Here’s How Artificial Grass Can Save You Money

Here’s How Artificial Grass Can Save You Money


Artificial Grass Save You Money

Keeping a real lawn looking in tip-top condition throughout the year can not only be extremely time-consuming, but can also cost you lots of your hard-earned cash.

Whether you hire in professional help or care for your lawn yourself, the cost of treatments and specialist equipment can really start to mount up.

According to this BBC article, about £400m is spent each year in the UK on lawn care.

That’s a huge amount of money.

And, unfortunately, much of this money is spent in vain as the odds of being able to maintain a real lawn to the standard you want can be very much stacked against you, especially when you factor in poor drainage, sheltered areas of lawn, children and/or dogs. Despite your best efforts, you may find your real lawn still looks the same dry, patchy mess as before.

The benefits of having an artificial lawn are numerous.

Besides some of the more obvious advantages, such as no longer having to mow the lawn, no more mud or mess, and a cleaner, safer environment for your children and pets to play in all year round, there are also money saving benefits that mean artificial grass can make great financial sense.

In this latest article we’re going to be exploring some of the ways that artificial grass can save you money and prove to be an excellent investment in your property; an investment that will not only add financial value, but also save on the ongoing maintenance costs that a real lawn requires.

We understand that the initial outlay for an artificial lawn may seem a little daunting. You’ve probably noticed that there can be a wide range of prices available for artificial grass and quite clearly there will also be a wide variation in quality.

On top of this there are the installation costs to consider.

We always advise using a professional to install your artificial grass, but if you need to save on costs there is always the option of carrying out a DIY installation.

It is, however, vital to install artificial grass correctly, as this makes a huge difference to both its performance and longevity.

Having said that, once the artificial turf has been installed you’ll find that it proves to be an excellent investment in your property, whilst also saving hours of your precious time.

A good quality artificial lawn, installed using the proper installation methods, will last upwards of 15 years.

So, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which an artificial lawn can you save money.



No More Professional Maintenance Fees


Clearly, not everyone has a professional gardener to maintain their lawn for them, but if you are in the position of not having the time, or if the area is too large to manage, or you are physically incapable of maintaining a real lawn yourself, you probably do.

And those of you that do hire a professional will know how expensive those services can be.

If you currently use a professional gardener to care for your lawn, it would be a good idea to calculate the costs of using your gardener over a 15-year period and then to compare that sum against the cost of having an artificial lawn installed in your property.

You might be surprised at just how much money you can save.

To save you the trouble of having to talk to professional installers just to get a rough idea of how much an artificial lawn may cost you, take a look at our previous article, ‘How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?’ It should prove helpful.

Of course, to properly compare prices should you decide to go ahead, it’s always best to obtain written quotes from local installers, as prices vary depending on the grass chosen, the size and condition of your existing garden, and the necessary installation method.



No More Pesticides or Fertilisers


Even if you don’t currently use a professional gardener to maintain your lawn, you are likely to be using a myriad of pesticides, fertilisers or weedkillers.

Again, the cost of these over a 15-year period really starts to add up – and then there’s the time spent applying these chemicals to your lawn to take into account.

Of course, there are not just the financial costs at stake here, but health risks, too.

Pesticides and fertilisers can contain toxic chemicals that can harm children and pets, making your garden lawn an unsafe environment to play in.

Most artificial grass, however, is 100% non-toxic and completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

We always recommend that you ensure your artificial grass is free from harmful substances before purchasing. This can be done by checking that it’s been independently tested and verified by an organisation such as Oeko-Tex.

An artificial lawn will mean that you can bin the harmful chemicals, saving you money and creating a safer environment for the whole family to enjoy.



Lower Water Bills


Many people are aware that artificial grass will reduce your water bill.

During summer, a typical garden lawn will require around 1 inch or 25mm of water per week.

For an average lawn of 50m2, this equates to 1,250 litres of water, every week!

The cost of this each year certainly makes a difference to your water bill.

But without this much water your real lawn will suffer and, of course, during times of drought, the first thing that happens is a hosepipe ban is imposed.

This is, of course, bad news for a real lawn, as without the recommended 25mm of water per week, you face the prospect of a dry, scorched lawn.

Unnecessary water usage also has an environmental impact.

Saving water in the home helps to protect wildlife that lives in rivers and wetlands, and reduces the amount of energy needed to treat water for domestic use.

For further tips on saving water around the home, the not-for-profit organisation, Waterwise, is a fantastic source of information.



