How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass for Events & Exhibitions

How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass for Events & Exhibitions


Artificial Grass for Events & Exhibitions


Artificial grass is perfect for events and exhibitions. It’s hard wearing enough to stand up to continuous foot traffic and it never fails to turn heads and get attention.

It’s sure to be a memorable talking point for your visitors and guests.

Trade stands, wedding fayres, commercial displays and promotions, shopping centres and summer festivals are all using fake grass to great effect.

If you are looking to give your next event or exhibition the wow factor, then why not transform that dull hard standing into a lush green grassy area?

Choosing the best artificial grass for events and exhibitions is, of course, quite different from choosing a turf for a garden, for example. And not all artificial grass is created equal.

And there’s a lot more to choosing a fake grass than just judging it by its looks, too.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right grass for your event and let you know exactly what you should be looking for.



What is the Best Pile Height for Events and Exhibitions?


For heavy usage areas, choose something with a pile height between 20mm–30mm. This is because shorter piles tend to be harder wearing.

Inverness and Tempo make for excellent choices as both grasses have a short – but strong and dense – pile, making them perfect for any event or exhibition.

For more decorative areas, go with whatever pile you think looks the most realistic.



What is the Best Pile Density for Events and Exhibitions?



Again, it really depends on how much use your fake turf is likely to receive.

For high footfall areas, the denser the pile, the better, as the fibres will support each other, helping them to remain in an upright position and wear better. The grass will look better, too.

In this situation, choose a turf with at least 16,000 stitches per square metre.

Of course, the denser the pile, the more the grass will cost, as it will have more plastic fibres per square metre.

For lawns that will be mainly for ornamental use, it wouldn’t be necessary to choose a lawn with any more than 16,000 stitches per square metre.



What is the Best Fibre Material to Choose for Events and Exhibitions?


Again, this all depends on how much foot traffic you expect your event or exhibition to receive.

For areas that are for largely decorative or ornamental purposes, we would recommend that you choose a fibre manufactured from polyethylene. This is because, while polyethylene is not as strong as nylon, it is a cheaper material, which will make it more cost-effective.

If, on the other hand, you’re expecting high levels of foot traffic – which, of course, is the aim for the majority of events and exhibitions – then choose a turf with nylon fibres.

Nylon is up to 40% more resilient than polyethylene and 22% more resilient than polypropylene.

It’s also up to 33% stronger than polyethylene and 26% stronger than polypropylene.

So, for areas expected to receive heavy use, choosing a grass with nylon fibres is a no-brainer.



Does Artificial Grass for Events and Exhibitions Need Instant Recovery® Technology?



For a natural looking artificial lawn, it’s very import that the synthetic fibres remain in an upright position as, of course, that’s what real blades of grass do.

Instant Recovery® Technology incorporates extremely durable nylon fibres to create a lower thatch that supports the fibres and allows them to spring back to an upright position.

If your event or exhibition is likely to get a high footfall then choosing this innovative technology will ensure that your fake grass will withstand heavy use throughout the event whilst looking as close to the real thing as possible.



Does Artificial Grass for Events and Exhibitions Need Feelgood® Technology?


Feelgood® Technology helps to regulate the temperature of artificial grass. This unique innovation helps to keep your fake grass up to 12 degrees cooler than grass without it.

If you are undertaking an outdoor event during spring and summer, we highly recommend that you choose a turf with Feelgood® Technology to prevent the artificial grass from becoming too hot to touch or walk on barefoot.

For indoor events, it wouldn’t be necessary.



Does Artificial Grass for Events and Exhibitions need Natural Look® Technology?



Natural Look® Technology enables artificial grass to look as natural as possible by reducing glare and reflections.

With low quality artificial grass, excessive glare causes the grass to look a different shade, depending on the angle it is viewed from. From some angles, it may appear to be darker or lighter than it does from others.

For the most realistic artificial grass, choosing Natural Look® Technology is highly recommended.



Will Artificial Grass for Events and Exhibitions Use Need a Foam Underlay?


NeoGrass Artificial Grass Foam Underlay Shockpad 1

It’s unlikely that grass for an event or exhibition will need to have foam underlay installed underneath the fake turf.

Foam shockpads give an artificial lawn a soft, bouncy feeling underfoot, but for a temporary event or exhibition, it’s probably not worth the additional cost – unless you think that your guests might benefit from having one.

If, on the other hand, there is the chance of visitors falling from height, then it may well be worth considering, as a foam shockpad will ensure your fake grass complies with the Head Impact Criteria.



How Should Artificial Grass be Installed for Commercial and Public Use?


Installing artificial grass for temporary events and exhibitions is easy.

Fake grass comes in rolls either 2m or 4m wide, and installation is often as easy as rolling your grass out into position.

It can be installed on top of many existing hard standings, such as concrete, with ease.

The perimeter and joins can be secured using either Aquabond or a two-part adhesive, such as Envirostik Multi-Purpose adhesive, in either 5kg or 10kg formats.



Is There Anything Else to Consider?


When choosing the best artificial grass, regardless of application, you should always consider the country your chosen turf was manufactured in.

Artificial grass manufactured within the EU is of a far higher quality than products manufactured in Asia, for example, as there are stricter standards and regulations that must be adhered to. Many of these do not apply outside of Europe.

It’s also important to choose a fake grass that has a lengthy warranty.

One of the great things about choosing artificial grass for events and exhibitions is that it can be used multiple times over many years. It’s as easy to transport and install as a roll of carpet and your one-time investment in artificial grass will pay dividends.

Therefore, always look for as long a warranty as possible. Always check the small print, too, as some warranties don’t give you much protection.

Tempo by NeoGrass Backing Picture


You’ll also want to look for a fake grass with a strong backing. It’s key to a long-lasting turf, as the backing is what holds everything together and prevents loss of yarn.

One of the ways some manufacturers are able to offer lower prices is by using lower quantities of latex in their backing. However, it’s a false economy, as the grass is unlikely to be as durable. Therefore, we recommend you look for a product with at least 800 grams of latex per square metre as an absolute minimum, and preferably somewhere around 900 grams.

You can find more information about some of the basic things to look for when buying artificial grass here.





Artificial grass is perfect for any event or exhibition as it will certainly turn heads and attract attention.

Visitors won’t be able to help themselves – they’ll want to walk on your fake turf, and they will be amazed at how realistic the grass is and how soft it feels underfoot. And anything that breaks the ice and gets people talking is a bonus!

However, choosing artificial grass for an event or exhibition is different from choosing a fake turf for a garden lawn, for example, as it requires different features and strengths in order to meet the demands of the application.

Hopefully now, though, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to allow you to choose the best artificial grass for your upcoming event or exhibition.

To view the NeoGrass range of fake turf, which is ideally suited for this type of application, please click here.

We highly recommend choosing either Inverness or Tempo for your next event as they have all the necessary attributes to perform extremely well in this type of application.

Now we want to hear from you. Have you used artificial grass for a recent event? Do you have any questions about fake grass and events? Then why not leave us a comment below?




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