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9 Ways to Spend More Time in the Garden This Easter

Garden Picnic

Easter is just around the corner, bringing with it spring-time flowers, singing birds, and–hopefully–days full of sunshine. It’s the perfect time to get out in the garden for the first time after winter and start enjoying your outside space once more. To help you feel inspired to step outside, here are 9 ways you can spend your time outside in the garden this Easter.

9 Ways to Spend More Time in the Garden This Easter

1. Do Those Early Spring Gardening Jobs

Plants are just starting to come to life and flowers are blooming, so one of the best things to do early over Easter weekend (or early in the holidays with your kids) is getting the little chores out of the way. Here are some of the gardening tasks that may need to be on your to-do list:

  • Sort out the lawn – pull weeds, seed bare patches, trim the lawn edges, and give the whole thing a cut. If this is yet another year of patchy grass and you just know it’s not going to get any better (this is often due to your lawn being in a shaded spot or from being used often when the ground is wet), it may be time to think about swapping it for something easier to manage and better looking than patchy grass.While gravel is one option, artificial grass is by far the softest and easiest to install, manage, and use. Unlike gravel or bark, it won’t stray, you’re less likely to get weeds growing up through it, and it’s comfortable to sit and lie down on. To find out more about the benefits of artificial grass, click here.
  • Trim hedges – Give your hedges a tidy-up, as needed. If you ever have nesting birds in your hedge, try to just tidy up with your secateurs or manual hedge trimmers so you don’t scare the birds away.
  • Clear away dead foliage – grab your rake and tidy up dead leaves and branches. We’ve had a big storm this year so you’ve likely got some extra debris to clear away now that good weather is on the way.
  • Start your seeds – hardy seeds can be planted out now, or you can start them in the greenhouse. Sunflowers are included here, so that’s a great thing to do with kids so they can watch their flowers grow tall over the summer. You can also start the majority of lettuces and salad leaves, peas, beans, broccoli, and carrots from seed.
  • Give planters and pots a new lease on life – if your planters are looking drab, pull out dead plants and foliage, mix in some fresh compost, and replant them with summer plants. If you don’t have any raised flower beds and put off gardening because you’re not a big fan of having to bend down all the time, consider getting some now! They bring gardening up to you and make it so much more pleasurable.

garden seeds

2. Do an Easter Egg Hunt!

If the weather forecast is good on Easter Sunday, head out into the garden with small Easter eggs and hide them all around the garden for your kids to find – just make sure you jot down a list of where you hid them, so you don’t end up attracting pests. You can do this with painted eggshells if you’d rather not use chocolate eggs, or pet treats if you’ve not got any children coming over.

Easter Egg Hunt



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3. Get Out the Garden Furniture

If you put your garden furniture away for winter, now is the time to blow off the cobwebs and set them out so you can take advantage of the warmer weather. If your furniture always lives outside, give it a good brush down or jet-wash and consider refinishing it if it’s looking a little tired – a new coat of varnish can do wonders!

Garden Furniture

4. Sort Out the BBQ

Whether or not the weather is good enough to eat outside, the Easter weekend is the perfect time to dust off the barbecue and make sure it’s ready to go. If it’s warm enough, you can eat outside for the first time but if not, just bring the food inside to enjoy. If you don’t yet have a barbecue and plan to get one, now is the time to take action before everyone else does.

Clear off the area you want the barbecue to go or consider putting down flagstones if you don’t yet have a prepared area. Look out for deals online or in local stores for barbecues as prices will likely go up as demand increases in the summer.

Garden BBQ

5. Do an Easter Photoshoot

Once you’ve got the garden looking good, head outside with your kids, pets, or friends and take some Easter-themed photos. A few pairs of bunny-ear headbands, fake carrots, and of course Easter eggs are all perfect props. If you still have flowering daffodils, tulips, or hyacinths, take advantage of them for your backdrop now before they disappear for another year.

Easter Photoshoot

6. Take the Art Activities Outside

If you have a stone patio and some kids to entertain, buy a pack of chalk and you’ll be amazed how long they’ll be entertained drawing on the patio (and probably every other stone surface within arm’s reach). The good news is that while it may look like a worrying mess afterward more than the cute drawings of bunnies and Easter eggs you were hoping for, it will simply wash away as soon as it rains.

Art Activities Outside

7. Play Easter Games

Easter games are best played by kids but can be played with kids of all ages – if you catch our drift! With your new tidy lawn, try playing:

  • Egg and spoon race (use fake eggs for less mess)
  • 3-legged race
  • Bunny hop race (AKA potato sack race)
  • Hula hoop race
  • Obstacle course race (this is surprisingly easy to put together with a little imagination – put down things to jump or climb over, weave around, or climb under)

Easter Games

8. Set Up Bird Feeders

A garden full of birds is a happy sight – if you don’t yet have a birdbath or bird feeders in your garden, why not spend an hour or two this Easter setting them up? Bird food can be bought inexpensively at supermarkets but you can find more attractive bird feeders at garden centers. Once you’ve filled them, sit quietly by a window or in the garden and wait for the birds to show up – it won’t take long!

Set Up Bird Feeders

9. Relax

All the ideas we’ve covered thus far are a lot of fun or extremely satisfying, but once you’ve done your garden chores, set up a new barbecue, or played games with the kids, it’s time to relax! After all, our gardens should be pleasurable, and all too often they just feel like a burden. So, grab a couple of chairs or large cushions and head outside. Here are some ideas for ways to relax this Easter:

  • Eat outside – if it’s warm enough, eat outside! You don’t have to eat your entire Easter meal out there if it’s a little nippy, but there is a lot of pleasure to be found in taking a cup of tea and some biscuits outside and relaxing with the sun on your face.
  • Read a book – grab a good book and head outside to sit in the garden to read with the sound of the birds in the trees and a breeze rustling the leaves.
  • Yoga – feeling a little more adventurous or already have a daily yoga practice? Lay your mat out in the sun and practice outside. You can play a video to guide you on your phone or tablet, or freestyle it. This is a great one to do with kids, too.
  • Play with your pets or children – When was the last time you went outside to simply play with your pet(s) or kid(s)? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone. We often supervise while doing other things on our phones, or are wrapped up in training or trying to get other things done. Everyone (including you!) will appreciate a little playtime where the focus is just on being present and enjoying being together.

Garden Picnic

Our gardens should be extensions of our home – a space to call our own, relax, and enjoy. If your garden makes you feel like turning your back and going back inside, it may be time to do a little renovation. Incorporating artificial grass into your garden design will ensure you have an area that always looks green and manicured, even on the darkest of winter days. To find out more about how NeoGrass can transform your garden, click here.


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