6 Reasons Hotel and B&B Owners Should Install Fake Grass

6 Reasons Hotel and B&B Owners Should Install Fake Grass


artificial grass hotel swimming pool

Artificial grass isn’t just for domestic gardens.

In fact, it was first invented for use as a sports surface. Fake grass was then adapted for use as a garden lawn due to the many benefits it confers.

As the quality and aesthetics have improved at a phenomenal rate over the years, it’s evolved to become an ideal surface for a wide range of applications.

It’s perfect for swimming pool surrounds, rooftop gardens, balconies, offices, golf putting greens, commercial and public areas, schools and playgrounds, and events and exhibitions.

One type of application that has grown enormously in popularity in recent years is the use of artificial grass in hotels and B&Bs.

There are many reasons why artificial grass is ideally suited to this type of application, and in today’s article we’re looking specifically at the advantages of fake grass for hotels and B&Bs. Let’s start with our first reasons to install artificial grass.



1. Reduces Maintenance Costs of Your Hotel or B&B


Every B&B or hotel owner wants to have the lowest possible maintenance costs in order to maximise profits.

The cost of hiring grounds maintenance staff to keep the outdoor areas of your property clean and tidy can be expensive.

Artificial grass is a low-maintenance alternative to real grass. Of course, unlike the real thing, it will never need mowing or weeding, feeding or fertilising, to keep it looking in a presentable condition.

Fake grass typically requires little more than the occasional brush with a stiff broom or mechanical brush to invigorate the fibres and remove any debris.

This means that you can drastically reduce the time needed to maintain the grounds of your B&B or hotel, or even eliminate the need for grounds maintenance staff altogether.



2. Improves the Guest Experience at Your Hotel or B&B


artificial grass for a hotel

Online reviews are everything, these days, and they can make or break your hotel or B&B.

This means that it’s important to ensure that the overall guest experience is as good as it can be.

This includes everything from the initial booking to the shuttle buses to and from the local airport, from providing immaculately clean and tidy rooms to offering excellent customer service.

It also means that it’s important to ensure that the outdoor areas are kept looking at their very best, all year round, so that they can be utilised by your guests.

Artificial grass is a hard-wearing surface that can be used to create beautiful outdoor patio or courtyard areas for your guests to relax in, perhaps while enjoying a glass of wine or with a good book in hand.



3. Creates a Great First Impression of Your Hotel or B&B


artificial grass hotel entrance

First impressions are everything in the hospitality industry and your guests will start forming an opinion of your hotel or B&B as soon as they arrive.

Creating a great first impression will help your guests to feel positive about other areas of your property, too.

So, how do you make a great first impression? Well, you’ll need to take a good look at your property from the side of the road and be critical about its appearance.

There are lots of ways you can improve the appearance of your property, such as by giving it a lick of paint, ensuring all trees and plants are pruned and well-maintained, ensuring waste is kept out of sight, carrying out repair works as soon as they become necessary or refurbishing your reception area.

Installing artificial grass is another fantastic way of creating an excellent first impression.

The quality of today’s artificial turf  is so good that it’s now difficult to tell the difference between real and fake. And there is nothing better than presenting your guests with the sight of a lush, manicured lawn when they first arrive at your hotel or B&B.

It will create an impression of quality and will show customers that you care about the customer experience.

Get it right and the positive first impression that your customers have of your premises will continue throughout their stay, rewarding your hotel or B&B with glowing reviews and repeat custom.



4. Keeps Your Hotel or B&B Clean & Tidy


Gardens and outdoor door areas can be difficult, not to mention expensive, to maintain.

However, choosing to install artificial grass helps to keep both internal and external areas clean and tidy.

One of the big problems with areas of real grass is that, particularly during the winter months, they quickly become mudbaths.

There will always be one or two customers that will attempt to walk across lawn areas even when they are muddy, and that mud will then get walked right into your hotel or B&B.

Muddy footprints that are left unattended can present a potential slip hazard and, of course, make a bad impression on your other guests.

An excellent way of preventing mud and mess being trodden through the building is to install fake grass.

It’s the perfect solution for outdoor areas as, with artificial grass, there is no mud or mess.

Fake turf is installed on a sub-base rather than directly onto earth, so your guests can walk across it, whatever the time of the year, without getting mud on their feet that they then track in to your hotel or B&B.

The major advantage of being able to use artificial grass all year round is that it means those areas that are usually out of bounds for a large part of the year are now permanently accessible, giving your customers more space to utilise.



5. Perfect for Dog-Friendly Hotels and B&Bs


artificial grass dog friendly hotel

Many holidaymakers like to take their furry friends on holiday with them.

In recent years, this has meant that more and more hotels and B&Bs are making their properties dog-friendly, to attract this segment of the market.

Artificial grass and dogs go hand in hand. Excrement will not stain or damage artificial grass and they can’t dig up the turf, either.

As we have learnt, dogs will be free to use outdoor areas all year round without traipsing muddy pawprints back into your property.

Your guests will thank you for providing useable areas for their dogs to stretch their legs and ‘do their business’.



6. It Adds Value to Your Hotel or B&B


Installing artificial grass will add additional value to your hotel or B&B.

By choosing the best quality artificial grass and ensuring it is correctly installed you can expect your turf to last up to 20 years.

This makes it a fantastic long-term investment in your property.

Potential buyers of your hotel or B&B will be more attracted to your property if it has artificial grass, due to its functional and aesthetic advantages.

Depending upon the size of the area you intend to cover, there is of course an initial outlay, but this cost is usually recouped in terms of value added to your hotel or B&B.





artificial grass for hotels uk

If you own a hotel or B&B and are considering renovating your property, then choosing to install artificial grass is a fantastic investment.

It has many practical advantages over real grass and it will completely transform the aesthetic appeal of your property.

But not only does it look great, it will also increase guest satisfaction which, of course, leads to glowing reviews and repeat custom – and that ultimately leads to increased profits.

You can view our range of artificial grass that’s perfect for your hotel or B&B and even request your free sample pack, here.

We operate a nationwide network of NeoGrass Approved Installers who are trained and vetted to install artificial grass to the highest standard.

To get your free installation quote from your nearest installer, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding installing artificial grass in a hotel or B&B, please call us on 01245 931200 or leave us a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.



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