perforated backing, which allows water to drain through the turf and away to the ground below.

Artificial Grass Drainage Hole

The permeability rate of fake grass is 52 litres per square metre, per minute. This means that it will be able to cope with very large amounts of water, far more, in fact, than it will ever need to deal with.

When you opt to install paving as a swimming pool surround, you’ll also need to consider installing drains to be able to cope with any water that hits it and that, of course, increases installation costs.

With artificial turf, however, you’ll not need to worry about installing drainage as it’s completely permeable. This means that you’ll be saving money, perhaps money that can be spent on the ongoing maintenance your pool requires, or maybe even some new sunloungers to complement your pool.



5. It’s Non-Toxic


When it comes to choosing the ideal surfacing for your swimming pool surround, it is vital to choose something that will not cause harm to you or your family.

Artificial grass makes for a fantastic choice here – so long as you have chosen a product that has been independently tested and certified as being free from harmful substances.

Always check with your chosen manufacturer for evidence of this.



6. It’s Long-Lasting


Artificial grass, if maintained correctly, can last up to 20 years.

That is, of course, as long as you chose a good quality turf. While it can be difficult to recognise good quality artificial grass, there are a few key aspects to look out for.

A strong backing is vital for a long-lasting turf. In a bid to produce low-cost turf, some manufacturing techniques can skimp on this part of the manufacturing process, which can lead to excessive yarn loss or even a backing which breaks apart.

Poor quality backing can lead to separation of the primary and secondary backing layers

You’ll need to take a close look at the characteristics of the synthetic fibres, too. Fibre material, density, shape and thickness should all be carefully considered to ensure you choose the best quality artificial grass, one that will outperform and outlast inferior products.

For further information, please check out our guide, ‘How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass for Swimming Pool Surrounds’.



7. It’s Hard-Wearing


Artificial grass can be extremely hard-wearing.

Especially if you choose a turf with Instant Recovery® technology.

This unique technology incorporates highly resilient and durable nylon (polyamide) fibres, which results in an extremely hard-wearing artificial turf with fibres that ‘instantly recover’ from the pressure of garden furniture and the impact of foot traffic.

Good quality AstroTurf can withstand heavy, frequent foot traffic with ease, ensuring that your swimming pool surround performs well long into the future.



8. Its Colour Will Not Fade


One of the downsides to using paving for your swimming pool surround is that, over time, the colour of paving fades as it weathers.

This can mean that your once shiny new paving gradually becomes a faded eyesore. Lichen, moss and mould can discolour paving quickly, too.

Paving is also susceptible to weed growth, which can become a source of frustration for many homeowners and spoil the look of your swimming pool surround.

However, artificial grass is designed to not fade in the sunlight, ensuring that your turf stays looking lush and green for many years – as good as the day it was laid.



9. It’s Quick to Install


swimming pool surround artificial turf

Another major advantage of using artificial grass, rather than paving, for your swimming pool surround is the fact that it is quicker and easier to install.

If you have a reasonable level of DIY ability, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to install your own artificial turf and save money on labour costs. Paving, however, requires some quite specific skills and it is very easy to make a mess of laying it, especially if you haven’t had any previous installation experience.

Even if you do choose to use professional installers, you’ll find that they will be able to install an artificial grass swimming pool surround far more quickly than they would paving,

The quicker installation time and the fact that installing artificial grass isn’t as messy as installing paving will cause less disruption and inconvenience to your home life.






With a list of benefits this long it’s easy to see why more and more swimming pool owners are choosing to install artificial grass around their pools.

We offer a wide range of artificial turf products that are ideally suited for this purpose. To view the range, please click here.

Don’t forget, you can also request your free samples. By doing so, you’ll get to see just how realistic our artificial grass is, whilst also getting the opportunity to test our products and find out how soft they feel underfoot – and that, of course, is extremely important when it comes to choosing the best artificial grass for a swimming pool surround.

If you would like a free installation quote, why not contact your nearest NeoGrass Approved Installer today? Their expert knowledge and experience will ensure that your artificial grass will perform to the highest standards and provide a long-lasting surfacing for your swimming pool surround.

Is there anything we have missed from our list of benefits? Do you have any questions regarding artificial grass for swimming pools? Then leave us a comment below and join in the discussion!




2 Responses to “9 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass for Your Swimming Pool Surround”

  1. Pinkmonkey

    Hi again, I have a plastic pool I install annually during the summer. Would the weight if the pool, holding around 10000 litres spread over 13 feet diameter flatten the lawn forever? Also, when emptying the pool at the end of the season, some water does escape onto the lawn, will chlorinated water damage the fake lawn?

    • Neo Grass

      Good afternoon,
      By having the pool on the grass seasonally you won’t damage the grass forever.
      We would suggest that once the pool has been put away, brush the pile in the opposite direction with a stiff broom and it would be a good idea to reapply the weed free kiln dried sand.
      With regards to the chlorine we would suggest obtaining a sample of your grass from where you purchased it from and then testing it by dipping it into the pool for a while.

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