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Experience the Power of Atmos®

The Revolutionary Nanotechnology That Purifies The Air, Eliminates Harmful Bacteria & Viruses and Banishes Bad Odours

What Is Atmos®?

Atmos® is an air purifying nanotechnology that destroys viruses, bacteria, moss, algae and bad odours.


It consists of an invisible mineral layer of anatase titanium dioxide (TiO2) that’s used to coat the synthetic fibres used to make artificial grass.


Exposure to sunlight triggers a chemical reaction that breaks down organic compounds and pollutants in the air and on the surface of the grass. This improves air quality whilst breaking down and destroying viruses, bacteria, moss, algae and bad odours.

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How Does Atmos® Work?

1.   Atmos creates a fine, invisible, durable and resistant network of nanoparticles on the artificial grass.

2.  When UVA rays come into contact with Atmos, a chemical reaction is activated that converts oxygen (O2) and humidity (H2O) in the environment into two powerful cleaning agents. O2 converts it to superoxidizing anions (O2-), and H2O converts it to hydroxyls (OH-).

3.  Hydroxyl radicals (OH-) act on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and PM 2.5 and PM 10, turning them into water vapor (H2O).

4.  The anions – superoxidants (O2-) intervene on nitrogen oxides (NOx), converting them into innocuous salts (NO3) easily soluble in water

5.  This process is repeated millions of times, considerably reducing the levels of NOx, VOC, PM 2.5 and PM 10, and considerably improving air quality. In the same way, it disinfects continuously, achieving a surface free of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

What are the benefits of Atmos®?

Discover The Products Powered by Atmos® Technology

Faroe by NeoGrass

£38.99 per m2

A hard-wearing grass with our cutting-edge air purifying nanotechnology that removes pollutants and breaks down viruses, bacteria, moss, algae and bad odours.




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