10 DIY YouTube Channels You Need Subscribe to Today

10 DIY YouTube Channels You Need Subscribe to Today


One of the best ways of learning any DIY skill is to watch a true craftsman at work.

Fortunately, nowadays, that’s very easy to do, with the rise of YouTube empowering people to create their very own channels to broadcast and share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world.

YouTube has grown to become a wealth of information and it’s perfectly possible to go from having absolutely no DIY skills at all to building virtually anything you can think of for the home or garden using your own two hands.

And there is certainly nothing more satisfying than building or fixing things for yourself – not to mention it’s a great way to save on the cost of having to hire in expensive professional trades people.

If you don’t already use YouTube for DIY tips and advice, then we highly recommend that you start today. We’ve found hundreds of excellent vlogs which we have boiled down to our 10 favourite DIY YouTube channels to subscribe to today – enjoy!



Charlie DIYte


Charlie is a self-taught DIY enthusiast and his goal is to pass on his knowledge to anyone and everyone in the hope that they can put their skills to good use, as he has done over the years.

Charlie’s videos are extremely informative and he has so far covered a huge range of topics – you’ll find everything from how to change a toilet seat to fitting tongue-and-groove flooring.

Charlie uploads new videos almost every week so it’s certainly worth checking back here regularly.

Our favourite video: How to Make a Folding Desk – With No Hinges!

Check out Charlie’s channel here:



Gosforth Handyman


Gosforth Handyman is a Newcastle-based DIYer who also happens to run his own joinery business, so this channel is great for getting tips from an experienced pro.

Due to his background many of his videos are, of course, joinery and woodwork-based, but there is still plenty for everyone on his channels – we particularly enjoy his tool and product review videos.

His Workshop Randomness videos cover a variety of subjects, not just DIY, and they are very entertaining to watch, too.

Our favourite video: How to fix really heavy things to walls – meet the Wall Bolt!

Check out Gosforth Handyman’s channel here



Peter Millard


Peter Millard is a professional carpenter with a small shop in West London, which is where the majority of his videos are shot.

Of course, given his experience, he offers excellent advice on all things carpentry, but there is also plenty of informative general DIY advice and tool reviews.

Peter’s channel was established in April 2017 and has already built up a following of almost 30,000 by December 2018. We think that’s an indication of how great his videos are.

Our favourite video: How to make raised panel cabinet doors in MDF

Check out Peter Millard’s channel here



Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals


Next on our list is Steve Ramsey and his YouTube channel, Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

Steve offers up more fantastic woodworking tips and tricks to help you with your carpentry DIY projects.

He has been on the video sharing platform for 10 years and in that time has built up over a million subscribers!

Steve injects a lot of personality into his videos, which makes them thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

Being passionate gardeners and firm believers that everyone should have their own compost bin, we loved his video showing you step-by-step how to make a fantastic compost bin for your garden.

Our favourite video: Make This Super Easy Compost Bin with LIMITED TOOLS. Anyone Can Build This!

Check out Steve Ramsey’s channel here



Ultimate Handyman


The Ultimate Handyman channel is dedicated to all things DIY and home improvement.

They have also been posting on their channel for 10 years now and in that time have built up a huge range of videos, covering everything from using an angle grinder safely to replacing a double-glazed window unit.

Accompanying their YouTube channel is their excellent website, where you’ll also find lots of valuable DIY resources – there are over 500 articles and 450 videos.

Ultimate Handyman is one of our favourite YouTube channels, and if you only subscribe to one from this list, we’d recommend that it’s this one, due to the range of topics covered.

Our favourite video: How to build a picture frame deck

Check out Ultimate Handyman’s channel here





AvE is a popular DIY channel with, currently, over a million subscribers.

What is different about this channel compared to the others on this list is that they shoot from a point-of-view angle, so you don’t ever see the face of the channel’s owner.

But we like this, as it means we can see exactly what he is seeing, making his advice simple to follow.

Be warned, though, the language used on this channel can be a bit fruity at times.

Our favourite video: BOLTR: Ego Blower | Yes, it blows 

Check out AvE’s channel here



Skill Builder


The Skill Builder channel is packed full of videos of reviews, technique and advice, hosted by Roger Bisby.

We’ve found the channel to be very inspirational and it covers all aspects of building and construction, making it perfect for those undertaking a wide range of DIY projects and home renovations.

If you’re looking at buying new tools, then the chances are whatever you are looking for has been reviewed on this channel, so we’d highly recommend checking out these videos before making any purchases. Roger’s Combi Drill review video has almost 1.7 million views, as of early December 2018.

Our favourite video: 18 Volt Combi Drills Review – Which is best in test?

Check out Skill Builder’s channel here



Scott Brown Carpentry


Here is another carpenter, this time New Zealander Scott Brown, whose channel is packed with the best DIY tips and tricks.

Scott Brown has a great sense of humour and it really shows through in his videos, which we found to be thoroughly entertaining as well as informative.

He has a growing following, with 26,000 subscribers and counting, and has posted over 100 episodes during 2018, so make sure you check back regularly to catch all the latest videos from this excellent channel.

Our favourite video: How to Build a Wooden Gate with Horizontal Slats

Check out Scott Brown Carpentry’s channel here





One thing we noticed when researching for this blog post was that it was disappointing to find very few DIY channels hosted by women.

But seejanedrill is certainly flying the flag for female DIYers – it’s a fantastic channel that is currently fast approaching half a million subscribers.

Jane (real name Leah Bolden) is a certified building trades instructor and has over 20 years’ experience in her field. And it certainly shows through in her videos, which are packed with great tips for people with all levels of DIY experience.

Be sure to subscribe to her channel today.

Our favourite video: I Chopped Down My Tree and Made This

Check out seejanedrill’s channel here



Essential Craftsman


The Essential Craftsman channel is another US-based vlog, and hosted by Scott Wadsworth. He covers a variety of topics and each of his videos are very in-depth, with his style being easy to watch and, most importantly, understand.

His aim is to showcase his ‘knowledge that is gained through experience, and encourage respect for the craftsmen, their tools and history’. We think he’s doing a fantastic job and clearly so does the online community, as he currently has over 350,000 subscribers and his videos have received well over 31 million views.

Not only does he discuss all things DIY, there’s also some great ‘off topic’ videos, including a great video where he fires his homemade cannon. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7dlgh6of_0]

We also particularly liked his ‘How to Build a House’ series, in which he has documented the step-by-step process he has taken to build a house from start to finish.

Our favourite video: Skil Saw Pro Tips

Check out Essential Craftsman’s channel here





We hope you have enjoyed our roundup of our favourite DIY YouTube channels and that you can put some of the skills you’ll learn to good use in your home and garden.

Are there are any other DIY YouTube channels that you subscribe to or that you think we should have included on our list? Then let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.



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