The Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Your Office

The Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Your Office


Image Courtesy of A Coruña (Spain)


Taking advantage of its ever-increasing popularity, many people are turning to artificial grass to transform more than just their lawns.

At NeoGrass we have been involved with many varied artificial grass applications, such as in schools, playgrounds, public spaces, roof gardens and sports pitches.

However, in recent times we have seen a sharp increase in the number of businesses, both large and small, that want to have artificial grass installed in their offices.

It may surprise many people to hear that artificial grass can be installed internally.

Of course, you can be forgiven for this because people don’t naturally associate grass with indoor environments.

However, it’s very easy and cost-effective to install fake grass in an office, as in the majority of cases there is little ground preparation involved.

There are many benefits of installing artificial grass in offices and in our latest article we’ll be exploring some of these and also looking at some of the different ways it can be used in an office environment.

To begin, let’s start by looking at the benefits.



6 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass in Your Office


1. It Makes a Great First Impression

office artificial turf

Image Courtesy of A Coruña (Spain)

The vast majority of offices receive frequent visits from existing and potential customers.

Of course, first impressions are everything, and it’s important to make sure your company leaves a positive long-lasting impression on anyone who visits your office or premises.

Having artificial grass in your office certainly makes a great first impression and is sure to be a real talking point amongst your customers.

They’ll look forward to visiting your premises as frequently as possible.

They’ll be amazed at how great artificial grass feels underfoot, so much so that they won’t want to leave – and when they do, they’ll be looking forward to coming back.

Customers that don’t want to leave your premises, and can’t wait to come back again, can only be good for business. And just think how many people they’ll tell about you!



2. It Creates a More Relaxing, Productive Work Environment


Many studies have shown that colour can have a profound effect on a person’s mood and performance.

This has been known in the interior design industry for many years.

Warm colours, such as reds, yellows and browns, can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, but can also make us feel hostile or angry.

Cool colours, such as those on the blue end of the spectrum, may help us to feel calm but can also induce feelings of sadness or indifference.

Because colour can have such a large effect on our mood and work performance, it’s certainly not something that should be taken lightly by business owners and office managers when thinking about the use of colour in the office environment.

The colour green has been shown to help people relax.

That’s because it’s a colour most associated with nature.

It symbolises renewal and growth, it’s the colour of spring when nature comes to life, and it’s the reason we feel so great whilst spending time outdoors.

Being in a calm and relaxed state of mind can help increase productivity.

But it’s not just the colour of artificial grass that will make your office a more relaxing, productive environment; the look and feel of it will also have an effect on employees.

Artificial grass will help take them back to nature and make the office a much more inviting place to work in – and it feels great underfoot.

Let’s face it, the majority of offices are dull, uninspiring places to work, full of beige, grey or muddy brown furniture, walls and floors. Having a swathe of green underfoot will make a huge difference.

And you never know, it might just help your employees to enjoy coming to work each day, resulting in less stress and fewer sick days.

If you can help your employees to enjoy coming into work every day, the end result will only ever be increased productivity.

Having happier, more productive staff on your team will mean that the initial outlay of having artificial grass installed can be quickly recouped. Installing artificial grass can benefit the bottom line.



3. It Provides a Non-slip Flooring Surface


artificial grass is non slip

The safety of your employees should be a top priority when planning an office.

If your office is an unsafe environment for your employees to work in, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Artificial grass creates an excellent, non-slip surface that can be used to cover a wide variety of flooring types, such as carpet tiles, ceramic tiles and wooden flooring.



4. An Installation can be Temporary or Permanent


Artificial grass can be installed in an office either on a permanent basis or as a temporary measure.

For example, you might want to have artificial grass installed for the annual head office meeting, or for seminars or social events.

It will be sure to impress employees and certainly makes for an excellent talking point.

Temporary installations really are as easy as just rolling out the grass into position.

It can then be rolled back again at the end of the event.

However, if you are considering a more permanent installation, you might want to enlist the help of professional installers.

They will be able to advise on how best to install fake grass in an office environment.

A professional installer will also be able to help you choose the best fake grass for the job, as when choosing an artificial grass for an office environment, some types of grass will perform better than others.

You should never choose an artificial grass based on aesthetics alone.



5. It Complies with Fire Resistance Regulations


The vast majority of artificial grasses available today are fire-resistant.

This means that should the worst happen, fire will not spread via any artificial grass that you have installed in the office.

Of course, it’s always extremely important before choosing to have artificial grass installed that you check for independent testing to ensure that your chosen fake turf has been classed as Cfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire-resistant flooring, according to UNE EN 13501 12007.

