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Product Focus: Practic by NeoGrass

practic artificial lawn

Product Focus: Practic by NeoGrass


Practic by NeoGrass is a 30mm pile artificial turf that delivers lush green grass at amazing value.

Practic’s bi-colour fibres combine to create a natural-looking artificial turf that’s soft to the touch and looks spectacular in any outdoor setting.

With UV-stabilised Polyethylene fibres, Practic has been precisely engineered to keep its stunning evergreen appearance all year round – without fading in the sunlight.


Practic by NeoGrass is 100% Pet & Child-Friendly

practic artificial lawn

Because we never use harmful chemicals or toxins, such as lead in our artificial grass, Practic is 100% pet and child-friendly – independently tested and certified by Oeko-Tex. NeoGrass is guaranteed to be free from harmful substances.

Practic is 100% pet-resistant and your furry friend will love it just as much as you do. Your dog can play all year round without digging it up or destroying it. And no more muddy footprints in the house or on your furniture. Fluids drain through the surface and you can easily scoop up any solids with no mess or staining.

Practic transforms patchy, tired lawns into show-quality spaces with no mud, no mess and no stress. Perfectly suited for garden lawns, pet areas, balconies, playgrounds, commercial spaces and everything in between.


Reinforced Latex Backing


neograss artificial grass backing

Practic has a tough, reinforced Polypropylene backing that’s coated with precisely 968 grams per square metre of heavy-duty latex – providing outstanding anchoring resistance so your NeoGrass lawn won’t break, crack or pull apart from its base over time.


Practic Improves Your Garden’s Drainage

Practic NeoGrass Artificial Grass

What’s more, Practic will dramatically improve your garden’s drainage too, with each square metre capable of draining 52 litres of water per minute.

NeoGrass offers advanced artificial turf that looks more realistic, lasts longer and performs better.

With our industry-leading innovations and technology, we give you the dream garden you’ve always wanted – 365 days a year with no mowing, no mud, no mess and no stress – just a beautiful, natural-looking lawn that’s child and pet friendly, hard wearing and versatile, and even adds value to your home.


Practic by NeoGrass Is Available to Buy Online

practic by neograss


If you’re searching for a high-quality artificial lawn at exceptional value – look no further than Practic by NeoGrass.

Buy Practic online today and say goodbye to mud and mess… and hello to a lush green lawn and low-maintenance outdoor living.


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