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Artificial Grass & Fake Lawn Installers in Glamorgan & South Wales

Artificial Grass & Fake Lawn Installers in Glamorgan and South Wales

Fed up with fighting a losing battle to maintain your lawn? Struggling with patchy grass and excessive weed growth? Are your dogs or children destroying your natural grass?

Installing an artificial lawn may just be the solution to your problems.

We are suppliers of advanced artificial grass in Glamorgan, South Wales.

Your local, independent NeoGrass Approved Installers are operating throughout the county, installing artificial grass in Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Mid Glamorgan, West Glamorgan, Vale of Glamorgan and across South Wales.

Many residents throughout Wales are installing fake lawns to create low-maintenance gardens that can be enjoyed 365 days a year by the entire family and their pets.

The days of poor quality, unrealistic looking fake turf are long gone, with today’s products offering stunning realism, ultra-low maintenance and long-lasting lawns capable of withstanding everyday family life.

See for yourself just how amazingly realistic our range of Glamorgan artificial grass really is by requesting your free sample pack today.

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We have been installing and supplying fake grass across South Wales and the county of Glamorgan for several years, transforming domestic properties and commercial areas alike.

This area of Wales is a stunning mix of moorland, rolling hills, verdant valleys, shimmering rivers and glorious coastline. No wonder humans have lived here for millennia! We know they have because the bones of the Red Lady of Paviland were discovered in a coastal cave, here, in what is the oldest known burial site in the country. (‘She’ has since been found to be male, but the name has stuck.)

The area is steeped in history and studded with castles, including at Neath, Caerphilly, Ogmore and Cardiff. More recently, it was hailed as the crucible of the Industrial Revolution, due to its rich coal reserves and metallurgical industry.

south wales artificial grass

The two cities in the county are Cardiff and Swansea. Cardiff is the base for the well-loved BBC programme, Doctor Who, and fans of the timelord can walk around various filming locations, and – if they visit at the right time – perhaps even spot live action taking place. Spin-off series, Torchwood, was also filmed here. And Russell T. Davies – who oversaw the 2005 Doctor Who revival and created Torchwood –was born in Swansea.

Other famous names from the county include Catatonia singer-turned-DJ, Cerys Matthews; multi-award-winning actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and comedian Rob Brydon.

Glamorgan has some stunning gardens for people to visit, including Singleton Botanic Gardens, in Swansea, which has a tropical glass house containing rare, exotic plants, and the restored Edwardian Grade I listed Dyffren Garden, near Cardiff.


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For a free site survey and installation quote, please contact your nearest NeoGrass Approved Installer.

Say goodbye to mud & mess... and hello to a lush green lawn

5 Tips for a Long-Lasting Artificial Lawn Installation


fake lawn installation in glamorgan and south wales

In order to achieve a long-lasting, high-performing artificial lawn, not only is it important to choose the best quality artificial turf, but you’ll need to ensure that the installation is carried out correctly, too.

Without sufficient ground preparation, your synthetic lawn will not perform or look as good as it should.

Carrying out the installation needn’t be difficult, provided you follow our standard installation procedures. Here are 5 tips to help you install your own fake lawn:


1. Use granite or limestone dust, rather than sharp sand

Before laying your turf, it’s important to install an adequate laying course. This layer of aggregate provides a flat surface on which to install your grass. It will need to be strong enough to cope with regular foot traffic.

We highly recommend using granite or limestone dust (whichever you can source locally) rather than sharp sand. This is because it forms a much stronger laying course that will not ‘trench’ or subside. The additional cost will more than pay for itself, as your lawn will perform far better and last far longer


2. Always install a weed membrane

After excavating your old lawn, it’s vital that you install a weed membrane, to prevent potential weed growth.

The last thing you want is weeds growing through your artificial lawn! This is avoided simply by installing a weed membrane underneath your sub-base.

Make patchy grass a thing of the past with a lush green artificial lawn

3. When joining two pieces of artificial turf together, always cut three stitches from the edge

Artificial grass is supplied in 2m and 4m wide rolls. It’s very common to have to join two or more pieces of grass to cover your lawn area.

