New Product Focus: Tauro by NeoGrass

New Product Focus: Tauro by NeoGrass


Tauro by NeoGrass

Our latest domestic artificial grass product to be released on to the market is Tauro, by NeoGrass.

Tauro is a short-piled, cost-effective artificial turf that has the capability of transforming large areas into ultra-low-maintenance green spaces.

As the demand for artificial grass continues to grow, more and more businesses and local authorities are realising the benefits it offers and turning to this versatile product to transform dull, patchy areas of grass into lush green grass areas that can be used by the public all year round.

Hotel chains, amusement parks, restaurants, car showrooms, basically any businesses that have outdoor areas used by the public, are realising the many advantages fake turf has over real turf.

And it was for this purpose that Tauro was developed.

After months of testing we’re pleased to launch the Tauro into the marketplace and we’re excited to begin transforming public areas up and down the country.

Tauro is available for purchase directly through our online store, approved retailers and NeoGrass approved installers.



Stunningly Realistic Appearance


Tauro is a pleasure to the eye thanks to its stunning natural appearance, which is created by a combination of pine green and olive green fibres peppered with light touches of beige.

Tauro grass has the softest of textures amongst those of its class. It is scientific proof that synthetic grass for high transit areas can also offer premium performance at an affordable price.

You’ll be tempted to touch it and when you do you’ll be amazed at how soft and natural it feels.



Perfect for Public Areas & Commercial Properties


The 25mm Tauro has been designed specifically as an affordable artificial grass to transform large public areas and open spaces.

The demands of high traffic areas dictate that a high performing, robust turf is installed. A strong, durable artificial grass with a low pile height is key to a successful installation.

And these qualities are exactly what the Tauro has in abundance, making it the perfect choice for hotels, pubs, restaurants, amusement parks, public spaces, and events and exhibitions.

Tauro has been classed as Cfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire-resistant flooring, according to UNE EN 13501-12007, and therefore complies with EU fire safety standards.

Accidents can and do occur, but you can rest assured that if someone is careless with a cigarette end Tauro will not ignite – perfect for public areas such as pub gardens and hotel courtyards.

Tauro has also been awarded a confidence in textiles certification from Oeko-Tex to ensure it’s completely free from harmful substances and will not cause harm to visitors or the general public.



Excellent Recovery


Tauro under the microscope

Tauro by NeoGrass grass is manufactured with a centre filament. This feature allows it to stand upright, recovering quickly after use and retaining its pleasant bouncy feel compared to other products with flatter structures.

This is a hard-wearing, high-performance option suitable for high traffic areas, made with precisely calculated tufts and pile height. Tauro by NeoGrass has more tufts and a shorter pile height than other products of its type.




Tough Latex Backing


When searching for the best quality artificial grass, it’s essential to compare the backing, as that’s what holds everything together.

A common problem with inferior artificial grass is that the primary and secondary backings break apart due to the low quantities of latex they incorporate.

Tauro is weaved on a reinforced polypropylene 163g/m2 backing to form the primary layer and our manufacturing process ends by adding 968g/m2 of heavy duty latex, which gives an anchoring resistance greater than 30N to each fibre.

The high percentage of latex present in the backing of the Tauro results in a high strength artificial grass that also has sufficient flexibility to prevent cracking or breaking.



How to Install Tauro


Tauro is installed in much the same way as any other artificial grass and the installation method will vary depending upon the application.

The most common application for Tauro is in large public areas.

For this installation method we generally recommend our standard installation procedures.

However, for heavy use areas it is advisable to install a 100mm MOT Type 1 rather than the standard 50mm sub base.

In addition, depending on the usage that Tauro will be subjected to, it may be advisable to install Tauro in conjunction with either a 10mm or 20mm foam underlay.

If, for example, there is the possibility of members of the public falling from items such as play equipment and climbing frames then it may be beneficial to install an artificial grass shockpad to take into consideration public safety.

A foam underlay will ensure that the surface meets the Head Impact Criteria set out by the European Union.

To protect against weed growth, it is advisable to install a double layer of weed membrane, both to the sub grade and directly underneath the artificial grass latex backing.

To finish the installation, we recommend applying approximately 4-5kg of silica sand as ballast, to aid fixation, improve drainage and support the artificial fibres.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of Tauro you can contact us here or speak to your local NeoGrass approved installer.



Tauro Recommended Uses


Tauro Recommded Uses



Technical Information


Pile Height: 25mm

Colour: 4 colours

Fibre Material: Polyethylene

Stitches per m2: 13,648

Yarn Weight: Approx. 0.99kg per m2

Total Weight: Approx. 2.12kg per m2

Gauge: 3/8 ”

Filament Thickness: 190/99 microns

Permeability: 52 litres per minute, per square metre, UNE-EN 12616

Format: 2m x 25m or 4m x 25m

Feelgood®: No

Instant Recovery®: No

Natural Look®: No


Tauro has been tested for fire resistance and has been classed as Cfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire resistant flooring, according to UNE EN 13501-12007.

It has also been independently tested and certified against harmful substances by Oeko-Tex, the leading authority for independent safety testing in the textile industry.


Tauro by NeoGrass comes with a 9-year warranty and is available in 2m and 4m rolls, up to 25m in length.

For further information on Tauro or to order online, please click here.

To order your FREE sample of Tauro, please fill out the contact form on this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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