Save on Lawn Care Equipment


As you may well have guessed, artificial grass doesn’t need cutting!

This means that you’ll no longer need to spend large amounts of money on lawnmowers or other essential lawn maintenance equipment, such as strimmers, aerators, scarifiers or sprayers.

The equipment needed for lawn maintenance is where some of the biggest savings can be made, as the cost of good quality tools can add up to a small fortune.

And don’t forget there are also the ongoing maintenance costs to take into account, plus the price of the electricity, petrol and/or oil that these items of equipment can consume.

Then there’s the issue of having to find somewhere to store it all.

If you already have a lawnmower or strimmer, etc., you can gain some money back by selling them once you have an artificial lawn installed.

The low maintenance nature of artificial grass means that you’ll no longer need those expensive tools.



Choose a Quality Artificial Grass to Ensure an Excellent Investment


Good quality artificial grass can last anywhere between 15 and 20 years, depending on usage level.

So far in this article we have discovered some of the many ways artificial grass can save you money.

When you add up these costs, in many instances people start to see a return on their investment after just five years.

This makes the initial outlay of having an artificial lawn installed an excellent investment in your property.

But to get a good quality, long-lasting fake grass, it’s a wise choice to choose a premium artificial turf and not be fooled into buying a poor quality synthetic grass.

It’s a false economy to buy a cheap artificial turf as you’ll find that the colour will quickly fade and there will be large amounts of fibre loss, resulting in a patchy artificial lawn that may need to be replaced after just a few years.

Different types of application will require different grades of artificial grass, as well.

For instance, a front garden lawn that will receive very little foot traffic would be best off with an artificial grass made from polypropylene, such as Delta or Libra.

But for a back garden that will receive heavy use from dogs and/or children, we highly recommend choosing a hardwearing, nylon-manufactured artificial grass such as Aberdeen, The Arena or Inverness.

These grasses come with our unique Instant Recovery Technology, which ensures that the fibres recover extremely well from foot traffic and garden furniture.NeoGrass Instant Recovery TechnologyOur Instant Recovery technology incorporates nylon fibres that ensure the pile remains in an upright position and will withstand heavy use.

The additional cost of nylon will prove to be excellent value in the long run as it is up to 40% more resilient than polyethylene and 22% more resilient than polypropylene manufactured synthetic grass.



You’ll Save Yourself Time


Many people believe that life is too short to be spent doing things you don’t want to do. For some people, this may include maintaining a garden lawn.

In today’s society, many of us spend long hours at work and the amount of spare time the average person gets these days is reducing more and more.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to want to spend your free time relaxing or enjoying yourself with friends and family.

Compared to a real lawn, the maintenance requirements of artificial grass are minimal and take a fraction of the time.

They’ll also be no more mud, sludge or mess, and best of all – no mowing. You’ll be able to say goodbye to the days, evenings or weekends spent praying the lawnmower will start then traipsing up and down the lawn.

For more information on artificial lawn maintenance, you may find our previous guide, ‘The Ultimate Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide’, a useful read.

It’s estimated that the average person will spend up to two months of their lifetime mowing the lawn. That’s two months of wasted time that you’ll never be able to get back again.

Time is the most valuable commodity of all and with artificial grass, you’ll give yourself more free time to spend doing the things you enjoy the most.





Many of the benefits of artificial grass are obvious.

It’s clearly going to require far less maintenance than a real lawn; it’s great at standing up to the heavy use inflicted on your lawn by children and pets; and the fact that there’ll be no more mud and mess is a huge relief to many.

However, some of the financial benefits are less obvious.

While we appreciate the initial cost of artificial grass may seem high, in reality artificial grass will add value to your home and generate savings year on year.

Its low maintenance will appeal to many potential buyers and will be a fantastic selling point should you wish to sell your property sometime in the future.

But there’s not just the value it will add to your property, there’s also the ongoing costs that many people are not aware of that can be saved by having an artificial lawn.

Typically, people begin to see a return on their investment after around five years, and the time savings can work out to be huge.

But, like any investment, it’s vitally important to choose a good quality artificial grass that will last long into the future.

If you’re still considering an artificial lawn, you may want to check out our previous article, ‘7 Important Considerations When Choosing the Best Artificial Grass’, which will guide you through some of the things to look for when choosing a good quality synthetic grass.

If you already have artificial grass installed, you may want to have a read of our article, ‘How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Artificial Lawn’, it’s a very useful read.

If you have any questions that you would like us to answer, leave them below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Also, if you have anything you would like us to discuss in more detail on our blog, please let us know.



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