10 Instagram Gardening Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Instagram Gardening Accounts You Should Be Following


When you think of Instagram, you might think of a host of celebrities trying to outdo each other with photos and videos of their extravagant lifestyles or else a bunch of ‘influencers’ trying to sell you stuff. However, there’s much more to Instagram than that.

The site also has a wealth of accounts run by enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, keen to share their knowledge and experiences. And, luckily for us, there are many excellent gardeners from around the world who are keen to do just that.

Whether you want to redesign your garden to be the envy of your neighbours, create an eco-friendly oasis in suburbia or grow your own fruit and veg, it’s a fantastic source of information and inspiration.

We thought we’d compile a list of our 10 favourite Instagram gardening accounts that every keen gardener should be following. So, without further ado, let’s get started.



Lavender and Leeks


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A little late to the party but pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween after all! Having arrived back from Wales yesterday I was eager to head up the allotment to check on the plot and the pumpkins… Here’s this year’s homegrown contribution! I’d love to grow more varieties but my tiny plot won’t allow it so for now I’m conjuring up recipe ideas and looking forward to tasting these beauties. I might not know the variety but I am so happy, happy enough in fact to lift two huge pumpkins! • What varieties of pumpkins and squash did you grow? • #allotment #allotmentlife #homegrown #growyourown #kitchengarden #ediblegarden #thegoodlife #thesimplethings #digforvictory #vegpatch #vegetablegarden #organic #organicgarden #pottingshed #shed #purpleshed #garden #gardener #gardening #gardentherapy #girlsthatgarden #girlgardener #femalegardener #sustainable #gardenersofinstragram #gardenblogger #allotmentblog #pumpkin #igrewthat #halloween2019

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The Lavenderandleeks account is run by Katie and it follows her adventures at her plot, 15C, at a local allotment.

Her plot is brimming with activity and Katie has an array or vegetables and plants growing.

Her posts are lighthearted in nature and her passion for gardening really shows through – there are lots of great tips on growing your fruit and veg.

We also love her little purple potting shed, which is packed with supplies for the long days spent on her plot.

If you’re interested in growing your own, this is one Instagram account not to be missed.

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??? Forgive me for the summer time (complete with sundress) tease ?. But I want to give you an update on my little pots of hellebores. I’m planning tomorrow to pot up even more of these little late winter darlings. I’m thinking about hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner party, and giving these away as little ❤️ gifts. Plus, I am going to start feeding them with a regular diet of @espomaorganic liquid Bloom to give them a bit of floral encouragement. So, this week’s WHY NOT TRY? Tiny pots of seedling hellebores. What say you? . . . #gardening #garden #indoorgarden #gardens #greenthumb #urbangarden #mygarden #gardener #topiary #growyourown #plants #containergardening #instagarden #urbangardening #growsomethinggreen #growyourown #gardenproject #flowerpot #organicgardening #lindavaterinspired #jarden #hyggelife #gardenlife #jardin #flowerstyle #weekendwithtextures #gardenstyle #homeandgarden #valentinesdaygift #mygardentoday

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Linda Vater is a garden designer and writer with a real passion for gardening.

Her home, based in Oklahoma City, is an absolutely stunning property and her account documents the gardening activities that take place there.

Linda is blessed to have a huge garden that she fully exploits, with beautiful hedges, trees and floral displays.

Follow her account today and follow her story for lots of tips and inspiration.

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Humans Who Grow Food


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Meet Keith and Clare @suburban.existence from Melbourne, Australia ?? “We are a couple looking to slowly but surely create a garden that produces as much of our fruit and vegetable needs as possible within the confines of what is a relatively small space. We both grew up in an era of intense focus on sustainability and climate change. Consequently, we have a strong interest in reducing our environmental footprint, which includes growing as much of our own food as possible. Initially, we grew food for sustainability reasons, but the reasons have expanded to include the high quality of the food we produce relative to big supermarkets, the relaxation it gives us, the excitement a bumper crop gives us and the sense of achievement it gives us. Our small yard is 110 square meters, of which we try and use as much space as possible to grow food. For soil, making your own compost and applying that along with some manure after each crop is proving to be an effective way to slowly build the quality of the soil over time. It is extremely rewarding that harvesting is right up there for us. There’s something special about digging up potatoes or filling a bowl with fresh tomatoes straight from the garden. We are about to open up our garden to visitors for the first time this February. We hope to use this opportunity to inspire others to give growing their own food a go. Just get started and be ready to fail and then learn from your mistakes and become inspired by your small successes. We began growing veggies at a share house some 10 years ago. It’s fair to say it was a complete failure by our current standards but we ended up catching the bug from the small amount of sub-standard produce we grew. Further to this, do not get overwhelmed by detailed instructions and professional advice. Soil + water + seeds/seedlings is really all you need to start out and you can work your way from their via trial and error.”

