How to Create an Outdoor Cosy Space

Be creative and make an outdoor space with a difference

Making the most of outdoor areas to provide somewhere to relax or maybe work is becoming more popular thanks to some clever designs to provide inspiration, and the trend to make the most of available space around a property.


What’s your space for?

If you fancy creating an outdoor space then you’ll first need to decide what you hope to use it for, and this may be informed by what size and type of space you have available and its conversion potential.

For example, a shed could be repurposed to a pleasant indoor area such as a den or games room or even an outdoor office.

Alternatively, a small space just away from the main garden might be usefully turned into a partitioned off relaxation area to quietly read or maybe serve as an area to entertain.


Using artificial grass and other materials

artificial grass surrey

Another reason why creating unique outdoor spaces is becoming popular is the access to different materials that can create a look or mood and perform a practical role.

For example, artificial grass is becoming more popular as a lawn replacement as production techniques have advanced considerably in recent times.

Fake grass lends itself to many other applications including creating outdoor TV location sets such as at music festivals, some offices use it in specific rooms to make the working environment a bit different, it’s sometimes used to cover vehicles for relevant tradesmen such as landscape gardeners for example, and it’s even used to make smartphone covers.

So using some artificial grass to create a relaxing and maybe funky outdoor area makes perfect sense and wouldn’t prove too difficult.

Indeed, artificial materials are being carried through other aspects of the garden and outdoors with fake plants and shrubs so it’s possible to have a bijou, compact space fully grassed and gardened without the need for maintenance encroaching into time you could be spending relaxing in it.

Weatherproof paint comes in various shades so it’s possible to choose a colour you can live with and will last. This could apply whether you are, for example, converting a shed or painting the interior of a small courtyard garden wall.


Lighting and furniture – and more artificial grass


Lighting is a great way of creating a certain mood and ambience to an area if it will be used once darkness falls – or at least when the light fades.

Tealights make for a pleasant, relaxing way of providing some lighting glow and can be battery powered and use long life LEDs as opposed to the hassle and possible fire risk of candle-based types. There are also solar powered lights that turn on automatically as the light fades, so there are plenty of lighting options depending on your space.

Outdoor furniture can be given a new twist through being covered in artificial grass – ideal to create an ‘alternative’ mood and to make the most of perhaps shabby outdoor furniture in need of a refurb.

It could be a lot less bother covering them in fake grass – and they’ll look striking – compared to spending ages sanding them down and repainting. Various artificial grass types and finishes are available such as illustrated by examples shown here at artificial grass UK.


How far to take your outdoor space

somerset artificial grass

You may be undertaking a simple adaptation of an existing area or outdoor structure to create your space, or you may be investing in it quite substantially in terms of perhaps having some building work or hard landscaping done such as installing decking, building a wall or perhaps a covering to provide full shelter for an area to be used even when it’s wet outside.

Maybe instead of repurposing an existing shed or outbuilding you’re investing in an entirely new one to be your outdoor space from the start; all things are possible and as said earlier much depends on the space you have at your disposal, what your intentions are, and how much you wish to spend.


We have the technology

Thanks to streaming media, wi-fi and developments in home entertainment tech, you can realistically have a full entertainment system in your outdoor space.

Naturally a covered, secure facility such as a shed or outbuilding makes having a television permanently sited there possible unlike in an open area such as a partitioned off part of the garden or a courtyard.

Loudspeakers are perhaps more of a possibility almost regardless of the space; models exist specifically designed for outdoor use and they can be connected up wirelessly to amplification and direct to tablets and smartphones.

So long as you’re not likely to run into issues with neighbours over noise you can play music or maybe relaxing meditation sounds in even the simplest outdoor relaxation space.



Artificial grass for activity minded use of space

artificial grass installers in essex

You may have an activity in mind with your outdoor space as opposed to relaxation – or maybe both.

For example, if you’re a keen golfer perhaps a dedicated putting area is the idea behind creating an outdoor space? If so, artificial grass again provides the solution to recreating the smooth surface you need to practice those putts.

Similarly, if you’re creating a space for pets to spend time in partitioned off perhaps from the main garden then fake grass is a better bet than real as it’ll stand up to more punishment from those furry friends.

A safe, sectioned off area for the kids to play in could also be ideally achieved using an artificial grass surface.


Your outdoor space limited purely by your imagination

Even the smallest patch of land can be repurposed with a bit of imagination and creativity to make for a useful outdoor space. As said earlier, even if creating a ‘green space’ is impractical the advances of artificial gardens such as fake grass and plants makes it a possibility.

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