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Discover the Power of Instant Recovery® Technology

Experience the hardest wearing, most resilient artificial grass in the UK - backed by science.

What is Instant Recovery® Technology?

Our innovative Instant Recovery® technology ensures your artificial lawn looks better for longer – even with regular use.


Crafted with highly durable Nylon (Polyamide) fibres, our products featuring Instant Recovery® Technology are built to withstand the test of time, providing unmatched strength and resilience.


This cutting-edge technology allows the artificial fibres to effortlessly spring back to an upright position from foot traffic and garden furniture. Perfectly replicating the characteristics of real grass.


Choose Instant Recovery® Technology for a hard-wearing turf with outstanding crush resistance and long-term strength – giving you a flawless lawn that stands the test of time.

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than Polyethylene & 22% more resilient than Polypropylene


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than Polyethylene & 26% stronger than Polypropylene

Why Choose Nylon?

There are 3 types of fibre used in artificial grass manufacturing. Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Nylon (polyamide).


In artificial grass manufacturing, Nylon outperforms all other synthetic fibres in both strength and resilience.


Known for its exceptional strength, Nylon is used in the manufacture of parachutes, fishing lines, and high-quality carpets. We’ve harnessed the power of Nylon to create artificial grass that stands up to the toughest demands of everyday life – a perfect fit for active families and pet owners.

tensile of synthetic fibres used in artificial grass manufacturing
flexural elasticity of synthetic fibres used in artificial grass manufacturing

The Nylon Advantage

Our Nylon-based artificial grass retains its natural appearance, even after continuous foot traffic and garden furniture. Say goodbye to flat, lifeless lawns!

Invest in a lawn that endures. Unlike other fibres that wear out and break down over time, our Nylon-based grass stands the test of time. You deserve a long-term investment that continues to impress year after year.

Thanks to its superior melting point, Nylon withstands the sun's rays without losing its shape or bounce. Enjoy a lawn that stays resilient and springy, regardless of the weather.

Nylon outlasts inferior Polypropylene or Polyethylene fibres reducing the need for frequent replacements or recycling. Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, long-lasting lawn that's also kinder to the planet. With Instant Recovery Technology, you're not only investing in a superior lawn but also in a greener tomorrow. It's a win-win you can feel great about.

Discover The Products Powered by Instant Recovery® Technology

Inverness by NeoGrass

£34.99 per m2

The ultimate short-piled artificial grass packed full of the latest technology. Inverness is a precisely manicured turf that flawlessly mimics freshly cut grass in both look and feel.




Aberdeen by NeoGrass

£39.99 per m2

Discover the ultimate artificial grass. With its cutting-edge technology, Aberdeen is the most realistic, longest-lasting and most resilient artificial grass ever created.




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