5 Reasons to Use Artificial Grass This Festival Season

5 Reasons to Use Artificial Grass This Festival Season

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Summer music festivals, ranging from the world-famous Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds Festival, to those also covering activities such as arts and crafts, motoring and general entertainment, are hugely popular. Whether it’s a large scale event attracting crowds in the thousands or smaller affairs catering to just hundreds, festivals are very popular in the UK.

While festivals frequently conjure up images of people enjoying their favourite bands in the company of thousands of other enthusiasts in the sunshine and balmy evenings, less savoury images of mud baths and festival sites looking like wastelands can also come to mind.

The UK climate means outdoor events can easily be blighted by the weather, so artificial grass is one way of improving the festival experience for organisers and attendees alike.

Here are five reasons to consider using fake grass at a festival whether large or small.



Low wear

Whether the sun shines throughout the festival or it pours with rain, real grass will wear and – especially in certain heavy footfall areas – lasting damage can be caused. Excessively dry conditions can thin out the grass and make the ground uneven as repeated use can cause furrowing.

Alternatively, wet conditions can soon turn areas of heavy use into a quagmire.

In both cases, once the festival is over extensive remedial work may be required while sometimes the same venue might not be used the following year to allow the grass to recover.

An artificial surface whether laid permanently or just for the duration of the festival helps solve the wear problem. It’s far more weather resistant than real grass and can stand up to heavy use such as high footfalls.


Cost effective

Once some rolls of artificial grass are purchased and either laid permanently on a festival site or removed afterwards to be reused the following year, they should provide a number of years use so repaying the initial investment many times over.

By contrast, real grass may require considerable sums of money spent on remedial work after a particularly wet or excessively dry festival.

To make the most of either a permanent or temporary artificial grass solution, talk to experienced suppliers and installers at artificial grass UK.



A natural look

festival artificial grass

Some areas look more inviting and ‘homely’ with artificial grass added; many festivals have areas such as sit-down refreshment zones, hospitality or retail areas including craft market stalls and souvenir stands.

Artificial grass laid in these areas can add to the overall ‘festival feel’ compared to a bare floor or rough matting, and if laid on real grass can help protect it against heavy footfall wear.

A good example of this use of artificial grass is at certain large festivals where there’s extensive media coverage such as Glastonbury; the television set is often kitted out with artificial grass to help create that outdoorsy, festival atmosphere for viewers.



Quick clean up

Once the crowds have gone, most festivals – even a modest sized one serving a small locality – often require extensive tidying up with either volunteers spending hours of their time or the expense of hiring cleaning and tidying personnel.

Rather than having to comb every blade of grass to ensure the last remnant of litter is removed (maybe the event has taken place in a field and it has to be scrupulously clear of debris so as to be returned to agricultural use), using rolls of artificial grass mean that – once larger littering has been cleared – the surface can be simply rolled up and removed for cleaning or disposal.

This can be a huge help if clearing up time is limited.



Safety first

muddy music festival

Artificial grass can help enhance safety at a festival in the following ways:

Footing – slithering about on wet, muddy grass is no fun despite some of the more jokey footage often shown on television during a particularly wet Glastonbury; it’s also dangerous and can cause injury.

Likewise when ground has baked dry during a heatwave, rutted areas can cause nasty stumbles and possibly sprained ankles.

Artificial grass used in certain areas can improve safety and provides a secure, high grip surface.

Debris – despite the best efforts during the post festival clear up, certain smaller items of litter and debris can be left undetected and cause danger such as small shards of broken glass and discarded plastic that can easily be digested by animals or encountered by children using the area after the festival.

Artificial grass can be rolled up and smaller debris removed once away from the location.


Artificial grass – practical and quick

Advances in fake grass manufacturing techniques in recent years, and access to knowledgeable experts who supply and install it, make artificial grass undoubtedly a viable option for festivals both large and small.  For your free NeoGrass sample pack, please click here.



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