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10 Ways to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

Attractive Fencing

Having a garden you can relax and unwind in is one of life’s true pleasures, but many people find their garden causes them far more stress and frustration than it ever does relaxation. If you aren’t into gardening–or simply just don’t have the time for it at the moment–looking out on your garden can make
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10 Things You Can Do in Your Garden Now to Get Over the January Blues

Benefits of Artificial Grass

January is a difficult time for many. The joys of Christmas seem a long time ago, the excitement of a new year quickly dims, daylight hours are still short, and the weather is often some of the worst of the year causing us to spend more time than ever inside. No wonder this feeling is
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How to Choose the Best Garden Furniture For Your Garden

Matching Set

Your garden should be an extension of your home, not just the outside space you use when the weather is at its very best. Unless you have the greenest of thumbs, the best way to make the most of your outside space is with quality landscaping and high-quality garden furniture. Whether you’ve already designed your
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10 Ways to Decorate & Make The Most of Your Garden This Christmas

Christmas Garden Decor

The most wonderful time of the year is on its way, and that means it’s time to start planning what you’ll serve throughout the day, how you’ll fit all the chairs around the table, and where you’ll entertain everyone throughout the day. Of course, you can’t forget about decorating, and blanketing your home in the
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8 Reasons to Consider Buying Artificial Plants for Your Home & Garden

artificial topiary

8 Reasons to Consider Buying Artificial Plants for Your Home & Garden   In recent times there has been a growing trend towards consumers using artificial plants in their homes and gardens. Everything from green walls to topiary, shrubs to trees, cacti to orchids is now available to buy in artificial form, allowing you to
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8 Reasons to Use Plastic Lumber Rather than Real Wood

plastic plank artificial grass edging

8 Reasons to Use Plastic Lumber Rather than Real Wood   In recent years, more and more consumers and tradesmen have begun to opt for recycled plastic lumber rather than real wood. The initial rise in the mainstream popularity of plastic lumber was due to the introduction of composite plastic decking as an alternative to
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Top Tips for Laying Artificial Grass in The Winter

neograss aberdeen fake turf

Having decided to install an artificial grass surface, the next decision is when to install it! The good news is that fake grass can be installed at any time of the year, but the months when the ground may be a little softer – winter and autumn – are considered when to be the best.
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6 Smart Devices for Your Garden

garden irrigation system

6 Smart Devices for Your Garden In recent years, smart home hubs such as Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home Hub have taken the world by storm. Having the ability to control a whole host of devices throughout your home using just your voice alone is quickly transforming the way we live. As keen gardeners,
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7 Gardening Books Every Avid Gardener Must Read

gardening books

7 Gardening Books Every Avid Gardener Must Read   In today’s society, many people struggle to find the time to have a bit of peace and quiet to indulge in some reading. However, we think that it’s extremely important to try to find that time as so much information can be gleaned from books. Perhaps
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