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Experience the Comfort of Feelgood®

Discover artificial grass that not only looks amazing but feels incredible too, all thanks to our innovative Feelgood® technology.


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than standard artificial grass

What is Feelgood® Technology?

Normal artificial grass can absorb heat from the sun ray’s making it uncomfortable to walk on. But with our revolutionary Feelgood® technology, that’s a thing of the past. Our ground-breaking technology reflects and dissipates heat – keeping your lawn cool and comfortable.

Discover the Feelgood® Advantage

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Feel the Difference

Walk barefoot without the fear of discomfort, even on the hottest days. Enjoy a lawn that provides a cool and comfortable experience for you and your family.

Stay Cool

With Feelgood® Technology, your artificial grass remains cooler, creating a more enjoyable outdoor space for relaxation, play, and entertaining.

Sun Protection

Feelgood® Technology not only keeps your grass comfortable but also safeguards it from the sun's harmful rays and prevents fading. Protect your investment and enjoy long-lasting beauty.

Discover The Products Powered by Feelgood® Technology

Inverness by NeoGrass

£34.99 per m2

The ultimate short-piled artificial grass packed full of the latest technology. Inverness is a precisely manicured turf that flawlessly mimics freshly cut grass in both look and feel.




Aberdeen by NeoGrass

£39.99 per m2

Discover the ultimate artificial grass. With its cutting-edge technology, Aberdeen is the most realistic, longest-lasting and most resilient artificial grass ever created.




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