Everything You Need to Know About Natural Look® Technology

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Look® Technology



At NeoGrass we are constantly striving for perfection and to remain firmly ahead of the competition.

This constant need for improvement has led us to develop three different types of artificial grass technology that have drastically improved both the aesthetics and performance of artificial turf.

These three technologies are: Instant Recovery®, Feelgood® and Natural Look®.

Natural Look® was developed to create a more realistic-looking lawn.

We’re regularly asked questions from curious customers wanting to find out more about this technology.

Questions such as, ‘What is Natural Look?’, ‘How does Natural Look work?’ and ‘When should I choose Natural Look?’ are things we are asked on a daily basis.

Answering these commonly asked questions is the focus of today’s article.



What Is Natural Look® Technology?


Natural Look® technology was developed to address a common problem associated with artificial grass.

Prior to the development of this technology, the problem with artificial grass was that, depending on which angle you viewed an artificial lawn from, it would look a difference shade of green.

That’s because the fibres were reflecting light, which caused the grass to have a shiny appearance.

Of course, when choosing an artificial grass, you want it to look as realistic and as natural as possible. To solve this issue, we set about finding a way of reducing unwanted reflection.



How Does Natural Look® Work?


It’s common knowledge that the smoother or more polished a surface is, the more it reflects light.

Due to the physical and chemical characteristics of synthetic grass fibres, they have a high degree of reflection. This is caused by the smoothness of the plastic.

So, we had to find a way of reducing this reflection and that is exactly what Natural Look® technology does.

By creating synthetic fibres that, on a microscopic level, have a rough texture, we ensure that the amount of light reflected by them is drastically reduced.

The uneven surface helps to disperse light rays and offers a lower degree of reflection. In other words, these fibres produce less shine.

This gives an overall more natural appearance to an artificial lawn and enables the fake turf to look the same shade of green, no matter what angle it is viewed from.

When it comes to choosing the fibres used to manufacture our artificial grass products, we are meticulous in choosing the best available.

One of the conditions of selection is that the fibres are as matt as possible, to minimise the brightness, enabling our artificial turf to offer a natural green appearance in all conditions.



Does This Mean That the Fibres Will Feel Rough to Touch?


No. The roughness of the fibres is on a microscopic level only and doesn’t affect the overall softness of the grass.

If the kids want to kick a football around, the fibres won’t hurt them if they fall.

And if you’re walking barefoot, or sitting on the grass, it will still feel comfortable. You’ll be able to spread a cloth and set out the sandwiches and sausage rolls without worrying that the lawn will feel scratchy. And, as W Somerset Maugham said, ‘There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort.’



When Should I Choose Natural Look® Technology?


Basically, whenever you are looking for the most realistic artificial grass possible.

Gardens and lawns, schools and playgrounds, roof gardens, balconies and terraces, events and exhibitions, and commercial and public areas all make for ideal applications for Natural Look® technology. These are all places where people will view the grass from different angles, and that allows Natural Look technology to really make a difference to the aesthetics of the space.

If you’re planning a decorative lawn that will generally only be viewed from one angle, it isn’t really essential as you won’t get the full benefit from it. But for everything else, choose Natural Look® for a more realistic artificial lawn.





artificial grass

It’s very important that, when choosing to fake it, your lawn looks as natural as possible and blends seamlessly into your garden’s surroundings.

When searching for the most realistic artificial grass, choosing Natural Look technology makes perfect sense.

Poor quality synthetic turf with excessive glare looks unnatural and you’ll be able to spot that it’s fake grass from a mile off.

From the NeoGrass range of artificial grass products, Aberdeen, Inverness, Arena and Delta all utilise this unique technology.

You can request samples of these products by completing the form on this page here.

If you have any further questions regarding Natural Look or any of the NeoGrass technologies, then why not leave us a comment below?




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