As long as it does, installing artificial grass in your office will make for an excellent and safe choice.



6. It’s an Effective Way to Promote Your Business


Artificial grass can also give your business or company a marketing boost.

It creates an excellent talking point amongst existing and potential customers, and may even get you some welcome PR. Sending a press release or making a call to your local newspaper can pay dividends.

Fruit Towers, the head office of Innocent, the smoothie makers, is famous for having artificial grass installed for its employees, as this article in the Evening Standard explains.

It shows that Innocent cares about the well-being of their employees and is trying to create the best working environment they can.

It is also possible to have your logo design incorporated into artificial grass. This is an excellent idea for reception areas and will certainly ‘break the ice’ when visitors come to your office.



7. It’s Cost-effective


Artificial Grass Save You Money

By now you may be thinking all these reasons sound great, but isn’t artificial grass expensive?

Well, it might not be quite as expensive as you think.

A typical artificial grass installation is made in a garden environment. In this situation, a lot of time is spent preparing the ground so that it provides a strong enough foundation for the fake turf.

However, with an office installation there is typically very little ground preparation needed. This means that large areas can be installed quickly, resulting in a low labour cost.

And don’t forget, artificial grass makes for an excellent investment in your business.

The initial outlay is quickly recouped through increased morale, increased productivity and fewer staff sick days.



6 Ways Artificial Grass can be Used in an Office Environment


OK, so now you’ve decided that installing artificial grass in your office sounds like a great idea, but what are the different ways artificial grass can be used in the office?

Well, to give you some inspiration, we’ve listed 6 different ways in which you can utilise fake grass in your office or work space.


1. On Your Desk Top


You don’t have to install artificial grass to the entire office to receive some of the benefits. You can even place small offcuts on your desk.

It will certainly make your desk a much more inviting place to work.

And according to Science of People a green computer desktop can increase productivity and reduce eyestrain:


2. In the Canteen


The staff canteen is an ideal area to have fake grass installed.

Many people spend their lunch breaks in the staff canteen and it’s very important for staff to use this time to recover from the morning’s work and prepare for the afternoon.

Helping them to relax by creating a calm environment will certainly go a long way towards doing this.



3. On the Office Floor


Many businesses are choosing to install artificial grass throughout the office.

We’ve already touched on how it can lift a person’s mood, but the feel of artificial grass underfoot can further stimulate this.

The hard-wearing nature of fake grass makes it an excellent choice for the office floor.

Cleaning is a doddle, and is best done using a vacuum cleaner in the same way you would clean a carpet.



4. On Rooftop Gardens

Again, like canteens, rooftop areas are hotspots during break times, particularly during the summer months.

Staff should be encouraged to spend time outside during their lunch hour as the fresh air will invigorate them, ready for a productive afternoon.

Artificial grass can transform dull concrete and tarmac into usable areas for your staff to make the most of and it’s sure to boost morale.

A word of warning here: if staff have an outdoor smoking area, while fake grass is fire-retardant, it can be damaged by dropped cigarette ends.



5. In Meeting Rooms


Let’s face it, sometimes meetings can be dull affairs. People who don’t want to be there sit around a table with others who have little to say.

However, you can stimulate creativity by livening up your meeting room with artificial grass. It will boost mood and originality, and turn meetings into productive events.



6. In Reception Areas


First impressions are everything, for a business as much as for an individual.

Everyone from potential clients, your staff, nervous job applicants or even just the milkman walk through your reception area before seeing any part of your office.

So why not make a positive first impression by installing artificial grass to your reception area?

You can also take it a step further by having your logo inlaid into the turf. That should get people talking about you – and in a very good way!





tempo artificial grass in office

Image Courtesy of A Coruña (Spain)


Artificial grass can have a lasting effect not only on your employees, but on your customers, too. A lush green lawn beats a tired old carpet any day of the week.

Bringing a little of the outdoors indoors will boost morale, increase productivity and make your office a more enjoyable place to work.

In short, it will help increase your profits.

This makes artificial grass a very wise investment.

Its wide range of uses mean that every business can incorporate artificial grass somewhere in the office.

If you would like further information on the types of artificial grass we recommend using for an office installation, please visit this page.

If you would like further help with the installation, contact one of our approved installers today. You can find details of your local installer here .

Do you have artificial grass in your office? Would you like artificial grass installed in your office? Do you have any questions we haven’t answered in this article? Feel free to ask us in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to help.




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