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Why Choose A NeoGrass Lawn?

The UK’s Number 1 Artificial Grass Brand

Through our unparalleled commitment to research and development we have created the UK’s most advanced range of artificial grass that looks more realistic, lasts longer and performs better.

Here’s 8 reasons to choose a NeoGrass Lawn…

1. Artificial Fibres Up to 40% More Resilient

Artificial grass is made up of thousands of synthetic ‘fibres’ that imitate real blades of grass. These fibres are made from either polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon (polyamide).

Fibre material has a significant impact on the performance and longevity of your artificial lawn.

Our best products combine the hardwearing nature of nylon alongside the softer feel of polyethylene to provide the perfect balance between strength and softness.

2. Ultra-Tough Backing

The backing material holds together the entire lawn. If it fails, your lawn fails with it.

We use high quantities of latex (968 grams per m2) to provide an extra-strong anchoring resistance to prevent the fibres from detaching from the backing. Our backing is flexible and does not break or crack, preventing separation of the primary and secondary layers.

3. Fibre Thickness

The fibre thickness is another important indicator of fibre strength. The thicker the fibre, the greater the resistance and durability.

Our advanced extrusion technology means that our fibre thickness far exceeds that of our competitors, with a minimum thickness of 200/99 microns for optimal performance and longevity.


4. Tested for Harmful Substances

NeoGrass is independently tested and certified as being 100% free from harmful substances and heavy metals. Our products have been awarded a ‘Confidence in Textiles’ certification by Oeko-Tex, the leading authority for independent safety testing in the textile industry.

Choosing NeoGrass gives you complete peace of mind that your artificial lawn is free from lead and other hidden harmful toxins that could affect the health of your family and pets.

5. Fire Resistance

Unfortunately, fires can and do happen. The last thing you want is for your artificial lawn to help a fire spread.

NeoGrass products have been independently tested and rated as to the effectiveness at preventing the spread of fire. Our products are rated as either Cfl-s1 or Efl-s1 to European standards, for your peace of mind.

6. Manufactured in Europe

Our entire NeoGrass range is manufactured in Europe, guaranteeing the highest quality.

7. 10 Year Warranty

We are 100% convinced that our artificial grass cannot be matched on quality or durability that’s why we offer warranties of up to 10 years.

Guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

8. Nationwide Delivery Service

NeoGrass is installed across the length and breadth of the UK.

We offer a fast, UK wide delivery service for both 2m and 4m rolls up to a length of 25m.

We can also cut each roll to the nearest 0.1m for your convenience and easy installation.





Our Artificial Grass Range

See Our Grasses With Why Choose A NeoGrass Lawn?

See Our Grasses With Why Choose A NeoGrass Lawn?