10 Gardening YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

10 Gardening YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To


Watching videos is a great way to learn about gardening.

Luckily, there are many excellent gardeners around the world who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of us, via the various social media platforms that exist.

One of the best sources of gardening know-how is the video sharing platform, YouTube.

The rise of the ‘vlogger’ in recent years has meant that more and more people are setting up their own vlogs for us to enjoy.

There is a huge range of gardening vloggers on YouTube covering practically every topic you can think of.

So, we thought we’d compile a list of our 10 favourite YouTube channels that every keen gardener should be following. Check them out and don’t forget to subscribe to these brilliantly informative channels.





YorkshireKRIS has been creating videos for his YouTube channel since 2011 and has, at the time of writing this article, uploaded over 200 videos.

The focus of this vlog is on exotic plants and how to grow them in the UK, whilst also offering general gardening advice, such as how to construct a greenhouse.

His advice on overwintering plants is extremely useful and, if you’re looking to grow your own exotic plants, then this vlog is a must, as it’s packed full of useful tips and gardening know-how from this hands-on gardener.

Our favourite video: My Top 12 Easy Plants for a UK Exotic Garden


Check out Kris’s channel here



Charles Dowding


Another great vlog on our list is that of Charles Dowding, who has been gardening for over 30 years.

This channel is all about growing your own fruit and vegetables using the quickest and easiest methods possible.

He is particularly keen on his ‘no dig’ method of gardening, which requires very little work on the gardener’s behalf, whilst also producing better, more environmentally friendly results.

This vlog is perfect for anyone who is short of spare time but still wants to produce their own fruit and veg in their own garden.

Our favourite video: No Dig Explained: feed the soil, not the plants, for many easier harvests and fewer weeds


Check out Charles’ channel here



Gardening at 58 North

Our next vlog is dedicated to houseplants and gardening in small spaces, such as balconies. This is perfect for those living in inner-city areas who have little or no garden at all. The vlog has lots of tips to help you grow various plants in an indoor environment.

The vlog started back in 2014 and has had almost 10 million views since then, so they must be doing something right!

Our favourite video: How to Make Your House Into a Jungle


Check out Gardening at 58 North’s channel here



Urban Gardening


This vlog is run by Mohit Kumar Singh Rajput, from India, who has over 18 years of gardening experience.

His vlog has one of the highest subscription rates on our list – it currently stands at around 250,000 subscribers.

Urban Gardening contains lots of excellent videos of step-by-step guides on how to look after plants, and is an informative and entertaining vlog with something for everyone.

Our favourite video: How to Grow Vegetables in Containers 


Check out Urban Gardening’s channel here



Go Green


The Go Green vlog has a heavy emphasis on environmentally friendly gardening and ways in which we can recycle in our gardens.

The vlog has lots of useful tips and advice to help us do this, including how to reuse garden and household waste, such as grass clippings, banana peels, eggshells and even teabags.

There is also lots of useful information on growing your own fruits and vegetables on this informative vlog, so be sure to check it out today.

Our favourite video: 10 Gardening Tips for the Lazy Gardener


Check out Go Green’s channel here



The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni


This US-based vlog follows the journey and experiences of James Prigioni, who has transformed his own garden from a lifeless wasteland into a what he describes as a ‘food forest’.

It has a big emphasis on growing your own food within your garden and has all the tips you could ever need to create your very own ‘food forest’.

Organic gardening is a strong theme here, too, and James avoids using any form of pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers, showing that it’s perfectly possible to achieve fantastic results without the use of chemicals.

Our favourite video: I Wish I Knew This When I First Started Gardening


Check out James’s channel here



Roots and Refuge Farm


From an early age, it was the dream of Jess – the vlog owner – to have her very own farm.

In April 2014, her dream came true as she and her family purchased their own small farm.

This vlog follows her journey of growing her own crops, with tips and advice that all of us can learn from, whether you’ve been gardening for a lifetime or just a single day.

We also found the vlog to be very inspirational, as it encourages us all to follow our dreams and Jess’s positive attitude is great to watch.

Our favourite video: Final Garden Tour & Harvest Summer 2018


Check out the Roots and Refuge Farm channel here



The Gardening Channel


As the name suggests, this vlog covers all things gardening, including growing tips for vegetable gardens, DIY hacks for roses and flowers, and tips on how to propagate from cuttings or hydroponics systems.

There is also lots of information on exotic and rare plants, and interesting garden experiments, such as growing a lemon cutting in a potato!

For a thoroughly entertaining and informative vlog, be sure to check out The Gardening Channel.

Our favourite video: Put a Lemon Cutting in a Potato and Watch it GROW!!!


Check out The Gardening Channel here





YourGardenShow is a vlog with around 23,000 subscribers that positions itself as a free social network run by gardeners, for gardeners.

Although this is now an inactive vlog, with the last video having been posted 6 years ago, there is so much fantastic information on here that we had to include it on our list.

The vlog features a series called ‘Ask Ian’, which contains some of the most informative gardening videos on YouTube.

Ian is a horticulturist who has won numerous awards from the Royal Horticultural Society, and his broad knowledge and experience really shines through in his videos, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

Our favourite video: Ask Ian: Container Gardening


Check out YourGardenShow’s channel here



Plant Abundance


Last, but not least, on our list of 10 YouTube channels to subscribe to is Plant Abundance.

This vlog is owned and run by Dan, a keen gardener with an interest in creating a ‘backyard food forest’, edible and medicinal plants, and also raising his very own chickens.

Dan joined YouTube in 2014 and has been posting excellent videos ever since – he currently has almost 81,000 subscribers.

Dan’s garden is amazing and you can follow his experiences by subscribing to his channel today.

Our favourite video: The Secret to Growing GIANT Tree Kale & Tree Collards!!!


Check out Plant Abundance’s channel here





YouTube is a fantastic source of gardening ideas and inspiration, and any gardener – whether they have been gardening all of their life or are just starting out – is sure to learn something new. There’s just something extra you get from actually watching someone show you how to do things that are new to you, and also seeing the results that are possible, rather than just hearing or reading about them. As well as being entertaining, it makes it all seem within reach.

We thoroughly enjoyed browsing the various YouTube channels in writing this article and found it to be a fascinating insight into how people are transforming their gardens into beautiful green spaces.

Many of the vloggers are advocates of grow your own, and we would encourage anyone to start their own kitchen garden or food forest, as not only is it a highly rewarding experience, but it will also save you money and help the environment.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of 10 gardening vlogs and, if there are any other channels that you think should have been included on our list, then please provide us a link in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to check them out.



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