New Product Focus: Tempo by NeoGrass

New Product Focus: Tempo by NeoGrass



With the ever-increasing popularity of artificial grass, many of our customers have been demanding a product designed specifically for use on applications such as balconies and roof gardens, and that can also be installed on existing patios and concreted areas.

The synthetic grass market has lacked a high-quality product for this purpose, which is why we decided to step in and design a bespoke artificial turf for use on balconies, patios, roof gardens and terraces.

Here at NeoGrass we are excited to announce a brand new addition to our artificial grass range: Tempo, by NeoGrass.

We have been working very hard testing our brand new product over the past few months and we’re delighted to be offering this exciting new synthetic turf through our approved installers and to professional landscapers and DIYers.


Extremely Dense Pile


One of the unique features of Tempo is its density of fibres.

Tempo contains a whopping 48,294 stitches per square metre. This high stitch rate is achieved by decreasing the spacing between each row of artificial fibres to create an exceptionally dense pile.

Typically, the stitches on the backing of standard artificial grass are spaced around 8-10mm apart. However, Tempo is manufactured with rows of densely packed fibres spaced approximately 5mm apart.

This means that Tempo has almost twice the amount of stitches of standard artificial grass.

In the pictures below you’ll see just how close together the stitches are when compared side-by-side with standard artificial grass.

Tempo by NeoGrass Backing Comparison Standard Tempo by NeoGrass Backing Comparison


Why Such a Dense Pile?


Tempo by NeoGrass Picture 5

When choosing an artificial grass for a balcony or terrace, it’s important to consider that the viewing angles are generally different to those of an artificial lawn.

Typically, the fake grass will be viewed from above, rather than from a distance, as would be the case with a garden lawn.

Therefore, one of the most important attributes of an artificial grass designed for balconies is a dense pile, to prevent the synthetic grass from having a flat, sparse appearance.

The 13,800 decitex fibres and 48,000 stitches per square metre of Tempo are enough to ensure a lush green look to any balcony, patio or terrace.


Perfect for Your Balcony, Roof Garden or Terrace



Over recent years more and more apartment buildings are appearing across the UK in order to keep up with demand for housing. This means that for many, the only outdoor space they have is a balcony.

The problem with balconies is that they can sometimes be dull places to sit and relax. Artificial grass, however, has the ability to transform any balcony into a lush green area that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Although the rise in popularity of artificial grass over recent years has been exponential, there hasn’t been a synthetic turf designed specifically for balconies and roof gardens – until now, with the arrival of our latest product.

Tempo is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and the 48,000 stitches per square metre ensure that its four-colour design offers an unbeatable natural appearance from any angle on any roof garden, balcony or terrace.


Another important aspect – and this was a fundamental element of the design process – was to ensure that Tempo feels soft and pleasant underfoot. This is key, as many balcony or terrace owners like to walk barefoot; consequently, we ensured that Tempo feels as good as it looks. You can stroll outside with your cup of coffee or a glass of wine and be confident you’ll enjoy a pleasant experience.

Another advantage of Tempo is that the installation costs are generally low, as it can be installed on to existing hard surfaces such as concrete, paving slabs and even decking, alongside our 10mm foam underlay.

Tempo has been classed as Cfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire-resistant flooring, according to UNE EN 13501-12007, and therefore complies with EU fire safety standards. This gives you peace of mind; if someone is careless with a cigarette end or candle, or should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a fire in or around your property, your synthetic turf will not smoulder.


Great for Events & Exhibitions



The short, hard-wearing nature of Tempo also makes it an excellent choice for use at events and exhibitions (link).

It’s sure to turn heads and draw large crowds to your stand; it will handle high volumes of foot traffic comfortably and provide a memorable experience for visitors that’s bound to make your business the talk of the town.

For temporary use, it really is as simple as rolling out your Tempo artificial grass on top of concrete flooring and making sure the edges are firmly, although temporarily, secured, and it can be used both internally and externally.

The 2.82kg total yarn weight per square metre means that rolls can easily be transported to and from your event or exhibition.


How to Install Tempo


Tempo can be installed following the standard artificial grass installation methods described here.

Alternatively, Tempo can be installed to existing concrete, paving or decking, when installed alongside either a 10mm foam underlay or a 20mm foam underlay (10mm is usually recommended).

NeoGrass Artificial Grass Foam Underlay Shockpad 1

The foam underlay will ensure a smooth, flat finish to your artificial grass and prevent any bumps, ridges or undulations being visible through your artificial grass.

It will also ensure your artificial grass feels great underfoot.

Using this method makes installing artificial grass on a balcony, terrace or roof garden a far quicker and easier job than when installing fake grass to replace a garden lawn.

It is also advisable to install 4-5kg per square metre of kiln-dried sand as ballast, both to aid fixation and protect the fibres.

For further installation details, please see ‘How to Install Artificial Grass on Concrete – A Step-by-Step Guide’.


Tempo Recommended Uses



Technical Information

Pile Height: 22mm
Colour: 4 colours
Fibre Material: Polyethylene
Stitches per m2: 48,294
Yarn Weight: Approx. 1.68kg
Total Weight: Approx. 2.82kg
Gauge: 3/16 ”
Filament Thickness: 190/99 microns
Permeability: 52 litres per minute, per square metre, UNE-EN 12616
Format: 2m x 25m or 4m x 25m
Feelgood®: No
Instant Recovery: No
Natural Look: No


Tempo has been tested for fire resistance and has been classed as Cfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire resistant flooring, according to UNE EN 13501-12007.

It has also been independently tested and certified against harmful substances by Oeko-Tex, the leading authority for independent safety testing in the textile industry.


Tempo by NeoGrass comes with a 9 year warranty and is available in 2m and 4m rolls, up to 25m in length.

For further information on Tempo or to order online, please visit this page.

To order your FREE sample of Tempo, please fill out the contact form on this page.



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