Product Focus: Arena by NeoGrass

Product Focus: Arena


Ever since its inception back in 2014, the Arena has proven to be an extremely popular artificial grass.

This is little wonder as its lush green look makes the Arena an exceptionally eye-catching fake turf and, because it’s packed with the latest artificial grass technology, it performs exceptionally well in a wide variety of applications.

Arena is available for purchase online, via our approved retail partners, or from the NeoGrass approved installer network.

In our latest Product Focus article, we’re taking a closer look at Arena, our best-selling fake turf.



A Great Look from Every Angle


For a natural looking grass that’s hardwearing, attractive to look at and makes any garden look spectacular, we highly recommend the Arena artificial grass.

Inspired by nature, Arena is a blend of four colours – green, olive green, sand, and a light minty green for added depth. It is one of our most natural looking grasses. It’s both decorative and practical, and comes with innovative technologies to keep it looking in pristine condition all year round.

With a 35mm pile, it’s ideal for everything from small terraces to large gardens, the Arena is a versatile artificial turf that’s as close to the real thing as you can find.



Perfect for Every Application


NeoGrass Arena Pic 2

The Arena by NeoGrass is a fantastic all-rounder.

It makes a superb fake grass alternative for a wide variety of applications, including gardens and lawns, balconies, roof gardens and terraces, schools and playgrounds, office and commercial, events and exhibitions, and even swimming pool surrounds. Pets and kids love it, and it’ll stand up to the heavy usage both can inflict.



Natural Beauty


Arena is so natural looking that you’ll sometimes forget it isn’t the real thing.

It’s precisely engineered with four colours: brushstrokes of sand to add body, a touch of dark green for contrast, subtle olive green to add light and a superior finish, and a mint green thatch to give depth.

The curly diamond-shaped nylon (polyamide) fibres add strength to the lower thatch, which supports the lush green polyethylene synthetic fibres.



Precision Architecture


Arena is manufactured with nylon fibres and Instant Recovery® Technology, which guarantees the best recovery on the market.

In order to create a realistic looking artificial turf, each individual blade of grass should always be in an upright position.

Arena is manufactured with ultra-strong, resilient diamond-shaped nylon fibres. This gives the grass its own internal spring that sends it right back into a vertical position after compression.

Arena is a high-density grass with almost 17,000 fibres per square metre, giving it a lush appearance from any angle, whilst also helping to optimise recovery and keep the individual fibres in a vertical position.



A Garden That’s Soft on the Skin


Arena by NeoGrass

The extremely soft feel of Arena makes it a truly unique product within the artificial grass market.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another grass with a texture like this. That’s why there’s nothing quite like the Arena for relaxing garden areas, swimming pools, spas and on terraces. It’s your number one choice if you want artificial grass that feels good in contact with your skin.

Arena is the perfect grass for lying on, sitting on, and walking barefoot on. If you want soft grass in your garden that feels good against your skin, this is the choice for you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ‘soft’ means ‘delicate’, however, because Neograss Arena isn’t just soft … it’s tough, as well.



A Natural Looking Fake Lawn


To further enhance the realism of Arena, we’ve incorporated our unique Natural Look® Technology into this fantastic turf.

Natural Look® Technology reduces unnatural glare and reflections to create a realistic grass that is sure to impress.

Harnessing this innovative technology creates a superior natural appearance, whatever the lighting condition, however you look at it.



A Safe Environment for Every Application


Arena has been classed as Cfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire-resistant flooring, according to UNE EN 13501-12007, and therefore complies with EU fire safety standards.

This makes the Arena resistant to fire – perfect for public areas such as pub gardens and hotel courtyards.

Arena has also been certified as free from harmful substances by the industry’s leading safety testing authority, Oeko-Tex, ensuring it’s completely safe and will not cause harm to visitors or the public.



Ultra-Tough Latex Backing



A common problem with poor quality artificial grass is that the primary and secondary backings break apart due to the low quantities of latex used during the manufacturing process.

Arena is woven onto a reinforced polypropylene 163g/m2 backing that forms the primary layer and our manufacturing process ends by adding 968g/m2 of heavy duty latex, to give the Arena an anchoring resistance greater than 30N to each fibre.

The high percentage of latex present in the backing of the Arena results in a high strength artificial turf that also has sufficient flexibility to prevent cracking or breaking.



How to Install Arena


Our recommendations for installing Arena depend upon the application.

For the majority of installations for gardens, playgrounds, commercial areas and swimming pool surrounds, following the standard installation process is recommended.

For other types of application, such as installing Arena to existing surfaces such as concrete, decking or paving, please follow this step-by-step guide.

NeoGrass Artificial Grass Foam Underlay Shockpad 1

Arena can also be installed in conjunction with either a 10mm or 20mm foam shockpad underlay to create a soft, springy artificial turf that helps to prevent injuries from trips and tumbles, or falls from play equipment.

For every application and installation method, we highly recommend applying approximately 4-5kg of silica sand as ballast, to aid fixation, improve drainage and support the artificial fibres. Further information on sand infills can be found here.

To protect against weed growth, it is advisable to install a double layer of weed membrane, both to the sub-grade and directly underneath the artificial grass latex backing.

For specific advice regarding your own application for Arena, call or email us direct, or contact your nearest NeoGrass approved installer for a free site visit.



Arena Recommended Uses




Technical Information


Pile Height: 35mm

Colour: 4 colours

Fibre Material: Polyethylene & polyamide (nylon)

Stitches per m2: 16,798

Yarn Weight: Approx. 1.81kg per m2

Total Weight: Approx. 2.94kg per m2

Gauge: 3/8 ”

Filament Thickness: 200/99 microns

Permeability: 52 litres per minute, per square metre, UNE-EN 12616

Format: 2m x 25m or 4m x 25m

Feelgood®: No

Instant Recovery®: Yes

Natural Look®: Yes


Arena has been tested for fire resistance and has been classed as Cfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire resistant flooring, according to UNE EN 13501-12007.

It has also been independently tested and certified against harmful substances by Oeko-Tex, the leading authority for independent safety testing in the textile industry.


Arena by NeoGrass has 10-year warranty and is available in 2m and 4m wide rolls, up to 25m in length.

For further information on Arena or to order online, please click here.

To order your free Arena sample, complete the form on this page.






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