To create an invisible seam, it’s very important that you cut three stitches off the edge of your turf. You can count the stitches by flipping the grass over, so that the backing material faces upward. Cutting off three rows of stitching removes the frayed edge and allows the two pieces to be joined together seamlessly.


4. Always apply a sand infill

All artificial turf requires the application of a sand infill. It is very important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to add ballast, which pins the grass flat to the surface, preventing rippling and creases. It also helps to regulate drainage, and to keep the grass cool, by reflecting heat away from the turf on hot summer days.

Another major benefit is that it helps to support the fibres and keep them in an upright position – essential for realism. For more information, please see our article, ‘Should You Use a Sand Infill for Artificial Grass? We Reveal the Truth’.


5. Take your time

If it’s the first time you’ve installed artificial grass, it’s very important to take your time, especially when cutting in your AstroTurf. You should use a sharp Stanley knife, and make sure you have plenty of spare blades handy, as the strong backing material will quickly blunt them.

Take as much time as you need, as the last thing you want is to rush the job and compromise the quality of the finish or injure yourself in the process. Alternatively, save yourself the hard work and enlist the help of your nearest NeoGrass Approved Installer, who can take care of the entire synthetic lawn installation process for you, from start to finish.


fake grass installation in glamorgan

Here's what our Glamorgan Customers have to say...

  • We have two large dog and our new NeoGrass lawn has made life so much easier! He no longer treads mud through our house and our lawn now looks amazing too! I can't recommend it highly enough. We are now thinking about having the front lawn done at some point soon! Mrs Sadiq, South Glamorgan
  • I just wanted to let you know that our new lawn looks fantastic and the best thing is no more mowing! The work was carried out to a very high standard by a very hard installation team. The whole garden was left in a very clean and tidy state. I would recommend NeoGrass to anyone wanting fake turf. Suzanne, South Wales

Artificial grass is perfect for your children, pets and the whole family.
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NeoGrass Range of Artificial Turf

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    NeoGrass Aberdeen artificial grass

    Aberdeen by NeoGrass

    £39.99 per sqm

    The ultimate artificial grass. Packed full of technology for a soft, strong and stunning artificial grass that will bring your garden to life.

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  • Best Selling
    NeoGrass Arena artificial grass

    Arena by NeoGrass

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    Natural looking, hard wearing and one of the most versatile artificial grass products out there. We say it’s as close as you’ll get to the real thing!

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  • Best Selling
    NeoGrass Inverness artificial grass

    Inverness by NeoGrass

    £34.99 per sqm

    Inverness is made with the same colours and technology as Aberdeen and is a popular short-pile artificial grass perfect for that freshly cut look.

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  • NeoGrass Delta artificial grass

    Delta by NeoGrass

    £28.99 per sqm

    Delta is a realistic-looking artificial grass that remains soft to the touch – perfect if you’re looking for a luxurious, comfortable outside space within budget.

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  • Best Selling
    Start NeoGrass Artificial Grass

    Start by NeoGrass

    £12.99 per sqm

    A beautiful entry level artificial grass perfect for low maintenance outdoor living.

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  • Best Selling
    Practic NeoGrass Artificial Grass

    Practic by NeoGrass

    £15.99 per sqm

    Practic is a 30mm pile artificial grass that delivers lush green grass at amazing value.

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  • Best Selling
    Borneo NeoGrass Artificial Grass

    Borneo by NeoGrass

    £19.99 per sqm

    Borneo is a high-quality yet affordable artificial grass that offers the perfect solution for a low-maintenance lawn.

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  • Best Selling
    NeoGrass Libra artificial grass

    Libra by NeoGrass

    £29.99 per sqm

    If you’re looking for a realistic, ultra-soft artificial grass for gardens and lawns, then we would highly recommend Libra – a luxurious artificial grass at an affordable price.

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  • Best Selling
    Tempo NeoGrass Artificial Grass

    Tempo by NeoGrass II

    £24.99 per sqm

    Tempo is an extremely dense, short-piled artificial grass that’s perfect for a wide variety of applications.


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  • Best Selling
    NeoGrass Tauro artificial grass

    Tauro by NeoGrass

    £19.99 per sqm

    Tauro has been designed specifically for decorative and ornamental use and is perfect for creating low maintenance lawns in low footfall areas.

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