• Is artificial grass suitable for dogs and pets?+

    Yes. It is perfect for pet owners.

    The majority of our customers have dogs as they become tired of having their lawns destroyed and muddy paw prints in the house and on the furniture. Dogs can’t dig through artificial grass and their ‘mess’ will not stain and it can be hosed through the grass. However, with the British weather, this is normally only required during the summer months.

  • Which grass is best for dog owners?+

    All of our grass are suitable for pets, although some are better suited than others. Please see this page for further details.

  • How do I clean up my dogs mess?+

    This can be hosed through the grass. However, with the British weather, this is normally only required during the summer months. Solids can be picked up as normal. Dog mess will not stain your grass.

  • Is artificial grass suitable for children?+

    Yes. It’s perfect for children as they can play on the lawn all year round without getting muddy.

    Our artificial grasses are designed with safety in mind. They have been approved by Oeko Tex which means that our grasses have been independently tested for harmful substances. Please see the Oeko Tex website for further information.

    Artificial grass is also softer than normal grass and for extra protection, our grasses can be installed in conjunction with a safety shock pad.

  • How do you install artificial grass?+

    For installation advice for garden and lawn applications, please visit this page: How To Install Artificial Grass

  • How long does it take to install?+

    This depends on the area. A 40m2 lawn will usually take 2 days for an experienced team of 2 to install. With the right tools DIYers may take 3 days.

  • Does it matter which way I lay the grass?+

    Yes. Every artificial grass has a slight pile direction. Ideally the pile should be facing towards your home. If using more than one piece of grass it is crucial that the fibres on each grass are facing the same direction.

  • What sizes do the rolls come in?+

    Widths of 2m and 4m are available up to a maximum length of 25m. Please remember that artificial grass can be very heavy so please bare this in mind when ordering.

  • Is it completely maintenance free?+

    Not quite. Unfortunately, nothing that is exposed to the elements is completely maintenance free. Luckily though, maintenance is minimal. Depending on usage, your grass will need the occasional brush with a stiff broom in the opposite direction to the pile. This will also remove detritus build up although a garden vacuum can be used for this.

  • How long will the grass last for?+

    We provide warranties of up to 10 Years however if installed correctly, our grasses will last for up to 20 years.

  • Will weeds grow through it?+

    If its installed correctly, then no. We recommend a double layer of weed membrane. One installed underneath the sub base and another on top of the sub base, directly underneath the grass. This stops weeds from growing through the grass. Weeds can potentially grow up the sides of the grass and bird droppings can cause weeds to nestle in the fibres, however these weeds are very easily removed.

  • Is it permeable?+

    Yes. They are drainage holes on the underside of the grass which allows water to drain through.