8 Reasons to Install an Artificial Grass Performance Track at Your Gym or Sports Club

8 Reasons to Install an Artificial Grass Performance Track at Your Gym or Sports Club


artificial grass performance track

Artificial grass is a versatile surface that can be used for a variety of both indoor and outdoor applications.

Since its creation by Greg Glassman, back in 2000, CrossFit has gradually grown in popularity, and now has an estimated 500 affiliates in the UK and 13,000 across the globe.

It combines powerlifting, aerobic exercise, body weight exercises, Olympic weightlifting and more, to create a high-intensity workout for fitness enthusiasts and athletes that can be performed in a gym.

As they strive to provide an ideal environment for gym goers to perform this type of exercise, many CrossFit centres and commercial gyms have turned to artificial grass to help improve their facilities and create further varieties of exercise for their members.

In recent times, artificial grass performance tracks have started appearing all over the country as they are used to replicate real grass in an indoor environment and provide a different form of surface on which to perform many different types of exercise.

In our latest article, we’re looking at the reasons why many commercial gyms and CrossFit centres are installing artificial grass performance tracks for the benefit of their members.



1. It’s Perfect for a Wide Variety of Exercises


crossfit grass track

Artificial grass creates an ideal surface for a wide variety of exercises.

One of the key advantages is that synthetic fibres create resistance through friction.

This makes synthetic grass the ideal surface for exercises such as sled pulls or pushes, and tyre flips, as the increased resistance adds to the difficulty of the exercise whilst still allowing specially designed sleds to slide across the surface.

Performance tracks are also great for practically any other type of exercise, such as light to moderate weight training, fitness bootcamps, speed and agility drills and, of course, the latest CrossFit workouts.



2. It Helps to Cushion & Protect Joints


Artificial grass performance tracks provide a stable and secure surface on which to undertake weight training and exercise.

They also have excellent shock and vibration absorption properties, which helps to protect the athlete’s joints from the effects of performing certain types of exercise.

Artificial grass performance tracks feel great underfoot and help to cushion the impact that exercise can have on the body. That means there’s less chance joints will be damaged – it actively helps to prevent injuries.



3. It Will Help Attract More Members to Your Gym


artificial grass for crossfit gym

For gym owners, it’s important to have a wide variety of equipment to cater to the many different forms of exercise that their members enjoy undertaking.

And the more variety a gym has, the more members it will attract.

As we have discovered, fake grass performance tracks can be used for such a wide variety of stimulating exercise that anyone who attends your gym will find a use for it.

That’s the case whether you’re talking an elite professional athlete or your average gym goer, who is looking to shift a few pounds. It looks different, it feels different, and it helps to maintain interest – particularly important when people are trying to form new habits and make exercise a part of their routine.

The key to retaining members and, of course, receiving regular membership fees, is providing a wide variety of exercises that can be performed at your gym, in order to keep your members involved and motivated.



4. Quick & Easy Installation


Synthetic performance tracks are quick and easy to install, and more often than not can be installed without professional help.

Performance tracks can be supplied in widths of anything between 1m and 4m, up to a length of 25m.

Lengths can be pre-cut to the precise size you need, so there will be no need to cut the turf on site. That means it’s simply a case of securing the turf, using specialist adhesive, and adding an edge trim, if required.



5. It’s Easy to Maintain


Artificial grass performance tracks are designed to be non-infill products. This means that they do not require a sand or rubber infill and will therefore not create any mess within the gym. It makes them easier on hands and knees, too!

Cleaning artificial grass performance tracks can be done simply by using a vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the surface of the turf.

Liquids can be wiped off using a cloth and it’s safe to use disinfectant on it, too.


6. Excellent Durability & Longevity


fake turf for gym crossfit

The best fake grass performance tracks are manufactured using nylon fibres.

Nylon is the strongest form of synthetic fibre and has the strength and resilience to withstand frequent heavy use.

This means that investing in an artificial grass performance track for your gym is a fantastic idea, as it will last for several years before needing to be replaced, so providing an excellent return on your investment.



7. Anti-Slip Surface


It’s important that you create a safe environment for your members to exercise in and minimise the potential for injuries.

A useful advantage of artificial grass is that it provides a stable, non-slip surface for your members to exercise on.

The synthetic fibres will help provide grip underfoot, which can prevent slips and trips from occurring at your fitness centre, so helping to ensure the safety of your members.



8. Can Be Easily Customised to Create a Unique Surface


It is possible to have many different patterns and colours pre-installed into the artificial grass, including your gym’s logo.

This will help to increase your brand awareness and create an entirely unique form of surfacing in your gym, sports club or fitness centre.

It is also possible to have markers installed into the grass, to indicate distance and/or lanes for your members to use.





artificial grass for gyms

An artificial grass performance track would make a fantastic addition to any gym, training facility, sports club or CrossFit centre.

Your members will certainly thank you for installing it as it will add another dimension to their training and help to keep them sufficiently motivated to continue attending your exercise facility – and that, of course, will keep the membership fees coming through.

If you are interested in installing a fake turf performance track, then contact us today or call us on 01245 931200 and we can discuss your requirements.

If you have any questions regarding performance tracks, then please leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you.



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  1. Nick bunyard

    Hi, I was after a quote for a 3m x 25m Astro track for a gym. I’d like our gym Logo on it if possible. We have a track at the moment but after 5 years it’s starting to ware.

  2. David Spate

    Are you guys still in business? Your voicemail says your office is closes at 5pm, but it’s only 4.45pm. Been ringing your “approved installer” RecCoatings all day, they’re on voicemail too. Haven’t returned my call after I left a message.

    • Neo Grass

      Hi David,
      Sorry you couldn’t get us the other day, we are definitely still operational from 9.00am to 5.00pm 5 days a week.
      We don’t think Recreational Coatings are involved with artificial grass installations anymore as they are not returning calls or emails from us or clients sadly.
      Kind regards,

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