Product Focus: DeoFill®

Product Focus: DeoFill®

deofill zeolite artificial grass pet infill

We are pleased to announce our new artificial grass infill product: DeoFill®.

DeoFill® is a 100% natural zeolite that is used to help control nasty odours caused by pet urine.

It offers all of the same benefits of a standard kiln-dried silica sand infill, such as adding ballast to prevent ripples and creases, helping to support the fibres, and helping to protect the backing of your artificial turf.

However, DeoFill® differs from silica sand in that it is a great way to help prevent the smell of pet urine on your artificial lawn.



What is DeoFill®?

deofill zeolite artificial grass dog infill

DeoFill® is an artificial grass infill designed specifically to control the nasty smells that can become trapped in artificial grass from pet urine. It can also help to keep your turf cool.

DeoFill® is a natural zeolite with a clinoptilolite mineral content of up to 90% and is completely free from quartz and harmful substances.

Zeolite offers many of the same benefits gained from using a standard kiln-dried silica sand infill on your artificial lawn.

DeoFill® is non-toxic so it will not harm your pets in any way. It will not cause a reaction if it comes into contact with skin, either.



How does DeoFill® work?


DeoFill® works by absorbing the ammonia found within urine to help prevent nasty, lingering odours in your artificial turf.

The zeolite used in DeoFill® has a negatively charged honeycomb structure that absorbs the ammonia contained within urine, like a sponge.

During rainfall, the sodium ion found within rain droplets releases the bacteria and flushes the ammonia through the turf, recharging the DeoFill® when dry.



How do I install DeoFill®?


The particle size of DeoFill® is 1–2mm, making it ideal for use as an infill material. Once properly installed, the particles of DeoFill® sit at the bottom of the pile. DeoFill® should only be installed when your artificial grass is completely dry.

  1. Brush the fibres of your artificial turf using a stiff broom or, ideally, a power brush to ensure the fibres are vertical.
  2. Apply a quarter of the required quantity of DeoFill® evenly onto your artificial lawn. For best results, use a drop spreader.
  3. Use the stiff broom or power brush to work the granules of DeoFill® to the bottom of the pile.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to continue applying DeoFill® in small amounts until the required quantities have been evenly applied to the entire area.
  5. Using a garden hose, water down the dust on the surface of your lawn. You may need to use a combination of water and brushing to remove the dust completely.

Always wear a dust mask and safety goggles when applying DeoFill®.



How much DeoFill® will I need?


This depends upon the size and/or number of dogs that will be using your lawn.

For small/medium-sized dogs – use 7–8kg per square metre.

For large dogs – use 10–12kg per square metre.

For multiple dogs – use as much as your artificial grass will hold.

Note: If the pile on your turf is too short to hold the required quantities then it is possible to place DeoFill® underneath your artificial turf; however, DeoFill® performs best on the surface.



DeoFill® care & maintenance


Natural rainfall will flush away the ammonia without the need for hosing. Too much water will restrict the ability of DeoFill® to retain ammonia.

During long periods without rainfall, use a PE-51 enzyme cleaner to kill any bacteria.

Continue to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining your artificial lawn and top-up DeoFill® as necessary.



Should I use DeoFill® on my artificial grass?


DeoFill® will only be necessary if you have dog(s) that regularly urinate on your turf; otherwise, you’ll just need to use kiln-dried silica sand.

Typically, if you follow our recommendations when installing artificial grass (i.e. permeable sub-base and no weed membrane beneath your turf) and it’s properly maintained, it’s unlikely that your artificial grass will smell.

However, if your lawn was not installed following the above recommendations or if you have multiple dogs, then the ideal solution would be to use DeoFill®.




DeoFill zeolite for pets

If your artificial lawn is holding nasty odours caused by pet urine, then DeoFill® may just be the solution.

DeoFill® is supplied in easy to handle 25kg bags and can be shipped anywhere in mainland UK.

You can buy DeoFill® online here.

Should you have any questions then please call our friendly team on 01245 931200.



4 Responses to “Product Focus: DeoFill®”

    • Neo Grass

      Hi Georgina,
      We definitely DON’T recommend putting artificial grass down straight on top of your existing artificial grass.
      This will definitely hinder the drainage process and will probably cause more noticeable ammonia smells.
      Kind regards,

    • Neo Grass

      Hi Georgina,
      How much DeoFill really depends on the size of the dog/dogs.
      For small to medium size dogs you would need 7-8kg’s per m2. For large dogs you would need 10-12kg’s per m2.
      Your total size area is 20m2.
      Kind regards,

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