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Putting Green Artificial Grass

If you’re looking to create a stunning putting green for your business or garden, you’ve come to the right place. NeoGrass is proud to offer an exceptional range of artificial golf turf that is designed to provide the perfect surface for golfers of all levels.

Putting Green Artificial Grass

NeoPutt – Artificial Golf Putting Green

£32.99 per m2

Get in the hole! NeoPutt is designed to create the ultimate artificial grass golf putting green. Sharpen your skills and perfect your stroke from the comfort of your own garden.




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Artificial Golf Turf: Our Collection

Our range of artificial golf turf creates a beautiful and low-maintenance putting green of any size, whether for a garden putting green or a commercial one. Our putting green artificial grass looks and feels just like natural grass, and our unique technology ensures that it is durable and long-lasting.

Our astro turf for putting greens provides golfers with a quality putting green surface without the high-level maintenance necessary for natural grass putting greens. Our artificial golf turf is perfect for those who want a surface that is fast and true.

Whether a beginner or seasoned pro, our putting green artificial grass will help any golfer improve their game.


NeoGrass: Unique Technology

Our unique technology sets us apart from other artificial grass suppliers. Our Instant Recovery® Technology ensures that our putting green artificial grass quickly recovers from foot and ball traffic, making it perfect for busy putting greens. Our Natural Look® Technology ensures that our artificial golf turf looks just like natural grass, providing a beautiful and realistic surface for your garden putting greens.


Artificial Golf Turf for Garden Putting Greens

Our range of artificial golf turf creates beautiful and low-maintenance garden putting greens. While natural grass requires rolling, mowing, fertilising, and aerating, our astro turf putting green will provide you with course-quality grass right in your back garden. Whether you want to practice your putting game seriously or create a space your children or grandchildren can play on and use too, our artificial golf turf will provide you with the ideal low-maintenance surface you need.


Artificial Golf Green for Businesses

Whether your entire business is golf-focused or you just want to add a putting green to improve the quality of life for your employees at your office, our putting green artificial grass will look perfectly mown and green all year round, and will never get muddy. You can use our artificial golf greens to:

  • Provide a wind-down space for employees: Any business can benefit from providing their employees with a putting green. It provides them with a space to take a break, discuss ideas with colleagues, and brainstorm solutions to problems.
  • Provide a testing area for golf equipment: Whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer, a testing area for your equipment is a must.
  • Golf courses: Whether you’re providing a training area or need to find a solution to a wet area of the course, our putting green artificial grass may be the perfect solution.
  • Provide activities for guests: Hotels, resorts, and even restaurants can all benefit from providing their guests with a putting green to relax and play on.
  • Retail spaces: Malls and shopping centers can provide visitors with a putting green, providing a place to play and unwind.


Order Putting Green Artificial Grass

Whether you need just a few rolls to create a garden putting green or need a lorry-load to outfit your business, we’ll deliver what you need in 5-10 working days. While our putting green artificial grass is easy to DIY install, our network of NeoGrass Approved Installers are experts in the installation of our artificial golf turf, ensuring that you get the best possible results.All our artificial grass styles come with a long warranty to give you peace of mind and delivery is free for orders over 40m2.

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