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This Instagram account celebrates the human love of gardening and farming.

Each post features a different gardener, who could be located anywhere in the world.

It is fascinating to hear about the experiences and stories of other like-minded gardeners and to get a glimpse around their gardens.

The account has over 70,000 followers and its posts typically get thousands of likes, so they must be doing something right.

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Epic Gardening

With currently over 90,000 followers, the Epic Gardening Instagram account is certainly not one to be missed.

The account is maintained by Kevin, another extremely passionate gardener.

There are lots of pictures showing his own garden, and he also shares plenty of pictures of other people’s gardens and all things horticultural that he finds on his travels.

We love the short videos that Kevin produces, which are packed full of useful tips and advice – perfect for gardeners that are keen to learn.

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Urban Organic Gardener

The Urban Organic Gardner Instagram account has the highest number of follows on our top 10 list – it currently stands at over 173,000 followers.

And that is for good reason, too. The account, as the name suggests, is focused firmly on all things organic, particularly growing your own.

There are lots of tips and advice to help you do just that.

Every Friday, Urban Organic Gardener shares their nine favourite Instagram accounts to follow, which is a great way to find out about other great Instagrammers that might interest you.

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The Happy Gardening Life

The Happy Gardening Life, as the name suggests, is a community for happy gardeners.

The account hosts lots of pictures shared by fellow gardeners. There is a strong grow-your-own theme so, if you’re into your fruit and veg, you’ll love this Instagram account.

They also organise regular giveaways, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs, along with coupons and discount vouchers to be used at online garden stores.

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Gardening Know How

The Gardening Know How account stands out from a lot of other gardening related accounts as the admin team are willing to answer your questions, which is perfect for those looking for a bit of help.

There is also a high frequency of posts, and most days see three or four beautiful images alongside informative captions.

If you are a beginner, then Gardening Know How should be the first account you follow on Instagram.

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Garden Design Magazine

This Instagram account is the accompanying social media account for Garden Design Magazine, which is a quarterly magazine distributed throughout the USA and Canada.

However, you don’t need to be based in North America to benefit from this fantastic Instagram account.

There are loads of informative how-to videos, along with tips and advice to help you hone your gardening skills, plus plenty of inspiring pictures to make you want to get out into your garden and get your hands dirty.

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Society of Garden Designers

This account is run by the only professional association for garden designers in the UK.

Of course, this Instagram account is primarily targeted at professional designers, but it’s a fantastic resource for amateur gardeners and garden designers, too.

It is a very inspirational account that features designs from some of the most talented garden designers and landscape architects in the UK.

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Nigel Dunnett

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of gardening Instagram accounts that you should be following, is Nigel Dunnett’s.

This entertaining account follows the adventures of Nigel, a Professor of Planting Design and Urban Horticulture in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield.

Nigel is a leading player in bringing landscapes to life through his innovative approach to planting design.

The account features images from his travel, his work, and from gardens and shows he visits across the UK.

If you want more of Nigel, then don’t forget to check out Nigel’s excellent books.

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We always really enjoy browsing Instagram, and this article showcases some of our absolute favourite gardening accounts.

Instagram is a fantastic source of ideas and inspiration when it comes to gardening. No matter whether you’re looking to create a stunning garden, grow your own delicious fruit and veg, establish an allotment or discover the latest in cutting edge design, there are accounts and ideas to help. There really is something for everyone to enjoy, old hands and newbies alike. Of course, if you just want to while away some time seeing what other gardeners are up to, you can do that, too. Make a cup of tea and break out the custard creams – it’s the perfect way to relax.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of Instagram gardening accounts to follow and, if there are any others that you think we should have included on our list, please provide us a link in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to check them out.